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Heyoka (USA) - The Lost Heyoka Recordings (1976-1979) (Pre-Winterkat)

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Artist: Heyoka
Release: The Lost Heyoka Recordings (1976-1979)
Label: Shroom Angel Records
Genre: Hard Rock/Prog Rock
Country: USA
Bitrate: 192kbps

HEYOKA - The Lost Heyoka Recordings (1976-1979) USA
Shroom Angel Records



01. Revelation
02. Taking Notes/Feel It
03. It's All Gonna Be Alright
04. Change My Ways
05. Metamorphosis
06. The Quest
07. The Pessimist Fled
08. Thunder Dreamer
09. Disco Sucks
10. The Monotony Of Change *
11. Video Madness *
12. Wooden Birds *
13. Change My Ways (Live)
14. Passage (Live)

* Bonus Tracks

Mike Grothues - Vocals, Flute, Drums, Percussion & Keyboards (WINTERKAT, SHANGHAI STEAL)
Dito Garcia - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Synth, Flute, Vocals & Keyboards (N'SOMNIA)
David Alcocer II - Electric Guitar, Vocals & Bass (MEDICINE MEN)
Patrick Hood - Bass, Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars (OVERLOAD, WOLFPAK, RPM)
Gerardo Ramirez - Drums, Percussion, Flute & Keyboards (WINTERKAT, WOLFPAK, MEDICINE MEN, N'SOMNIA)

HEYOKA were a very popular Progressive Hard Rock band formed in San Antonio, Texas, in the early-1970's.
Initially, Mike Grouthes got the band together with friends Dito Garcia, Val Mora and Homer Guerra when they were all around age 12-13 at the decade's beginning.
A typical young garage band, they originally called themselves MOTHER WEST WIND.
After adding Martin Garcia on Keyboards, Gerardo Ramirez also joined on drums for a twin drummer set up.
They started out playing GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, JAMES GANG, LED ZEPPELIN and SANTANA covers, before beginning to write their own material.
Guitarist Dito then came up with the name HEYOKA in the mid 1970's as they began to take their band more seriously.
The Heyóka is a mythological native-American spirit thought of as being contrary in nature, doing things backwards or unconventionally.
Native American history and folklore would also provide themes for some of Heyoka's later musical works, such as "Thunderdreamer", which was about the shaman Black Elk.
After the band graduated from High School, Guerra joined the military, whilst the others forged on with taking Heyoka to the people.
They played shows all over Texas, Lousiana, and up into Canada, winning a large army of dedicated fans with their unique musical style.
As well as their musical talents, by this time the band had an awesome stage show including a spectacular light show.
They found themselves by the late '70's playing shows with the likes of BUDGIE, VAN HALEN, RIOT, MOXY & LEGS DIAMOND but were never signed to a major label.
They did however record two sought after 7" singles, "Whot Boogie?" ('78) and "Disco Sucks" ('79), both on the small Revealing Spirit label.
A few other songs also turned up on a couple of various artists compilations put together by local radio stations, but although much material was recorded by the band a Heyoka album never materialized.
Several major line up shuffles took place throughout the remainder of the band's career, with many players passing through the bands ranks.
Eventually, the decision was taken in 1983 to call it a day as the musical climate was changing, and the prevailing winds did not favour Heyoka's idiosyncratic Hard Progressive style.
The band did however, sporadically reconvene for reunion gigs throughout the years, delighting old and new fans alike.
In the mid-2000's small local label Shroom Angel Records issued a limited edition CD entitled "The Lost Heyoka Recordings", a collection of vintage studio tracks.
Thanks to the CD and the band's presence on the internet, Heyoka's reputation has now spread far outside their native Texas, and plans are now afoot for further CD issues of the band's recorded legacy.
Many of the band's former members, (and there are many), still play music, such as Gerardo Ramirez and Patrick Hood who both play in WOLFPAK, who released a self titled debut album in 2000.
Wolfpak are still a going concern, playing gigs in the Texas area with plans for a second album in the near future.
Another notable Heyoka related band was WINTERKAT who released 2 Mini LPs in the '80's, the 2nd of which, '85's "The Struggle", featured 3 former Heyoka members, including vocalist Mike Grouthes.
Founding Heyoka member Val Mora is also hoping to publish a memoir entitled "Passage To Revelation - The Birth Of Heyoka", through Pure Man Publishers in the near future, and recently joined Wolfpak.

art & txt included


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