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  • I've been expanding my own music video library for some time now and noticed that I enjoy the cartoon stuff, and more recently the lego based videos.

    It got me thinking who got both started and does anyone have a favourite that they would like to share? I know Megadeth produced Back in the Day 8/9 years ago, but were there any before that, did that get it all started? Two favourite vids are below.

    Catoon vid. Favourite, although its more punk than metal is.

    Lego effort.
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    If you were asking specifically only for which was the first metal video for animation-type stuff, I am not sure.

    Here is a list of a lot of music videos that used to be played a LOT on TV music shows in Cananda.

    Pete Townshend - A Friend Is A Friend (1989) used a robot model for the plot.

    Overkill - Hello from the Gutter (1988) animated/cartoon flying skull used sometimes.

    The Rolling Stones - Harlem Shuffle (1986) animation

    AC/DC's Fly On The Wall music video's (1985) animated/cartoon fly superimposed over live-action.

    A-ha - "Take On Me" (1985) animation/sketches

    Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (1985) early computer animation used.

    and maybe this was the first rock video that started it all ? -
    Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) (1979) used animation, taken from the movie The Wall.
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    Thanks, forgot about the Overkill video.

    It seems more popular these days to experiment with cartoon-based stuff. Just trying to work out where it all started.
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    That Vitamin X vid you posted is great.
    Played it through at a quarter speed & enjoyed spotting all the funny hidden details & cameos. Did anyone else spot Lemmy?
    Good song too, very 1985.
    I suppose if you want to go waaaay back then The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' movie might be the thing which first married rock music and animation. I'm sure there was a Beatles animated series too, which may or may not predate Yellow Sub.
    Pink Floyd employed purpose made back projection films in their live shows in the 70s which included an animated sequence for the song 'Time' & I think the Grateful Dead did something similar too, although they may have employed preexisting footage.
    I've gotta give a shout-out to Peter Gabriel's 'Sledge Hammer' video as a great early example of stop-frame animation, it was pretty mind-blowing at the time and still holds up really well.
    First purpose made video promo is a tricky one, but according to an article i read 'Accidents Will Happen' (1979) by Elvis Costello is often cited as the first animated rock music video:

    But there are earlier examples of the form than that, such as Roger Daltrey's 'Heart's Right' video from 1975:

    From a Metal perspective, i've no idea who can claim to be the first to make an animated video, but the animated movie 'Heavy Metal' from 1981, despite having a generally wimpy soundtrack, did include Sabbath:

    So, i suppose the answer is that it's all open to debate, and is entirely subjective. Not a very satisfying answer really, but it's all i've got. :/

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    The Vitamin X video is a great piece of work. Didn't see Lemmy but will look again, forgot about that Sabbath video.

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