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    Artist: Master Massive
    Release: Various Recordings, 1984 - 2007
    Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: Sweden (Västerås/Stockholm)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    This archive contains 6 recordings taken from various projects featuring Janne Strandh (Zanity, ACT, Verdict, Peterson, Twilight, Notre Dame and Sobre Nocturne) including some new songs recorded under the Master Massive line-up. An album was planned for an release in 2000 by the band but to bad it's still unreleased. Sounds like it could be a masterpiece from the songs I have heard!.

    For you Swedish speaking fans of Janne be sure to join the Tribute Group at Facebook.

    Roger Petersson - Vocals (Peterson, Rubycon)
    Jan Strandh - Lead Guitar (Zanity, Act, Verdict, Peterson, Twilight, Notre Dame, Sobre Nocturne)
    Anders Ericson "Exo" Kragh - Lead Guitar (Beyond Twilight, Sobre Nocturne, Argento)
    Christer Rispling - Drums (Act, Verdict, Shylock)


    The MASTER MASSIVE biography goes as far back as 1980, when guitar player Jan Strandh and vocalist Roger Petersson first met. Both sharing the same idea about the essence of good Heavy Metal, they went to work, confident of a qualified result. The drummer, Christer Rispling, came along early and matched the demanding compositions very well. Different constellations of the band have come and gone but in the 21th century, guitarist Exo connected with the band and now it's full speed ahead..... Despite the bands medial obscurity and absence from the recording industry, MASTER MASSIVE is well connected in the Heavy Metal community. Jan has been a member of both TWILIGHT and NOTRE DAME and Exo has two other obligations in BEYOND TWILIGHT and SOBRE NOCTURNE. Former members includes Tim Skold (MARILYN MANSON), Petter Karlsson (THERION), Pekka “Stixx” Ollinen (SHOTGUN MESSIAH) and heavy weight guitarist Yngve Frank.

    Roger Petersson has contributed with most of the music and lyrics but it..s all scrutinized through the rough “MASTER MASSIVE jury”. A unique historic aspect is that both Roger and Jan was around in the early 70's, when the Heavy Metal wheels started turning for real. A large portion of that old school time journey is built into the music of MASTER MASSIVE. The good old days are back, simply ENJOY!


    1. Speed Division (Re-recording? of the '84 Verdict song)
    2. Prizehunter (Recorded '88 as Peterson)
    3. Challenger of Evil (Recorded '84 as Verdict)
    4. GUTS (Recorded 2007)
    5. Dagger's Day (Recorded 2009?)
    6. The Media Palace (comp. track 2000 / Info)
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    Thanks a lot! Have to check this out.

    On the track I uploaded, The Media Palace, Petter Karlsson sings. He is most known for playing drums in Therion 2004-2008.

    In 1996 he performed with his band Kajarr on Swedish national television while playing in the music competition "Musik direkt". Kajarr played some sort of power metal, if I remember correctly. Their performance from that show was on Youtube before, but now it is gone unfortunately.

    Anyway, thanks again!
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