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    Artist: Rebellion
    Release: Unreleased Recording Sessions, 1991 - 1993
    Genre: Power / Progressive Metal
    Country: USA (Massachusetts)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    Thanks goes out to hi50metalmaniac for informing me about this unreleased material!. Same band who released
    the album 'And The Battle Begins… (1991)'. You can find the files in WAV at their Website, and an interview HERE. Enjoy!

    Info (from Rebellion Website):
    People have been asking about our Rebellion unreleased material from our 1993 recording sessions. I've been
    contacted by fans in places as far away as Germany and Greece, as well as people who happened to stumble into
    hearing our album And the Battle Begins . . . right here in the USA. Here are a link to our unreleased material.
    Use them in your radio shows, do covers of them with your band, put them in sountracks to your movies, listen to
    them, and share them with your friends.

    The line-up at the time (and for almost all the time up until that point) was Eric Andree - Lead Guitar, and Chris St.
    Pierre - Keyboards (they wrote most of the music), Greg Andree - Bass, and Mike Doyle - Guitar (we wrote most of
    the lyrics for this demo), Mike Morreira - Percussion (wrote the lyrics for Hear Their Cry), and Ed Snow - Vocals
    (and spiritual guidance).

    It was a great time in our lives. We were playing out a lot in Boston, Providence, and around Rhode Island -
    and had a big following at our favorite club "The Car Palace" which was a high-end car showroom by day, and
    an all ages club at night. We often had 700+ people there to cheer us on. You'll find that this demo is in the spirit
    of And the Battle Begins, but is a bit more mature (and better recorded). We learned how to edit our ideas more
    by this time, and were coming into our own as a group.

    Soon after we finished this demo, and were preparing for distribution Ed decided to leave the band, and after
    auditioning several singers, we decided to let Rebellion die. We didn't see any reason to market the demo, or
    shop it around to labels after that. It got passed around to friends who copied it and passed it along. - Greg Andree
    1. Only Time Can Tell (New Version)
    2. Father
    3. Cycle of Life
    4. Enter the Silence
    5. Solutions
    6. Kingdom of Madness
    7. Hear Their Cry (Live in Studio Ver.2, 1991)
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    Prog-ish US Power Metal in the vein of Heir Apparent, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning!!! Great upload mate!!!

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    In a more ballad oriented style compared to the CD, but interesting stuff nevertheless. Thanks for sharing and uploading!
    If any of my posts is broken down, contact me directly by PM
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    I love this band so much! It needs to be said, Ed Snow is one of the most underrated vocalists of all time. The guy could sing with the best of em. A Rebellion reunion with the original lineup would be very sweet. Labels like Stormspell or Divebomb Records should compile all their recordings and give them a proper release. The debut tape especially needs to be remastered.
    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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    hi50metalmaniac wrote: Labels like Stormspell or Divebomb Records should compile all their recordings and give them a proper release. The debut tape especially needs to be remastered.

    Some great reissues are already done :

    As a matter of fact they are still for sale (late 2014 release) and this link shouldn't be available for download anymore.
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