Bootlegs [Black / Death] » Samael (Che) - Live at Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands [Bootleg] (27/6-1992) [Lossless FLAC]
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    Artist: Samael
    Release: Live at Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands [Bootleg] [Lossless FLAC] (1992.06.27)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Sion, Valais, Switzerland
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ... llist1.htm

    I know that this has been shared in 320kps MP3, but I worked diligently on figuring out this setlist (none on and on making the sound better, so I am hoping someone will at least compare the two and let me know if it is an improvement or not. It is bassy as hell, but it does give it some heft. I upped the treble and volume and tried to turn the bass down, but it is still a brick walled recording. I can't tell if it is analog or an unmixed SBD. The only reference i saw to this bootleg was the above picture. So it was at least sourced to a cassette at some point. The sound is very uniform, which makes me think it was possibly a VHS tape first, but that is simply conjecture.

    Still, it seems kind of an odd tour from my perspective (North America). It is basically their 2nd short tour (10 shows in Netherlands, 6 in Germany, 2 in Belgium and 1 in their native Switzerland) supporting their debut album, even though their second album must of been at least partially in the bag, since it was released 5 months later. The setlist is mostly the same as the the show 3 months before 30 km northeast in Bodegraven, though they intro'd w/ Rite Of Cthulhu and replaced ...Until w/ Ancient Kingdom. Unfortunately, it sounds like the last song "The Black Face," was cut from the recording. That sucks. Does the other source have it? If anyone has any Ceremony/Passage era shows, that is where I think they really came into their own, then they veered to New Age for me and I stopped following them. I did see them in Cleveland in 2003 and they played Son Of Earth, which was fucking cool. Only time I ever saw them, since their tours here are few and far between.
    01 Rite Of Cthulhu (1:34)
    02 Sleep Of Death (3:35)
    03 Messenger Of The Light (2:46)
    04 The Dark (4:24)
    05 Into The Pentagram (6:33)
    06 Morbid Metal (6:10)
    07 Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom (4:40)
    08 Worship Him (7;20)
    09 The Third Of The Storms (evoked damnation) (hell hammer) (3:56)
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