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  • I've been listening to NWOBHM now for a good few years. I'd like to think of myself as somewhat knowledgeable on the genre of music (even if it was 15 years before my time). I've always liked HELL since listening to their ‘Save Us from those Who will Save Us' single, and listening to crackly 8th-generation demo tapes that never showed their true potential, I always believed they were well ahead of their time. Now if you’re reading this you probably already know the story of this album so I won’t go into that, and all I have to say is that potential has undoubtedly been released and then some.

    What we have here is a total labour of love. Every riff, lyric, sound effect and solo has been crafted with utmost dedication. You just don’t get albums like this and is a fitting tribute to Dave Halliday. From the ‘Deathsquad’ intro to my personal favourite ‘Devil’s Deadly Weapon’ we have a demonic slice of metal that encompasses pretty much every sub-genre this side of black metal (and even then, HELL are credited as a driving force of the devil-bothering genre), from the power metal of ‘The Quest’ to the doom-laden ‘No Martyrs Cage', they really do have a wide range to fit all metal fans’ tastes coupled with legendary Andy Sneap’s flawless production, you get a modern, yet familiar record.

    Purists may scoff at such a slick record, but with the particular pack I bought you get a bonus cd of the original demos and recordings from back in the 80’s and I have to say I’m glad I ordered this particular version of the album because those 8th-generation tapes that everyone and their dad has on MP3 are NOTHING compared to their master-taped glory here! If anything, if this album was released back in the 80s with these recordings, I still think it would've been a good album. I really, really hope HELL release all their demos with this quality in the future.

    All in all, this has got to be one of the best metal albums of the year and I am looking forward to the bright future HELL has in store for them, may their long-awaited reign continue! I also had the privilage of seeing HELL live recently at Bloodstock Festival and they are by far one of the most exciting bands to see, if you ever get chance to see them I emplore you to do so as their stage show is fantastic!

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    We just recently had a topic on this album Virtue, perhaps you can put this review over there ?

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    i have to agree with your review this album just totally blew me away amazing in every way !
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    Dave Halliday was quite talented man!!! Too bad the way he went... Hell could have made quite an impression on the bigger scale, given time- and written more great songs...
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    Nice album, still I'd like to have "Land of the Living Dead" in the tracklist too.....
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    I got the 2cd box set as soon it came out, and I have to agree with 100%

    As for the statement of that purists may scoff at the slick recording, well does the band deserve a good treatment which was denied back then?

    I think that the 2CD pack is an essential part in the collection that a Metalhead has, who values the heritage that those bands gave us in the 80's, the package is great for providing us the best of both worlds, the old and familiar but in great sound and the phoenix that arises more beautiful (or grim:) )
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