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News 11/18/2012

- I am looking for a secondary reviewer to aid in creating content for Contaminated Tones Blog. While I have become increasingly focused in working on Contaminated Tones releases, with several more to come in the next several months including a handful of possible Pro-CD releases, it is becoming increasingly difficult for myself alone to review and publish all the reviews I intend. Here is what I am looking for in a reviewer / contributor / required skills:
- Strong writing ability.
- Ability to go out and find material to review.
- Must own a scanner to scan artwork for the website.
- Must be professional.

- CTP-005-I Is now out! Gates of Eternal Torment is the heart of a North American nomadic lone-wolf who for the past several years, after being shit on and mistreated finally is able to say his labor of love for more than two years can see light. Primitive, Raw and honest, IMPRISONED BENEATH THE ICE OF THIS COLD BLACK VOID mimics the emotions of loneliness in the vast stretches of wilderness travelled by this lone creature. Sample:

- Review of Necrosadist - The Alpha Nihil ( ... ed-me.html)
- Live footage of Motherbrain at Tobacco Road NYC 9/21/2012 uploaded
- 1 Promotional Copy of Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present Left
- 3 Promotional Copies of Okketaehm - Stones Left.
- Personal Collection items up for sale on Facebook and Website. ( ... -sale.html)
- Artwork for CTP-007-I has been completed. Still not announcing this release yet.
- Review of Countess - On Wings of Defiance ( ... iance.html)
- Bosque Patch is sold out
- Okketaehm - Stones: Review #4:
- Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present: Review #5
- Review of Sahg - Sahg II ... hg-ii.html
- Review of Murustrictus - Eternity ... rnity.html
- Review of Mother Brain - Straight To Business ... brain.html
- Review of Immolith - Storm Dragon ... ragon.html
- Review of Bestia Arcana - To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu ... byssu.html
- Review of Hammer Fight - Hammer Fight ... fight.html
- Interview with Desolate One ... rview.html
- Review of Dodsengel - Visionary ... mates.html
- Review of Sektarism - Le Son Des Stigmates ... onary.html
- Review of Sacred Death - Deadly Playground ... round.html
- Added a review to the Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell page.
- Article: Innocence, Arrogance and Elitism posted. I confront the traditional sense of what an Elitist is meant to be and propose a new definition to replace what has become a cynical and pessimistic attitude towards metal by these self-labelled elite. ... itism.html
-Review of Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells ... wells.html

As always, feel free to contact me if your band wants reviews!
CTP 006 I: Gates of Eternal Torment - Imprisoned Beneath The Ice Of This Cold Black Void
For several years, this release has been a labor of love for the wandering man behind the project. Recorded in multiple places, pieced together like a puzzle while traveling by freight train across North America and tossed back and forth between being released and having promises broken, the honesty and emotion on this release is such that soulful is an understatement. Few releases have a story that spans as much time and space as this. A unique and pure exercise in raw and emotionally distilled black metal.
Sample Video


CTP 005 - I: Black Chalice - Submission
Doom-laden death metal with heavy atmosphere and mournful melodies. This third release is the peak of Black Chalice's continuing progression into an ever more unique style which will surely be adored by anyone into the off-shades of both Doom metal and Death Metal. Inevitably, due to it's creator's involvement in other projects such as Auspicium, elements of black metal make themselves shown momentarily but this is primarily the affair of other styles.

Desolation - Infinite Blog: Black Chalice - Submission
Grave Dig Blog: Black Chalice - Submission
Sorrow Eternal Blog: Black Chalice - Submission
Metal Archives - Rotting_Christ_Mike: Black Chalice - Submisson

$4.00 Effectively Out Now.
Free shipping to NY/NJ/PA

CTP 003 - I: Okketaehm - Stones

The second album from this reclusive act is sure to appeal to anyone with even a cursory interest in black metal. Thick, suffocating, and concealing uneasiness, "Stones" rewards the listener with feelings of uncertainty, awkwardness and fear. Preoccupied only by it's own mission and it's own patience, there is a vastness and scope few bands attempt and succeed in meeting. Somewhere between everything, there is a comfort that one can only find upon the realization that we are all, ultimately, consumed.

$4.50Out Now.
Free shipping to NY/NJ/PA

Promotional sample for Okketaehm - Stones up for viewing on youtube.

Metal Archives - Zodijackyl: Okketaehm - Stones
Metal Core Fanzine: Okketaehm - Stones
Aristocrazia Webzine: Okketaehm - Stones (Italian w/ Translation)

CTP 002 - I: Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present

The subliminal undertones spread across this miasma of noise and blackened funeral drudge is enough to send even the most stable mind into convulsions. A heavy load of fuzz and static drenched guitars creep across the outer layers but underneath the harshness lays a foreboding post-apocalyptic nihilist's utopia of lingering burnt out bomb shelters and blasted out monuments to mankind's folly. The fog of war blows gently across a vast landscape, leaving the listener to stare into the distance for half an hour, soak in the radiation, and melt away.

Free shipping to NJ/PA/NY

Promotional sample for Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present up for viewing on youtube.

Metal Archives - Zodijackyl: Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present
Metal Archives - Rotting_Christ_Mike - Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present
Metal Core Fanzine: Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present
Aristocrazia Webzine: Diseased Oblivion - Portals of Past and Present (Italian. Translation Available)

CTP - 001 - I: Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell

Strong influence from Motorhead / Venom and lots of alcohol. Nothing else needs to be said.

Promotional sample for Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell up for viewing on youtube

Foul Feast of Flesh Blog: Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell Review
Witching Metal Webzine: Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell Review
Metal Archives - Zodijackyl: Maximum Oversatan - Too Evil For Hell Review

Free shipping to NJ/PA/NY


USA: Order through me here or via my normal email address. That address is on the Contaminated Tones Website. Free shipping to NJ/NY/PA. Additionally, anyone who wants promos for review please message me as well. Those interested in wholesale should order through myself as well.

UK: Those in the UK who are not interested in larger quantities I suggest going through Slaney Records to save on shipping cost.

Distros that stock Contaminated Tones Releases:
Dunkelheit Produktionen (GER)
Maltkross Old School Independent Label (
Slaney Records (IRE)

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