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    Artist: Carri-On
    Release: Now Unveiled, Demo 1991
    Genre: Heavy / Progressive Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 256kbps
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    Requested. Thanks to original ripper!

    Still looking for 'Demo, 1993' and 'Unreleased Album, 1996'. ... led/254518 ... e/11848776

    Carri-On was founded in 1989 by Steve Berka, in Danville, Kentucky. In 1990, after solidifying the 3-peice lineup of Steve, Wayne Reidinger, and Josh "Mosh" Howard, the band relocated to the city where Steve was born, Cleveland, Ohio. Once in Cleveland they moved into a 3-bedroom house and began building a home-studio. They soon combined their gear with that of sound engineer (and keyboardist) Dan Mace, and in August 1991 they recorded "Now Unveiled" in the home-studio, recorded and engineered by Mace. They also began playing live shows alongside numerous other bands from the Ohio Metal scene of the era, such as Winters Bane, Mystik, Advocate, Blessed Sickness, Hemlock, Sin-Eater, and several others. A few months after, Wayne then left to join the Military and the band recruited bassist Byron Baker. This lineup continued playing live and later recorded and released the "Carri-On" demo on cassette, and before the end of 1993 they brought the masters of "Carri-On" to Modern Recording Services to have it remixed and cleaned up. The result was the "Carri-On" album released on CD, with much higher production values then any release of theirs to date. In 1994 Josh Mosh moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Steve Berka later recorded a very rare EP and a second full-length of all-new material (Steve on all instruments), the EP called "Symbol" and the album called "The Writings of Now", which he reveres as Carri-On's best work. "The Writings of Now" also marked the first time Berka experimented with a deeper, raspy vocal style mixed with his normal singing style. "Symbol" was professionally pressed onto cassettes, although in extremely small quantities (only about 30 copies were printed). "The Writings...", however, was never released, and shortly after the 1996 recording Steve and Byron re-located to California and formed a new lineup. They also developed a new completely new style that was 70's-influenced Psychaledic/Hard Rock. This lineup released the album "Necessary Evils" in 2001.

    Steve Berka - Vocals, Guitar
    Wayne Riedinger - Bass
    Josh Mosh - Drums
    1. Only Love
    2. Now Unveiled
    3. Through the Dark
    4. Theatre
    5. Our Return
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