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    Artist: Айсберг (a.k.a. Iceberg)
    Release: Iceberg II
    Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
    Country: Bulgaria / Ihtiman ,Sofia
    Bitrate: CBR 192kbps
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    Rock group Iceberg is one of the most popular Bulgarian bands of the recent past, founded in 1987 in Ihtiman and led by Nikolay Balabanov. In the late 80's, Iceberg was a regular participant in the national festivals "Rock Ring", "Rock Meeting", "Rock for Peace" and more. In 1988, Balkanton released the band's first self-titled album, and in the fall of 1989 they toured Russia. The group has made a 30-minute film (directed by Valentin Sarnatsky), aired on BNT and Russian ORT ('91). The main musicians at ICEBERG are Nikolay Balabanov and Vladimir Vandov, and about 20 musicians have passed through the band. The band is active until 1996, but gathers for occasional appearances and anniversary concerts.
    Side A
    1. Сенки (Shadows)
    2. Разбити герои (Broken heroes)
    3. Врати (Doors)
    4. По своя път (On your way)
    5. Мъртви дни (Dead days)
    6. Спомен (Memories)
    7. Адажио (Adagio)

    Side B
    8. Айсберг (Iceberg)
    9. Като в сън (As in a dream)
    10. Балада за скитника (Wanderer Ballad)
    11. Вик (Shout)
    12. Очакване (Expectation)
    13. Идва твоят час (Your hour is coming)
    14. Тайна сила (Secret power)
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    Obvisouly Айсберг – Сенки (Shadows) is cover-version of Soviet ARIA – Volya i Razum (Will And Reason)

    Айсберг - Сенки

    АРИЯ "Воля и разум" (видеоклип 1987 года!!)

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    Very interesting and obscure band! This album also included 5 re-recorded tracks from 1988 debut. This is description I write for this album to our channel, they apparently borrowed motives not only from Aria...

    Despite the fact that Aĭsberg were one of the leading heavy metal bands in their homeland, this is one of the most rare bulgarian albums ever. Enormous thanks goes to Elchapo for finally providing us this legendary yet obscure gem! Artwork was remade by ourselves to look like the one on the original tape cover. Interesting fact could also be that Aĭsberg obviously borrowed some motives from their more famous pals in Aria, Overkill or even Slayer for few songs on this album. See for yourself, it's so obvious it had to be rather meant as homage to these bands than stealing. Original tape also contained as a bonus few songs which already apperead on debut LP - we excluded these from this upload since we didn't see purpose for having them here twice.

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