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    Artist: The Hounds of Hasselvander (USA)
    Release: The Hounds of Hasselvander (2007 CD)
    Type: Full-Length
    Reissue Label: Rock Saviour Records
    Source: Ripped from my CD at 320 CBR bitrate using dBpoweramp
    look in post below for a new192 kbps link by OldNecromancer
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ... der/109959
    Joe Hasselvander's doom project - quite SABBATHy and quite good! Enjoy!
    1. Intro
    2. Pull the Switch
    3. On Her Way
    4. She Serpent
    5. Last Call
    6. Seen the Light
    7. Take Up Your Cross
    8. The Fallen
    Rock'n'roll is far too slow, and so the adrenaline does not flow
    Where is the power?, where is the glory? - Heavy Metal is my story
    I've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood - and I'd like to get it to you if I could
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    Anything in the environment of PENTAGRAM is worth listening to. Thanks for the upload!

    Great improvements in the sounddepartment compared to Ladykiller vinyl, but the standard of songwriting was kept. Great release!

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    WITCHCROSS,thanx for this doom scorcher!!A one man project and effort and of the quality and gloomness we expect by the multi talented Mr.Hasselvander!Vocals,guitar sounds and songs that come straight as BLACK SABBATH legacy and a superb cd up there withPENTAGRAM,THE OBSESSED,SPIRIT CARAVAN...and other cult acts of this genre!The songs drag their evil aura,flowing like molten lava,scorching all around...Superb,indeed WITCHCROSS!!Thanx again!! porosimetal
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    I've chatted with Joe many times, he's a great guy. Both Hounds albums are excellent, A+ material. They carry a groove you just don't hear in much of today's music.

    Bleed 'em Dry
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    This album here is not bad, but "The Ninth Hour" is better in nearly every way! Just sounds as the late 90's Pentagram-sound continued (no wonder as Joe wrote much of the material of "Review..." and "Sub Basement"); fucking wall of guitarsound!!!
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    Re-up of the self-titled Hounds of Hasselvander please, anyone?

    The original link on this thread was replaced with one for 'The Ninth Hour'

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    Reuploaded to HMR folder - Bitrate: @192kbps
    Hidden Link

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    HOW to view the hidden download links (PLEASE, follow these damn rules!!!!!!!!):
    --->>> viewtopic.php?f=185&t=22529&p=129423#p129423
    NO Zippyshare, thanx...
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