Bootlegs [Speed / Thrash] » Anthrax (US) - Live at Castle Donington, UK [Bootleg] (22/8-1987)
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    Artist: Anthrax
    Release: Live Castle Donington UK Aug-22nd-1987
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (NY)
    Bitrate: 224 kbps
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    Info: Excellent soundboard recording at Monsters Of Rock Donington 1987.
    Among The Living tour.
    1. Among The Living
    2. Caught In A Mosh
    3. Madhouse
    4. I Am The Law
    5. Medusa
    6. Indians
    7. God Save The Queen
    8. A.I.R.
    9. A.I.R. (Cont.)
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    I knew quite a few friends who made the pilgrimage by coach from Scotland down to Donington that year.
    The way they told it, every band played an absolute blinder and it was a great day out until Bon Jovi took to the stage, sparking an exodus with about a quarter to a third of the crowd, (depending on who was telling the story), deciding that Jon & co. were superfluous to their needs.
    Getting an early start to their journey home, or sleeping off the days excesses on their buses were deemed more important.
    I dare say Bon Jovi fans remember it differently, but i know who i believe.
    Although you've cited this as a soundboard recording it seems more likely to be from BBC Radio 1's broadcast of the gig, as they recorded the festival for the Friday Rock Show for many years. Eventually, they began broadcasting the whole festival live as it happened.
    My friends & i used to get a portable radio, a ton of booze and spend the whole day in our local park having our own little festival, with Donington providing the soundtrack. We can't have been the only ones doing this, that same scene must've been repeated up & down the country by groups of ticketless Metal heads.
    You'd wake up the following day feeling like death, hungover & sunburnt, with no recollection of how you got home.
    Just like the real thing, except i don't remember anyone at 'our festival' getting hit by a bottle full of piss.

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