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    Artist:     Impaled northern Moonforest
    Release: Impaled northern Moonforest [demo] (1997)
    Genre:    acoustic Black Metal Parody
    Country: USA (Boston, Massachusetts)
    Bitrate:   cbr192
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    Tracks 1 to 6 recorded in March 1997 at Grim and frostbitten Studios.
    Tracks 7 to 12 recorded in September 1997 at Grimmer and even more frostbitten Studios.

    Self-released as demo tape. -- Re-released in 2000 on 7" by Menace To Sobriety Records (Cat#: MTS 005) - 200 copies.

    INM started around 1997 as a joke by members of Anal Cunt (sic!), a grindcore band from Boston. (R.I.P. Seth Putnam)

    Requested by ???. Who´d request this?
    01.  Grim and frostbitten Moongoats of the North  (01:03)
    02.  Forlorned Invocations of blasphemous Congregations of lusting Goat sodomizing Sathanis  (00:55)
    03.  Gazing at the blasphemous Moon while perched atop a very very very very very very very forsaken Crest of the northern Mountain  (00:34)
    04.  Bloodlustfully praising Satan´s unholy Allmightyness in the Woods at Midnight  (00:45)
    05.  Nocturnal Cauldrons aflame amidst the northern Hellwitch´s perpetual Blasphemy  (01:27)
    06.  Transfixing the forbidden blasphemous Incantation of the conjering Wintergoat  (01:00)
    07.  Masterbating on the unholy inverted Tracks of the grim & frostbitten Necrobobsledders  (00:46)
    08.  Awaiting the blasphemous Abomination of the Necroyeti while sailing on the Northernmost Fjord of Xzfqiiizmtsath  (00:52)
    09.  Lustfully Worshiping the inverted Moongoat while skiing down the inverted Necromountain of Necrodeathmortem  (00:44)
    10.  Awaiting the frozen Blasphemy of the Necroyeti´s lusting Necrobation upon the Altar of Voxrfszzzisnzf  (00:37)
    11.  Summoning the unholy frozen Winterdemons to the Grimmest and most frostbitten inverted Forest of Abazagorath  (00:40)
    12.  Entranced by the northern impaled Necrowizard´s blasphemous Incantation amidst the agonizing Abomination of the lusting Necrocorpse  (00:20)
    13.  Grim and frostbitten Gay Bar  (00:32)

    RunningWild wrote:First post of my XMas special is a fun one to celebrate the bastard son´s pretended birthday.
    When I first saw this release, I thought I was high as fuck (well maybe I was). (smoke) (cheers2)
    I was pissing my pants off laughing by going through the song titles and the recording venues.
    This is one of the most scarry satanic releases I´ve ever seen… - boo! (beerm)
    Thus I had to share this as it´s probably many members´ view of Black Metal… - but hey: not mine!
    So I hope you also enjoy this classic trve Kvlt release - get high, get drunk & enjoy! \m/
    Musically, you shouldn´t expect to much - it´s just a lo-fi acoustic approach - but this time it´s not the music that counts. - And yes, their songs are as primitive as the artwork, but you got to adore their alternative inverted lyrics (see pictures/videos below)…
    Hey, see you at the grim and frostbitten Gay Bar! (cheers1)


    Alternative inverted lyrics:   \m/

    Reissue 2000 on 10" vinyl:


    Video "Return of the Necrowizard"

    Video "Lustfully Worshiping the inverted Moongoat
    while skiing down the inverted Necromountain of Necrodeathmortem
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