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Great band from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, they play a Tradicional Heavy Metal With inspiration in British band Iron Maiden.

One of the best bands I've ever heard.

The group has a disc released in 2012 independently, with the letters sung in Portuguese. ... 3540321545

Line-up / Musicians

Charles Arce - Lead Vocals
Mauro Soares - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Rafael Miguel - Lead Guitars, Vocals
Andrey Fernandes - Bass, Vocals
Jayme Neto - Drums

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Hm... I have this Cd but I wasn't equally impressed. Maybe, needs a second chance.
On the other hand, I was always puzzled why this brazilian epic metal masterpiece was so underrated:
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Excelent band with excelent songs sungs in Portuguese . They could release another album
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