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    Antagonist - Damned and Cursed​.​.​.​To Life on Earth [Compilation] (2016) ... se/9195602 ... rth/595224
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    Now, more than two decades later, Divebomb Records is proud to bring new life to ANTAGONIST's scorching debut with Damned And Cursed... To Life On Earth; including lyrics, archival photographs, an all-new retrospective band interview, plus a full live set recorded in 1993—all fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording. Or, to be more accurate, in the words of ANTAGONIST's Todd Tousey himself, "This is neither a reissue nor remaster, as it was never mastered the first time. This is the first official release actually; it only took Divebomb Records 22 years to make it happen." We're just glad that he hasn't cut his hair in the meantime!

    Artist: Antagonist (US-WI)
    Release: EP's 1993-2000
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: USA (Green Bay, WI)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    Antagonist was a thrash metal metal band from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They formed in 1992 and lasted til 2002. Their first EP was released in 1993. The band split up for a few years. They eventually reunited with a new singer and drummer and released their final EP in 2000.

    EP Lineups
    Darren Rae - Vocals ('93 EP)
    Tim Stehula - Vocals ('00 EP)
    Todd Tousey - Guitar (Both EP's)
    Dave Dillon - Bass (Both EP's)
    Rod Alferi - Drums ('93 EP)
    Dave Lawrence - Drums ('00 EP)

    Antagonist (EP 1993)
    1. Black Sands of Time
    2. Dead Priest
    3. Lies After Death
    4. Good Day to Die
    5. Live in Fear
    6. Cracking Skulls

    Open Face Surgery (EP 2000)
    1. Pitbull on Crack
    2. Then War it shall Be
    3. Revenge (Great Cloak of Hatred)
    4. Kill with Power (Manowar cover)
    5. Every Lie Ends in Murder
    6. Get Your Ass to Mars
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