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    Artist: The Penetrations
    Release: Coming To You, Single 1980
    Label: Jammy Music Publishers Ltd. / KiK Productions #KIK 5
    Genre: Punk / Hard Rock / Blues Rock
    Country: UK (Ayrshire)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Biography from (
    Formed circa 1977, after a Jam at the Goldberry Arms in Kilmarnock (Ayrshire Scotland) The band were primarily a Rock/Blues covers band and had some highly acclaimed original material. The band supported many acts in their time, among others - Thin Lizzy, Alex Harvey Band, Rose Tattoo, Girl's School, Dead Ringers and the GroundHogs. They became well known as a first rate, hard rockin festival /rally act. Original Band members : Geordie - (Vox & Harp) Paul - (Guitar) Ewan - (Rythm Guitar) Alan - (Bass - no photie) Stevie - (Drums) This line up was originally known as BUSTER HYMEN & THE PENETRATIONS that is, until an infamous early gig at the St Josephs Church hall - Where the local Priest stood at the door with a pair of scissors, cutting the 'Buster Hymen' off all the tickets! By this time Stu had replaced Alan on Bass. This line up remained steady; although various side projects saw THE PENETRATIONS enter stasis, while bands like SNEAKY LIBERTY (With Bobby Gould "Fae Glenrothes") Whaur ur ye Bobby? and MENACE (With Rab Crawford - now singing with Big Licks) and the J.S. BLUES BAND. Stevie left for a successful career with KISSING THE PINK and Dino took over the drum throne.

    The Penetrations MkII : Geordie - (Vox,butter saturated moothie) Paul - (Guitars/Sleeping in) Stu - (Bass/Driver/Mechanic) Dino - (Drums/Butchery) This was probably the most stable line up and, arguably, the one most afficianados remember blitzkrieging their way around these Isles. Eventually, age and drink taking it's toll, the band went back into hibernation. That is until recently... Paul had meanwhile continued gigging with "Ayrz Rok" with Colin (ex of THE FLAT STANLEY) on Vocals, occasionally stepping in. During this time, Stu had also, occasionally filled in on Bass. Gradually this line up was gigging more and the realisation dawned that in fact, materially and artistically, this was "The Penetrations MkIII" The reformation was complete after the return (from his long term residence in Portugal) of Stevie - who effortlessly slotted straight back in on the drum throne..
    1. Coming To You
    2. Cheap Thrills
    3. All In The Mind
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    Does anyone know the origin of track 3?
    The pictures of the single on discogs only show the first two tracks.

    thanks in advance,
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