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Metal News / Promotion » SACRIFICE (Sweden) - 35th Anniversary Edition (1985-2020) Pre-Order
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    Pre-order for SACRIFICE - "35th Anniversary Edition just started.
    It's available in 3 editions

    Deluxe BOX SET edition limited to 100 copies featuring a replica of the original impossible to find 7'' single, an exclusive to box gold vinyl, the CD version of SACRIFICE and a Tshirt
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    Deluxe Vinyl LP, with 2 page booklet, 180 grams vinyl, lyrics, liner notes by Janne Stark and bonus tracks (Available in 2 colours)
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    CD version with 12 page booklet, remastered sound, lyrics, liner notes by Janne Stark and bonus tracks
    Order: ... ASC&page=1

    Sacrife's Facebook:
    Cult Metal Classics Facebook:

    1. Street Fighter
    2. Innocent Victim
    3. So You Better Run
    4. Ante Metallum (Overture)
    5. Street Fighter
    6. So You Better Run
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    Been a (long) while since posting here. I've shifted towards ordering vinyls more than CDs lately since got a working turntable now. Wish I started with vinyls on the get-go as a teen instead of buying almost few decades solely CDs. On CDs I'm more keen to buy represses/remasters than on vinyl, but depends of the repress. Was not really satisfied with Back On Black / Metal On Vinyl presses I first bought - newb "mistake". I guess on vinyl I feel the charm of chasing the original press mastered from original analog tapes (I suppose it's usually the case with OP vinyl, unless I've misunderstood). On the other hand I've been buying some HRR repress vinyls which have sounded good to me!

    Anyways, not to derail the Sacrifice-post, I've ordered mine today. I don't usually get spare copies as I'm pretty tight on money, but this time I made exception. Plus I got the box-set too. This release has big charm for me. It was only a couple songs ever they released, but the material was very fine.

    Some other goodies on the way for me too with the same order. :) I took a spare of Stormbringer too seeing it was never released officially on CD or vinyl before. I wanna have one in stock if something happens to the one I'm gonna spin. That band was new to me but when I listened it on youtube it sounded very special to me, like that almost instant feeling "damn this is good". I don't get that so often.
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    Ordered my box set already, I was explicitly waiting for it to go on sale! Very excited about this box set, I love the replica 7 inch they included. Can not wait for this big boy to arrive, amazing new release!
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