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    Artist: Burian
    Release: Promo '98 + Live in Studio 13/4/99
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: WAV
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    Burian were the first black metal band from Prato (a bit town next to Florence).
    As far as I remember they were born around 1996 with the mastermind Fernando "Blackness" Genovesi on vocals (later in 2001 he moved back to Abruzzo and played in Voices From Thaumiel and Triangle Of Flames), Luca Cadeddu (guitar, shortly after he founded his own gothic/black metal band Sigillum Dei Ameth), Luca Gestri (drums) and Samuele "Cannibal" Biagini (bass)

    When the drummer Luca Gestri was forced to leave the band for an year or so because of military duty, a few other drummers were hired in the following months: Andrea Pujo, Pierpaolo Callipo (both lasted for a few rehearsals), Lorenzo Magni (Warfront / Mortesecca, G.O.E., Brzuchy, Church Of Atrocity, Stilnox, Grenzlinie, Enbilulugugal and countless noise/grind/harsh noise projects as well as countless punk bands) and Alessandro Bandera before Luca Gestri came back again.

    Around spring 1997, Luca Cadeddu left in order to build his own gothic/black band (Sigillum Dei Ameth whose best hit at the time was "Toten Svarten og Sirran" with a riff sourced straight from Emperor).

    Shortly after, two new guitar player were found: Leonardo "Sir Martinel" Giusti (later in Grimorium and Icehenge and in another unnamed band where I played drums) and Stefano "Lord Sargatanas" Ammannati (later formed Icehenge with Leonardo Giusti and Ciardulli, the ex drummer of Necromass) who were formerly in Apostasia, possibly the very first black metal band who apparently recorded a rehearsal demo in 1996 (unfortunately lost) in a garage right under the building where I was living in.

    The debut was in a student live contest organized by a local church right in the church's backyard (!) in the summer of 1997 and both Burian and Sigillum Dei Ameth simply shocked the audience (both wearing face painting and inverted crosses) and the speakers were powered off after a while as well as a fight under the stage between two gropus of fan started as there were arguments on who was the "real satanist band" in town. There was a vhs video of this recording released by the church itself for local promotion but I don't have it anymore :(

    The Promo Demo '98 was recorded during summer in really poor condition at Hilt's house (a strange guy from Florence who looked quiet, educated and shy but in the end he was a sort of violent psycho: he had his own ambient-black project and provided the intro and outro for this demo) and a few gigs were held around Prato, Florence and other villages around: there's a few video recordings of them but they are all unfortunately lost.

    Later in 1999, a keyboard player named "Funeral" was found but I really can't remember who was him: I only remember he was playing on some other local black metal band

    Burian disbanded around 2000-2001 when Blackness (who was - and still his - a really kind, educated, good hearted and sensitive guy but totally devoted to pure Satanism and was one of my best friend for years) moved back to his native region in the south of Italy. With Triangle Of Flames he recently made a split CD with Shambles from Thailand

    This demo sold around 20 copies if I remember well and the line up was:

    - Fernando "Blackness" Genovesi: Vocals
    - Leonardo "Sir Martinel" Giusti: Lead guitar
    - Stefano "Lord Sargatanas" Ammannati: Rhythm guitar
    - Samuele "Cannibal" Biagini: Bass
    - Luca "Necromancer" Grimaldi : Drums (he lasted shortly, just for the demo recordings and a local gig in a forgotten place)

    As a bonus I add the only survived rehearsal from those times, recorded in 1999 with - if I remember well - Luca "Il Depi" Motta (as "The Abyss") on bass, a common friend of us and Emanuele Trinci ("Gattestod") on drums, a strange guy who was into italian pop like Pooh, Marco Masini and Jazz/Cabaret music (I remember he played with an hawaiian shirt in front of his enthusiastic parents in a very successful live show held in the middle of nowhere in countryside) as well as Fabrizio Bove (from the gothic-progressive metal band Darkaura) on keyboards

    Nothing special but a good memory of good old friends and a time when my town saw a flourishing of a nice death/black metal scene (Dream Void, Nema / Gulu Locus, Abstract, Garant, Midgard, Sigillum Dei Ameth...)
    Promo '98
    1. Intro
    2. Berenice
    3. Born to Pray in Hell
    4. Outro

    Live in Studio 13/4/99
    1. Lilith, Queen of Darkness
    2. Berenice
    3. Born to Pray in Hell
    4. Winternorth (The Last Sacrifice)
    5: Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam

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    I will be ETERNALLY grateful, jnfernal, for sharing this rare stuff, really very precious for me (as you already know)!! (bow) (beerm)
    I've just added their Promo '98 on Discogs, and have discovered that Hilt had (or still have??!!??) his own dungeon synth project, called WINTERBLOOD. It would be awesome to find his compilation-tape called "Archive 1996-1999" (evils)
    Here's the link: https://www.discogs.com/Winterblood-Arc ... e/11286429
    HOW to view the hidden download links (PLEASE, follow these damn rules!!!!!!!!):
    --->>> viewtopic.php?f=185&t=22529&p=129423#p129423
    NO Zippyshare, thanx...
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    Yes, Winterblood, that's the name of his project, you're right..... he released TONS of stuff under that project but I've never been into black-synth-dungeon stuff. I don't know if he's still active, I think so

    I don't know how to get in touch with him, I met him only 3-4 times for the recording of the demo, a couple of time he came to Prato to visit the other band members but I never had any relationship with him except a few "hi" and some really weird stories about his personal life that made me think there's something really wrong in him

    And as for the other band members... I don't know... the singer is back to Abruzzo and I lost contacts with the two guitarist - life changes and people too, unfortunately - so I really don't know how to get that stuff. In the last 10-15 years because of travels, long stay out of Italy and personal choices, I lost almost every contact with the local scene...

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    new links with a little better and more listenable rips:

    Demo 1998:

    Hidden Link

    Live in Studio 1999:

    Hidden Link

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