Lossless [Speed / Thrash] » Forced Entry (US-WA) - Live at Bogart's Cincinnati, OH [Bootleg] (10/8-1990) [Lossless FLAC]
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    Artist: Forced Entry
    Release: Live at Bogart's Cincinnati OH, August 10th 1990
    Genre: Speed / Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (Seattle, Washington)
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    Rip and share by overfan, thanks man!!

    Forced Entry 1990-08-10 Bogart's Cincinnati OH
    Sony D-3 Pro Walkman > Realistic 33-1065 Electret Stereo Microphone > Maxell XLII-S 90 > Onkyo TA-RW313 > Sony STR-DE945 >
    PC > Wavepad > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC
    Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

    Please share in the original format it was uploaded in!!

    In The Spirit of The Lampinski Tape Series.....
    I am in the process of sharing a bulk of my old analog recordings that has not been shared on a worldwide basis
    as "it is time" for them to be heard! After years of getting tired of dealing with the hassles of trading and with the
    ability to now correct master recording issues as uneven balances, low recording levels and unwanted unwanted
    noise I am more eager to share them. Anybody who has had the privilege to see my live tape list (or the master
    tapesthemselves!) knows this will be a long process as I literally have too many masters to list! Not bragging but
    it is just a fact. So please be kind and not fill up my message box up with requests as I will be picking out shows
    at my own discretion. Without the help of "The Internet" and the lack of cell phones the only way to find out about
    many shows was with diligent research, lots of phone calls & word of mouth! I have no life (outside my tapin obsession)
    so I expect to keep busy when I am not out on the road. Unlike The Lampinski Series my early recordings is very heavy
    with the "Metal" genre so I will make a lot of headbangers happy!

    Forced Entry opened for SACRED REICH and did a good job warming up the crowd... too bad they kinda dissappeared.
    1. Stage Announcements
    2. Kaleidoscope Of Pain
    3. Bludgeon
    4. The Unextinguishable
    5. Anacondab
    6. Unrest They Find
    7. Morgulon

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