Demos [Hard Rock] » Tricky Beans (Tricky Means) (pre-Sonata Arctica) (Fin) - Agre Pamppers [Demo] (1996) / Friends Till The End [Demo] (1996) / PeaceMaker [Demo] (1997) / Fullmoon [Demo] (1999)
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    Artist: Tricky Beans (Tricky Means)
    Release: 4 pre-Sonata Arctica Demos (1996-1999)
    Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR/Power Metal
    Country: Finland
    Bitrate: VBR
    in the comment section below, Killtava posted a new link for 3 of the demos
    1996 - Agre Pamppers
    1996 - Friends 'Till The End
    1997 - Peace Maker


    Sonata Arctica was born in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. The very first incarnation of the band was named Tricky Beans. As Tricky Beans, the group produced three demos (Friend till the End, Agre Pamppers and PeaceMaker) and played twice in Jyrki Sähkösirkus, a live tour version of a then famous TV pop show.

    After some personnel changes in 1997, the outfit changed their name to Tricky Means. Let it be known to the Metal community that initially the band experimented in musical styles far from heavy metal.

    Turning the page in 1999, Tricky Means recorded a new demo "FullMoon" in Tico Tico Studios located in their hometown, Kemi. (Edit: The "Fullmoon" demo is most likely unmastered versions of the "Ecliptica" album session, also released in some bootlegs with similar names. At the time of recording the line-up consisted of: Tony (vocals/keys), Jani (guitars), Tommy ( drums ), and Janne (bass). This new demo was the first exploration for the band in heavy metal waters. The band's trademark sound of fast, melodic and keyboard oriented heavy metal with clear and high vocals was born. As fate would have it, and with help from Ahti Kortelainen of Tico Tico Studios, the "FullMoon" demo found its way to the premier metal label of Finland, Spinefarm. At the same time Tricky Means became Sonata Arctica.

    1996-1997 (as Tricky Beans)
    1997-1999 (as Tricky Means)
    1999-present (as Sonata Arctica) (Official site)
    (Edit: The artwork originally uploaded by Jasonkont is fan made. The full cover of the original is still unknown, but the small crop below is believed to be the original).

    Tricky Beans - 1996 - Agre Pamppers (Demo)
    01 - I'm Haunted
    02 - Addict
    03 - Shy
    04 - Apartment 54

    (Edit: The artwork originally uploaded by Jasonkont was cropped. I uploaded the original below. And here is a picture from the cassete tape).

    Tricky Beans - 1996 - Friends Till The End (Demo)
    01 - Friend Till The End
    02 - BlackOut
    03 - Find A Gun
    04 - Letter To Dana
    (Edit: The artwork originally uploaded by Jasonkont for this demo is fan made as well. Original sleeve below. And here is a picture from the cassete).

    Tricky Beans - 1997 - PeaceMaker (Demo)
    01 - A Bit Lost
    02 - Peacemaker
    03 - Tallulah
    04 - Frog Feet
    (Edit: As I mentioned before, it's unknown if this was originally released as a demo, or if it's just unmastered songs that leaked on the internet).

    Tricky Means - 1999 - Fullmoon (Demo)

    01. Mary-Lou (demo)
    02. UnOpened (demo)
    03. 8th Commandment (demo)
    04. FullMoon (demo)

    extra tracks:
    05. Kingdom for a Heart (demo)
    06. Destruction Preventer (demo)

    Re-recorded songs:

    "Letter to Dana" was re-recorded for Ecliptica with minor lyrics changes. (1999).
    "Peacemaker" was re-recorded for the "Wolf & Raven" single (2000).
    "Shy" was re-recorded and released in both "Sucessor" (2000) and "Takatalvi" (2003) EP's.
    "Find A Gun" was re-recorded for "Takatalvi" and renamed to "The Gun".
    "Addict" was renamed to "Sing in Silence" and re-recorded for "Silence" (2001) along with "Tallulah".
    "Blackout" was re-recorded for "The Days of Grace", renamed to "Flag In The Ground" and with different lyrics (2009).
    "I'm Haunted" was re-recorded for the Japanese edition of "Ecliptica - Revisited" (2014).

    "Apartment 54", " Friends 'Till The End", "A Bit Lost" and "Frogfeet" are still unreleased.
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    Hi there!

    I just did a Google image search on these cover artworks. Just wanted to let you guys know: My name is Stephan and I was the one who made the cover artwork for Agre Pamppers and PeaceMaker which you can see here. (I also made the one for "Friend Till The End" which was only black with white lettering.)

    I drew that Tricky Beans logo very quickly (thus looks quite scribbled on closer inspection) back in August 2008 while I was working in Warendorf, Germany. Maybe I'll find the original paper with the logo soon and post a photo of it as proof. :D

    For the Agre Pamppers artwork I took a random photo of the Aurora Borealis from the internet and colored it a little bit different. The PeaceMaker artwork itself (apart from my Tricky Beans logo) was from someone else though! Can't seem to find the original at the moment or else I could properly credit the original artist. However, I never intended to make those cover artworks public and I can't remember with whom I shared them, so I have NO IDEA how they got onto the internet. ;)
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    1996 - Agre Pamppers
    1996 - Friends 'Till The End
    1997 - Peace Maker
    New Link: Hidden Link

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    Here is the original Agre Pamppers Cassette Artwork.

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    I think that Tricky Means' FullMoon demo is not the unmixed Ecliptica songs sessions.
    The vocal sessions are very different, there are different lyrics, previous alternative arrangements ... in short, they are not the unmixed shots of Ecliptica.

    Therefore, I think they are really part of pre-production demos for Ecliptica's previous sessions.

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    And congratulations for this post. There's plenty of detailed information on it!

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