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    Artist: Wongraven
    Release: Fjelltronen
    Year: 1995
    Genre: Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient, Medieval Folk
    Country: Norway, Oslo
    Bitrate: 244 kbp/s
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    Metal Archives: Wongraven is the side project of Satyr from Satyricon. The music is keyboard-based with a medieval atmosphere.

    From Uploader: This record comes from a black metal artist side project, it was mainly done in dungeon synth aesthetic which inspired a lot of second wave black metal bands, and contributed to genres such as funeral doom metal. Wongraven is Satyr last last name it lacks guitars and drums, its his musical alter eg. This album compliments work of Mortiis released between 1994/1995 contibuting to dungeon synth developmentas well as Depressive Silence releases did, we have to keep in mind Dungeon Synth established in early 90's. Another black metal band with similar released in the same year was summoning in their Minas Morgul demo, it was a huge step forward for the band early development after their first release (Lugburz) which was sole black metal, in the same year they recored tolkien inspired ambient demos which later approved as dungeon synth milestone release thus it contributed to earlier mentioned black metal scene after their another release "Minas Morgul" which became rather known legendary 90's release. Wongraven is a nice look into atmospheric side of metal and how certain musical route (folk metal/gothic metal) was created from another subgenres. You can find this album on many youtube channels, it even has over 250 thousand of views on one of them. Im not sure if you can buy reissues of this recond

    1. Det var en gang et menneske
    2. Over ødemark
    3. Opp under fjellet toner en sang
    4. Tiden er en stenlagt grav
    5. Fra fjelltronen

    Total Length: 32:37
    File Size: 78 MB

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    https://www.discogs.com/Wongraven-Fjell ... ter/172851

    This is considered a full-lenght album, not an EP... B.t.w. this is not important at all, what counts is that it's a MASTERPIECE of its musical genre!! Really highly recommended, and it's sad to say that it was never officiallt re-released on vinyl… So I suggest tho grab the CD, if you love to own physical copies (like me!) (listenmu) (old)

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