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Also I want to hear japanese Slayer.)
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between 3 and 30 characters wrote:Also I want to hear japanese Slayer.)

I'd love to as well.
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I see this record on sale, but LP is pricey for mе (8000 yen). ;)
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between 3 and 30 characters wrote:I see this record on sale, but LP is pricey for mе (8000 yen). ;)

I might have possibly maybe been the only bidder and won it, this was my naughty month spending wise, I bought a whole bunch of stuff, almost all of which will make it's way onto the forum in a few weeks. We get to hear Japanese Slayer... Yay! lol

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To anyone wondering what the heck "Japanese Slayer" is, it's literally a Japanese band called Slayer who appeared on this rare split from 1985: ... -front.jpg They sound nothing like the legendary Slayer though, supposedly. They're just your everyday heavy metal.
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Great that it is you who have win this one, Tadakatsu-kun) I saw this lot but decided to stay away.. partly because I just missed end of auction and didn't jave a chance. But I happy that it was you! And now it is good that I missed this one or else there would be unncecessary bid war) which I always tried to avoid if know that this record will appear digitally.
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Intense studio jam. Eizo Sakamoto on vocals. Anthem rules. That's all.
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Need some help from the J-Metal crowd:
Got an obscure demo, but can´t find anything about it - hope you guys can help:

Artist:     Zero Gravity
Release: Demo (200x)
Genre:    Hard Rock/Metal
Country: Japan (Osaka)
01.  Forever Rain  (02:51)
02.  Mud Sunday  (03:50)
03.  Kanashimi no real  (04:28)
04.  Persona  (04:33)

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I managed to get Gaudy Mode on M-A. I also got their EP and I'm missing the first track "Practical Joke". Anyone that could help?
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In the last months I`m digging more and more into Asian scene and I discovered a lot of great bands like

Mel And Metal Boyz (Indonesia)
Stone Metal Fire (Thailand)

but before that I liked a few bands like

Red Spider (Indonesia)
Power Metal (Indonesia)
Rusty Blade (Singapore)
Bumi Putra Rockers (Malaysia)
XPDC (Malaysia)
Adi Metal Rock (Indonesia)
Stranger (South Korea)
Dionysus (South Korea)

I`m looking for info of traditional Heavy Metal bands from countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brunei and Cambodia

Also I`m looking for info about iranian band Farshid Arabi.
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-Rockstrata: their 1st Lp has been released on CD in the early 2000's (I had few copies in distro found in a bangla shop in London) and remastered in 2015. The new album shoulb e available in some european bangla shops too. Good. Expecially the 1st album has some dark touches which sound good
-Warfaze: their album are all available on CD. As usual, you can find them in Bangladesh through some online shop whose name I forgot or in some ethnic local store

there are other bands from Bangladesh (Waves who released a "Live in the Studio" Tape 1996 but theior earlier recordings from the 80's are pure metal; Kirtinasha who released a one tape only in 1993 and it's good hard/metal, In Dhaka who made a tape (re-released on CD in the 2000's) which is not really good


-Millennium just re-released all their stuff on Bandcamp. I tried to ask them iof they were interested in re-releasing their discography on CD (the first mini Tape + 2 albums) but they want a pressinbg of at least 25,000 (!) copies....fuck them

-Ravage: released a 3-songs demo in 1989 (for unknown reasons refused by Metal Archives as...I can't provide the tape cover!!!!)...but I incidentally deleted it a few weeks ago. But if you go on other forums you can still find it

-Agni: Wind dance with fire Tape 1993. Hard rock with amazing cover. Just for the die-hards

-I have a list of at least 200+ metal bands active in the 80's/early 90's (mainly in Manipur state)....unfortunately every attempt to make some further researches about discography, demo cassettes is frustrated. In the typical indian style, they just list their "hit song" or their "most successful single hits" (who cares???!!!!???) and they pay no attention to list up a proper discography/demography. Same happened with metal bands from Botswana and Madagascar...bands who made even 15+ albums (Tselatra) and there's no information, title, images at all about them. Just their "most successful hits" should deserve to be remembered on the net. Fuck.


-nothing at all. I lived there for some time. Zero. Just a handfulk of modern slam metal made by expat who just play to hook local sluts at the end of their pathetic gigs. There was a band of expat with a local khmer drummer making metal covers active since 3-4 years but they never recorded anything. I forgot their name, funny people, but as usual playing just for the aim of fuck local girls.

-I'm making a serious research about old metal/rock origins in Laos. There has been much more than we thought. Most of them were just american (or canadian)-based laotian expat, like Exile, Dreamer, Mekmorakoth, Noom Lao, Noom Sery, Noom Shadow, Chitpanya, BB Gun...all active between 1988-1995 . But it seems their tapes have been distributed in Laos too. I'll go there and see.


-Da Vang, Maxich, Sagometal, Atomega
Atomega made a CD which is still quite easy to be found. I got 3-4 copies when I was there. Not bad, with some unusual cover songs on it, too


-a good hard rock/metal scene was incredibly active in the late 80's/early 90's
Unfortunately most of this stuff can be found only there and just a few videos/rip are available on youtube (the concept of CD reissues is quickly disappearing in Asia....for the new generation just youtube or spotify or shit like that is THE ONLY way to spread part of the albums, just the best hits as usual):

here's a list of what I found in my researches:

Axe Attack (with Aamir Zaki, Karachi, 1984-1986): The bomb Tape 1985
Final Cut (with Shehzad Mughal, Rizwan Khan, 198x): Mere sath (Meray saath, 1990), Mein chal deya (Mein chaldia/Main chuldiya, 1989), Dastaan (1989), Nayee umang, Jab ham saath hongay, Jhoomay yeh sama YOUTUBE
Kainath/Kosmos: Demo 1 1996 (?)
Kainath/Kosmos: Demo 2 1997 (?)
Krash (Karachi, 1987):
Midnight Liner/Radiation (with Amir Zaki):
Midnight Madness (with Zahid Awan, Saeed Iqbal, Lahore, 1990-1996): Breaking the chains, You say
Power House (with Adnan Afaq/Adnan Vai, Faraz Anwar, Jamal Nasir, 1988-89):
Scratch (Aamir Zaki, 1987):
The Barbarians (with Asad Ahmed, Jamal Afridi, 1987-1990): Yeh zindagi aka S/T Tape 1989/90 (EMI)
The Barbarians (with Asad Ahmed, Jamal Afridi, 1987-1990): Yeh zindagi hai Single Track 1987
VV.AA. - Video Junction - Step 1 Tape 1994 (Eastern Boyz, Elixir)


Eastern Boyz - Goray rang pe basanti jora (from Video Junction Compilation Tape 1994)

Elixir - Bekhudi (from Video Junction Compilation Tape 1994)


Some bands in the early 90's. Then because of war, music activiy almost ceased for more than a decade
The most "famous" of them all are undoubtly SCARE CREW who made a live tape in 1994.
Some songs are available on youtube in amazing quality. The band is still active in the USA and some members can be reached. They showed interest in reissuing their sole live tape

bands I know active in the early 90's

Death Curse:
Maybe (1994?): Harp of the sumerian queen; Between woman and man (1994, rock)
Scare Crew (1990-1994): Live Tape 1994
Scare Crew (1990-1994): Back to you, Rock'n'roll messenger, Another day (2 only gigs in 1993 and 1994)
Swinging Willie:


Scare Crew: from Live Tape 1994 (new version 2014)


The only known band in the late 80's/early 90's was Jack Power with his bands "The Weltschmertz" and "The Storm Band".
It seems they recorded nothing but there are some nice poster for gigs which look really cool, somewhere on his FB page
Them, as usual, war, religion and saocial problems brought the metal scene away for long time


The most active metal scene in the 80's and 90's from Middle East (apart Israel of course).
The first heavy metal band was made by Ghassan Rahbani (nowadays a famous solo singer, writer, politician, activist)

this is what I know. Electric Warriors and Exceed released a tape album. But their members - at least those who I could reach - seem not particularly interested in providing names, titles, tracklists, images....they just suggest me to listen to some of their "hit songs" here and there on some shitty arab mp3 pages.

The first metal album by GRG/Ghassan Rahbani "The Link" was printed on CD in the UAE. It seems still possible to find in some old shops. I've been there for a couple of days only and if I had more time, some shops told me that it's possible to find as Ghassan Rahbani is a sort of local Bob Dylan nowadays, very famous and known by everybody

Angel (1986): played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 1987
Anonymous (1992): Quest Demo 199x (4 tx)
Axident (1988): played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 09-07-1988
Cedra (1996, with Rabih Saad): Out from the grave CD 1996 (with "Magic" and other songs)
Dead (1986): played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 1986
Dogma (1996):
Electric Warriors (1983): Album
Equation (with Lydia Canaan, 1984-1986): The sound of equation Single Track 1986
Equation (with Lydia Canaan, 1984-1986): To oblivion and back; Why all the hurt Single Track 1986
Equation (1987-1988): played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 25/26-07-1987
Exceed (1988): Media manipulated Tape 199x
Force (1979-1988 at least, with Abboud Saadi, Emile Boustani, ): Forced Tape 1985 TAPE HARD ROCK,
Force (1979-1988): Forced emotions Rehearsal Track 1984
Force (1979-1988): played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 25/26-07-1988
Fugitive Entity (1986): gothic dark rock
Ghassan Rahbani: One of a kind Lp 1985
GRG/Ghassan Rahbani Group: The link (Music Master, 1992) CD METAL
Heaven: played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 25-26-07-1987
Opposites (1996-1998):
Revelations: played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 09-07-1988
Shyna (1991-1995, with Rabih Saad): Demo 1994
Tumstone (1994, with Rabih Saad):
Walid Itayim: The stand Single Track 1986
Wild Haze (Ghassan Rahbani, 1981-1984): At last the first (1982) TAPE METAL
ZED: played at Mont La Salle Rock Festival 25/26-07-1987 and 09-07-1988

LEBANON. Active scene in the 90's

Megapower (the drummer lives in the USA now) and the previous incarnation Cosmos recorded some tracks: but the drummer told me that it's everything lost as he had no interest in keeping them. Maybe some local radio still have a few of those songs. As usual no interest by most of the bands to preserve and save their music. Go for their "hit singles" and everybody will be ok.

Abbatoir (1991-1993):
Cosmos (1983-1989, pre-Megapower): Recordings 198x (Ready to rock; 1 instrumental song)
Damaar/Dammar: Unreleased Demo 1999
Esodic (1995):
Haunted Kottage (1996):
Hebron (1993): Demo 1995
Megapower (1989): Demo 1991 (10 songs)
Mirage: ????? Mirage Tape
Odyssey (1995):
Rapture In Hades (1994):
X: Satanic war Demo 1992
Zahareth (1995): Demo 1997 (2 tx: Sadoum, Man of the Desert)


-Hurd.........nowadays a supershitty, superglam, supermacho, ultranationalist, racist ethnocentric soft rock band who plays for money only. Hateful band members, talking only about the greatness of Mongolia and the superiority of mongolian race. Just pure shit.
Their earlky stuff is metal/speed/thrash and moving on the most commercial generes during the years (of course, when you play for money only....): slam, Pantera-style, industrial and now just shitty ballads.
Seen them 2-3 times....boring.
Their stuff (except for 3 songs recorded in 1978 when they were called "Skorost", shitty acoustic ballads) has been compiled in the 12xCD Box Set and in their "Best Collection 1-2-3".
CDs are very hard to find, just through their fan club or at local gigs.
Avoid them as people and musicians nowadays.

-Ayasiin Salkhi: I'm a good friend of the singer Andy Teesh (nice man, always good time spent together) but he still refuses to dig out the 3 live demos (actually "magnitoalbums" from the typical soviet-era!) recorded in the 80's/early 90's when they played metal. Also a lot of songs recorded in the 90s and appeared only as videos or singles (where? when? how?)
It's not easy to get informations about the era pre-"Coffin town under the moon".
I have the band's book with biography and informations but it's written in mongolian only. Good luck!

-it was told me there were 10 "metal" bands in Mongolia between the 80's and 90's. Including Harhanga (the first demo seems hard rock) and Nisvanis (which is more Nirvana-style), Hurd and Ayashiin Salkhi....which are the other bands? "They had no success and deserve to be not mentioned told me Andy...well, ok.


Surprisingly there has been a rock scene in the 80's and 90's too.
Most of this stuff is easily available in full on youtube by some enlightened uploaders.
Bad side is that all of these albums don't have a full metal vibe from the beginning to the end. Just a few tracks here and there can be called hard rock or metal, mixing it with super boring local folk music....
Painim Wok released some good heavy songs here and there in their long discography....
Riot Squad have some fame and they can be considered the only pure "hard rock/metal" bands of the pack....two tapes which should be not too hard to find on the net for listening.
The only thing is to check one by one. In my extreme research I also included the first rock-oriented bands from the country.

Addix: Perendo Tape 198x
April Sun (1979, with Henry Peni): Tapes (Alan Beck)
Crisis Survivors (with Bernard Hanga, early 90's): Various album
Itambu Band: 1st Album Tape
Itambu Band: Una laun damana Tape 1990
Itambu Band: Suruk nating Tape 1991
Painim Wok: Gitar naigal Tape 1987
Painim Wok: Tangtangi Tape 1987
Painim Wok: Ikanunur ki Tape 1989
Painim Wok: Toia mulai Tape 1989
Painim Wok: Rip top Tape 1989 (it's not rock)
Painim Wok: The real Tolai rock Tape 1990
Painim Wok: Igo ikam Tape 1991
Painim Wok: I serious Tape 1992 (it's not rock)
Riot Squad: Riot Squad Tape 1993
Riot Squad: Vulcan rock Tape 1994
Trouble Zone (with Bernard Hanga, 1988): Tape 1989
Trouble Zone (with Bernard Hanga, 1988): Various album
Trouble Zone (with Bernard Hanga, 1988): Bougainville paradise CD 2004
War Zone (with Bernard Hanga, early 90's): Various album


-All the bands are more or less listed on Metal Archives and should be not impossible to find.
Just a few points:

-Crystal Zone/Sylvester See: their 1st and only Lp is also available on CD.
Last time I was in Hong Kong (January 2016) I was told that the Lp was (un)sold for 5 euros until 4-5 years ago. Then suddenly disappeared as greedy collectors made burnt grass all around. Now it's rarely sold for 200+ euros on Ebay HK.
The CD version is really rare. I was offered 800 US$ (!) for it. Obviously I refused.
Sylvester See later released a lot of solo album but with diofferent styles than heavy metal. There's a CD (again easy to find until 5-6 years ago and now sold for almost 100 US$ which has some old Crystal Zone songs, some unreleased and some new versions)

-V-Turbo: their only demo 1990 has been re-released on a limited pro-printed CDr 3-4 years ago. I had 25 copies for sale, now just my own copy. It would be nice to re-release it on a proper CD. One of the most awful metal albums ever heard in my life.

-High Speed Beer: a metal side project by some members of Beyond, the most famous and successful rock band from HK (they released an incredible amount of stuff). For some unknown reason (money, as usual) their 3 demos ("Red", 1985; "Solo Ghost Hell" 1987 and the live at "Underground 2" 1986 can not be released: a few songs can be found in the various "Best Of" of Beyond here and there.

-The compilation Tapes "From The Underground" Vol. 1 and 2 have also a couple of bands called Fireworks and Rebel Rockers: no idea of what kind of music they played. Maybe hard rock or hardcore. Can't find any information.

The rest of chinese bands are listed on internet. I suggest Hei Bao /Black Panther, Tang Dynasty, Assassin (from Taiwan), The Crown (they released their discography 1992-1994 on Lp and CD, easily available)

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i need a top with the best japanese metal albums (only power/heavy/thrash)
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Man, there's so many out there, Japan has a much larger scene than people typically expect, but for some basic famous Japanese metal albums that are easy to find to get you acquainted with the country's metal, I would say:

Power/speed (some famous ones):
X Japan - Blue Blood, Vanishing Vision, Jealousy (Their whole discography is worthwhile though)
Jupiter - Classical Element, The History of Genesis
Mary's Blood - Bloody Palace
Versailles - Jubilee, Noble, Holy Grail (Their singer's voice is hard to get used to, but if/when you do they're really good)
Light Bringer - Midnight Circus, Scenes of Infinity, Genesis (Best female vocalist in all of Japanese metal in my opinion)
Liv Moon - Golden Moon, Double Moon, Symphonic Moon
Reaction - True Imitation, Agitator, Insane
Kuroageha - 遺書剥奪
Galneryus - Advance to the Fall, Beyond the End of Despair, Angel of Salvation, The Flag of Punishment (biggest modern power metal band in Japan)
Alhambra - Fadista

Heavy (just a few important ones):
Loudness - Thunder in the East, Disillusion, Lightning Strikes, The Birthday Eve (Anything Lightning Strikes and earlier was their best era, they're still good too though)
Bow Wow - Warning from Stardust, Cyclone, Signal Fire (That last one is more hard rock, but Bow Wow are another band that's good in all eras)
Literally every full-length album or EP that Mandrake Root Records released is worth checking out from bands like Terra Rosa, Dancer, Hellen, Jewel, Precious, Onmyoza etc.
Sniper - Open the Attack, Quick & Dead
Show-Ya - Outerlimits, Hard Way
Ezo - E.Z.O, Fire Fire
Lazy - Uchuusen Chikyuugou/Earth Ark
Earthshaker - Fugitive, Earthshaker
Hurry Scuary - Break it Up
Wolf - Wolf, Some Aspects of the Moment, Roll Over
Anthem - Bound to Break, Tightrope, Gypsy Ways (J-metal gods, and as consistent as any Japanese metal band ever, their whole discog is great)
Nokemono - From the Black World

Thrash (some more important ones that I can think of):
Outrage - Black Clouds
Rosenfeld - Pigs of the Empire
Mephistopheles - Metal on Metal
Damzell - War Songs, Ready to Attack
Eldritch - Blood Breed Calls My Name
Narcotic Greed - Fatal
Gargoyle - Misogi, Furebumi, Aratama, Future Drug (Japanese proggy thrash masters, their whole discography is very highly regarded)
Aion - Aion

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thanks very much man, i am looking for stuff like Loudness and Genocide (Nippon) you know
i am looking forward to your suggestions though, i will check them out all

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