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    re-released many times, 2006- 2018, still for sale ... _Pray/4709

    Artist: Tyrant
    Release: Too Late To Pray (1987) (Re-issue 1996)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: United States
    Bitrate: 320 kbps + scans
    Size : 120 mb

    1. Tyrant's Revelation II 01:35
    2. Too Late to Pray 03:16
    3. Beyond the Grave 03:16
    4. Valley of Death 08:19
    5. The Nazarene 03:43
    6. Bells of Hades 03:15
    7. Into the Flames 02:55
    8. Babylon 05:11
    9. Verdalack 03:47
    10. Beginning of the End 06:40
    11. Eve of Destruction 04:04
    L.A.'s TYRANT was formed by bassist Greg May in Pasadena, California.In 1978, Greg formed a cover band in high school, which included Richard Fuentes on vocals, Tony Ramirez, Gary Crisp, Bill Stremmel on guitars, and Phil Heyleck on drums.By 1980, Greg had been asked to play with such groups as Metallica, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint, and Warlord. Guitarist Rocky Rockwell's previous band, Visions, ironically featured Tim Gaines of Stryper. Rocky was one of the first guitar players to have an endorsement with Charvel Guitars other than Eddie Van Halen. One-time fill-in guitarist included Anthony Romero, formerly of Blood Lust.In 1982, the two recruited Greg's brother, Glen May, a two time high school All-American Football defensive end, to replace their previous singer, Doug Anderson, on lead vocal and front man requirements. "Doug also played guitar and looked like Peter Frampton." Greg explained. "But when I brought Glen in, it just clicked."Drummer, Rob Roy, rounded out the group, who appeared on Metal Massacre III ('83) and Legions of the Dead ('85). Previous drummers have included G. Stanley Burtis (Too Late To Pray '88) and Tom Meadows (King of Kings '97).Keyboard player and limo driver, Paris Lane, contributed to "Legions of the Dead", previously of Hollywood rock band, London.After two shows in Hollywood, California, Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records contacted Greg. The late-1983 release of "Battle of Armageddon", from the Metal Blade Records album "Metal Massacre III", was the result. After the release, the label was flooded with mail from all over the world demanding more vinyl from TYRANT. This lead to Metal Blade Records signing TYRANT to an international recording contract.The group returned to the studio with "Armageddon" producer, Bill Metoyer, to record TYRANT's debut LP, "Legions of the Dead", which was completed and released in 1985. The LP sold well and hit Kerrang Magazine's (Europe's biggest rock publication) Top 10 Import Chart for two months, therewith Def Leppard and Heart. TYRANT's single, "Listen to the Preacher," was featured on the "Best of Metal Blade, Volume 1" double LP in 1986. The LP included, among others, Slayer, Trouble, VoiVod, Metal Church, and Celtic Frost.In 1988, TYRANT again enlisted the services of producer Bill Metoyer to record and release "Too Late to Pray" -- their best effort to date. Again, TYRANT's LP attracted praise from both fans and magazines around the world. The band had been offered opening slots for groups such as Slayer, Savatage, and Mercyful Fate.TYRANT continued to play live and demo songs on 4-track. In 1994, Metal Massacre III was re-released on C.D. worldwide; after which all rights to TYRANT's material and band name were assigned to founder/bassist Greg May.In 1996, German record lable, Art of Music, won the battle for TYRANT's next record, and brought Greg May to Germany for a promo tour. Art of Music also put TYRANT back into the studio with long-time producer Bill Metoyer for the making of "King of Kings," released in 1996. In keeping with tradition, "King of Kings" gained international praise from fans and press alike.In 1997, TYRANT signed with Dwell Records to record Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Dio, Scorpions, Judas Priest, and Saxon tribute CD's that were released worldwide in '98-'99.In 2009, Tyrant was back playing in Hollywood and co-headlined the Keep It True XII Festival in Lauda-Konigshofen Germany. They are in the process of writing and will record a new record entitled "Here After" for a hopeful 2010 release.THE REIGN OF THE TYRANT CONTINUES.
    Line Up:
    Greg May Bass (1978-present)
    Rocky Rockwell Guitars (1980-1997, 2008-present)
    Glen May Vocals (1982-present) - See also: Savage Garden (USA)
    Ronnie Wallace Drums (2010-present)

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