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    easternthunder wrote:Re-released on CD in November 2019 by Skol Records. ... oad/815746

    Artist: TNT (pre-Sweet Cheater)
    Release: Back on the Road / Rockin' the Night, Single 1984
    Label: Neat Records #NEAT 39
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Margate, Kent)
    Bitrate: 320kbps (scans included)
    The 7" single of TNT. Later changed name to SWEET CHEATER due to the Norwegian band claimed exlusive rights to the name. Features Colin "Curly Wobbler" French of LYNX, VAN STRAATEN, C.C. FRENCH, GUNSLINGER, DOVER SOUL.

    You can find demos, live and BBC sessions of TNT here: TNT - 4x4 The Demos 1982-1989 (The Lost Years)

    Mark Smith - Vocals
    Nick Williams - Bass (TNT, Sweet Cheater)
    Mark "Nobby" Brett - Drums (TNT, Sweet Cheater)
    Gary Stevenson - Guitars (TNT, Sweet Cheater)
    Colin "Curly Wobbler" French - Guitars (TNT, Sweet Cheater, CC French, Van Straaten, Lynx, Dover Soul, Gunslinger)

    Here is a Bio written by Colin French (thanks mate!):


    T.N.T – Mk 1, began life as a trio, back in 1981. It featured;
    Mark Smith - Bass & Vocals.
    Colin ‘Curly Wobbler’ French - Guitars.
    Nick Avery Drums.

    T.N.T specialised in the top metal covers of the day including Judas Priest, Rush, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin etc. After a while and writing some original material, they merged with a local local band Montreaux, Mark Smith took over the vocal duties and the band became a five piece.

    Mark Smith – Vocals
    Gary Stevenson – Guitars
    Nick Williams – Bass
    Mark ‘Nobby’ Brett – Drums
    Colin ‘Curly Wobbler’ French – Guitars (Bottom)

    With the new line up, twin guitars and a whole bunch of original material, the band gigged nationwide, spreading the name and generating a loyal fan base.

    Metal Warriors’ (Ebony Records – 1983)
    After a few professionally recorded demos and radio sessions, the band touted for that elusive record deal, initially a single or compilation feature was sought and realized with the track ‘Sorry’ appearing on the Ebony Records compilation LP ‘ Metal Warriors’ (1983). And after that the bands debut single ‘Back On The Road’ on Neat Records (Neat 39) released during the spring of 1984.

    The single was recorded over Christmas 1983, and between the time of recording and release ‘Stag’ vocalist Gary Owen was brought in as a replacement for Mark Smith. T.N.T set about writing a whole new batch of songs, they were heavier but still had a pop sensibility about them. As Curly says “I had grown up through the glam rock era, and like Gary Stevenson, was a huge Sweet fan, so that side of things was a big influence on both of us, plus, as a band we all had different musical influences, Deep Purple. Alice Cooper, the Beatles, Black Sabbath to name a few. And we all got off on the new stuff coming out as well, Iron Maiden, Raven, Def Leppard, Metallica and European stuff like the Scorpions and Accept who had just broken internationally. So after recording the ‘Desire and Lust’ EP, we thought we really had something.” But trying to get any record company interest was really frustrating, other than Phonogram threatening to prosecute over the name. Tony Harnell’s, Norweigian T.N.T, had just scored an international deal so they wanted exclusive rights to the name. After failing to get any financial inducement from Phonogram, it was thought what with the new sound, it was probably now a good time to change the name anyway so T.N.T became ‘Sweet Cheater.’

    After relocating to London in the summer of ’85. The band had some management interest and was courted by a couple of publishing houses. Around this time after a storming show at the Marquee club, John McCoy, ex Gillan bass player expressed interest in producing the band, and actually started work on an album at Matrix studios. Touting the initial tapes about still got no major interest and financially it was becoming a struggle. Around this time Gary Owen having turned down an offer to sing on a John McCoy solo LP, did audition for the German outfit ‘Van Straaten’ and got the gig. ‘Spellbound’ management who had expressed interest tried to encourage some members, and members of another band they were handling at the time to put together a band made up of both camps. Rejecting the offer and Gary returning to the line up, it was decided to change direction again as the material was pretty much in the same vein as Bon Jovi who had just broke massive with ‘Slippery when Wet’ and bandwagon jumping was not the done thing!! The newer material was in a harder vein and tended to be more along the lines of Aerosmith just straight dirty R’n’R. However this caused the old musical differences chestnut to raise it’s head, also the rest of the band were becoming more image conscious, and it was something that was causing a devide, half the band wanting to go in more of a pop direction. After a final few gigs around Christmas ’86 with still no deal in sight, Gary Owen accepted the offer to join Van Straaten and quit the band. There were a few half hearted attempts to carry on, on both sides of the band, but eventually it was decided to just throw in the towel.

    Colin French stepped in to replace Van Straaten guitarist ‘Olli’ for a spring tour around Hamburg, Germany, in 1987, joining Gary Owen, bassist Knut Van Straaten and drummer Tom Nevermann. The tour was a blast and some new material was written. A national tour was arranged for the fall, and despite the tour proving to be a huge success, still no record company action was forthcoming.
    Curly and Gary returned to the UK and started working on the material that was rejected from the Sweet Cheater set, and along with some new material demoed it under the name ‘Gunslinger.’ This attracted the attention of ex Gillan guitarist Bernie Torme, and he was bought in to produce a four track EP.

    Gunslinger – Gunslinger EP (1988)
    During the promotion of the EP, Phil Lewis (ex Girl), quit ‘Torme’s band to join ‘L.A Guns’, so Gary stepped in to complete some outstanding tour dates. Bernie Torme then got the chance to work with Dee Snider on the ‘Widowmaker’ project, so while ‘Torme’ was on hiatus, Gunslinger wasn’t attracting any interest at all, so Gary went on to record with Paul Samson and whilst in the US, did some writing with Jimmy Crespo, (Aerosmith). Curly formed ‘Lynx’ and put out a self financed single ‘Caught In The Act.’

    On ‘Widowmaker’s’ demise, Bernie Torme put together a new line up of ‘Torme’ and offered Gary the frontman position, and after a short UK tour, recorded the ‘Demolition Ball’ album, featuring an unissued Gunslinger track ‘Don’t Understand.’ This has recently been remastered and reissued with extra tracks including another Gunslinger number ‘Monkey Business.’

    Gary, bizarrely quit on the eve of the CD’s release and retired from the music business.

    Curly, disbanded ‘Lynx’ and wrote some film music and guitar instrumental music for a guitar company.

    Marc Huckle and Wayne Janische went on to form ‘Vines of Eden,’ later changing their name from ‘The Vines’ to ‘Seven.’ And drummer Mik Gaffney, went on to join ‘Tortilla Army’.

    It’s frustrating to come across early demos of some of the contemporary bands of that era, who have gone on to become rock legends with worldwide success, comparing them with what we were doing at the time, and wondering what the hell went wrong. Who knows what a ‘Mutt Lange’ or ‘Martin Birch’ could’ve done for the boys in T.N.T.??

    1. Back on the Road
    2. Rockin' the Night
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    This ones a good 7".unfortunately i have not listened to anything but this single from them....just if u could re-upload the demos compilation cause all the links(both yours and metalarea) are dead

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    New link: REMOVED

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    Thanks stratocaster 123 for a new link! But this is different from the original rip, if someone could please upload the first version.
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    Re-released on CD in November 2019 by Skol Records. ... oad/815746

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