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    Artist: Silvertrain
    Release: Keep The Flame 7"
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    Country: France
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Philippe Yborra (aka "Phil York") : Vocals
    Christian Fischbach (aka "Chris Lane") : Guitars
    Martin Schwentzel (aka "Martin Fox") : Bass
    Christian Kintz (aka "Chris Badger") : Drums

    SILVERTRAIN were a four piece French Hard Rock crew utilising distinctive weaving melodies, vitriolic guitar leads and high-pitched vocals.
    They were formed in Strasbourg, Alsace in 1978, with all the members deciding to adopt Anglicised pseudonyms in order to make the band more appealing to an international audience.
    To this end, they also bucked the trend amongst French bands of the era and sang in English, which ultimately may have hurt the bands chances.
    This Anglisisation caused many collectors to later assume that they were in fact an English band, which explains why their records show up on many NWOBHM wants lists.
    Musically the style of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal the band played was often very similar to that being plied by young bands on the other side of the channel.
    They released their only album "Which Platform Please?" in 1979 on the Omega Studio Music label.
    Amongst collectors, this album is considered by some to be one of the best obscure late 1970’s Hard Rock albums, with it's SCORPIONS/UFO influences combining to great effect.
    The band then got some great exposure opening for MOTORHEAD on the European leg of their "Bomber" tour, much impressing Lemmy who introduced them onstage at several dates.
    They then followed those dates by heading out on the road once again, this time in support of Antipodean rockers ROSE TATTOO on part of their first European tour.
    A further single, the catchy "Keep The Flame" was issued by Omega Studios in 1981, and went on to sell 10,000 copies, but the band would sadly split soon after that.
    01. Keep The Flame
    02. Prodigal Pictures
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    Would you believe it? The band is back with the new self-titled album released in October 2014!!!
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    Please welcome the new link - Hidden Link. It's actually working!

    Thanks to Pelança for tip!

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