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    Artist: Psychic Warriors
    Release: Among the Ruins, 7" Single 1980
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Bethlehem, PA)
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    Early metal from Pennsylvania! Someone uploaded the songs to ebay and i grabbed them from there. Many thanks to the uploader.

    Charles Orben - Vocals
    Bob Szabo - Guitar
    Guy Stauffer - Guitar, Synths
    Bill Concevitch - Bass, Synths
    Joe Szabo - Drums
    1. Among the Ruins
    2. Clinical Approach Nightmare
    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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    Tastes are tastes.
    I respect yours - it's more Hard Rock orientated than mine for what i've noticed so far in your old blog and in Corroseum comments etc etc.
    My thing is straight to the point Metal.
    So, for me this can't be metal. Neither proto-Metal enough as they call it nowadays. It's more like a Psych-Prog 60'/70's influenced rock. San Francisco influenced dope thing maybe.
    But i thanked the upload. It's somehow interesting to listen mp3 rips of obscure bands who are almost in the borders of the genre we like.
    And there's always someone like you - more lighter - who have some kind of adoration for this type of records. For them it goes the upload !
    Well, about your funny "provocation" - no words. I don't care.
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    Metalhuhn, i think you have misinterpreted my comment as a jibe at you, (you called it a "provocation"), that was not my intention and i apoligise if you took any offence.
    I wasn't having a go at you, i was just slightly taken aback that anyone on this forum would find this was not sufficiently 'heavy'.
    We're talking about a private press from 1980 after all, even the established heavy bands of the time weren't very heavy by today's standards.
    And as it's so early, this was a time when the 'heavy' blueprint was still being drawn up & fine tuned, which is why many releases of that era don't seem to play by 'the rules'. Those rules simply hadn't been written yet.
    I find these releases refreshing precisely because they don't follow the now accepted norms, the bands had to find their own sound with relatively few predessessors to show them the way.
    Innovation and experimentation leading to unusual and unique music.
    Possibly my favourite era in 'Metal' for that very reason.
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    Metalhuhn wrote:Sure Riptorn.
    But i only posted my opinion about the record and you said this wasn't the Forum for me.

    Anyways, there plenty of bands and records in the 70's with a metal edge. You just need to dig and look for information on the web. I'm sure you'll find way more interesting music than this 7''. Just my opinion again.

    I bet you already know them, but have you ever listened Ultra from Texas ? (a good example how Metal had his roots firmly on the 70's) :

    Doesn't it sound like a southern Thin Lizzy with killer guitars ? (metal2)

    PS - thanks for the minus 2 on my reputation. I won't sleep this night just caused by that.

    I do know Ultra. Love their album, great band!
    They've got back together recently (the complete original line-up!) and are about to issue a new EP called 'Circe' comprised of re-recorded vintage songs.
    I don't know why you think i deducted points from your reputation, i did not do so.
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