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    Artist: The Preachers
    Release: Way to Paradise, 1991
    Label: Alles Records #AR 2104
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Germany (Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Rip and share by Andreas, thanks!!

    One and only album of THE PREACHERS ripped from the LP.
    THE PREACHERS was a forerunner to the prolific Christian Melodic traditional Metal act SEVENTH AVENUE,
    established in Wolfsburg and dating back to a formation billed THE PREACHERS during 1989 comprising
    vocalist Joachim Klauenberg, guitarist Alex Wetzler, bassist Willi Hieb, keyboard player Viktor Bader
    and drummer Waldemar Schock (a.k.a. Luis Schock). In 1991 this outfit issued the album 'Way To Paradise'
    on Alles Records. That same year the group inducted a new singer, seventeen year old Herbie Langhans,
    and in 1993 a demo 'First Strike' surfaced prior to the debut 1995 'Rainbowland' album, released under
    the SEVENTH AVENUE banner by Brazilian label Megahard Records, this set seeing the group as a trio of
    Langhans, Hieb and Schock. - MusicMight

    Joachim Klauenberg - Lead Vocals
    Alex Wetzler - Lead Guitars
    Willi Hieb - Bass
    Viktor Bader - Synthesiser
    Waldemar Schock aka Louis Schock - Drums
    1. Way to Paradise
    2. Win Over Your Heart
    3. My Little Friend
    4. Burn
    5. Colour of Blood
    6. No More
    7. Praise the Lord
    8. Only Love
    9. Coming Home8
    10. Broken Heart
    11. Jesus Came Down
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    The preachers ? there is not a more suitable name for a white metal band... (dance)

    Unfortunately the 'play' button does not work ? (hmm)
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    I really loved SEVENTH AVENUE's Tale of Tales when it came out, even though I'm not into "white metal" (I didn't know they were a white-metal band, as the lyrics in Tale of Tales are not really overt) - Tale of Tales I still love as a melodic speed metal great, though a bit flawed in some areas, it still has a lot of charm even when it fumbles. Based on that, I tracked down their previous Rainbowland CD and IT REALLY SUCKS!!!!! I also tracked down this PREACHERS cd and it was better than Rainbowland - I still have this Way to Paradise CD on my shelves. Rainbowland I had to sell as I'd never listen to it again. But I did buy the subsequent SEVENTH AVENUES such as Between the Worlds, Terrium, etc - but Tale of Tales remains my favorite CD by them.
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    To be honest, this is one of the worst LP and worst singer I have ever heard from Germany ... (whistle) (hehe1)
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