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    Artist: V/A
    Release: BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS Vol. 1 (1969-1977) [Vinyl Only - Limited Edition - 300 numbered copies]
    Genres: Proto-Metal/Heavy Rock/Proto-Punk
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Vol 2 now posted here too:
    http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/vie ... 37#p183337

    Many thanks to Anders for hooking me up with a copy of this rare item.
    The compilation LP "Bonehead Crunchers Vol. 1" was released early in 2012 on the obscure Belter Records label.
    It was a vinyl only release, limited to just 300 numbered copies.
    So what do you get for your bucks if you can find a copy?
    14 tracks by 14 obscure US bands recorded between 1969 & 1977, released, for the most part, only on rare 7 inchers in very limited quantities.
    Musically this is Heavy Psych, Heavy Rock & Proto-Metal, the more unrefined and pounding the better.
    Or in the parlance of the Belter Records press release, you can file them all under the catch-all phrase, "Bonehead".
    Here's how they put it:
    "Welcome to Volume 1 of the primitive but essential world of Bonehead.
    14 Fuzz-drenched '70s bone crunchers from the USA at the cusp of Garage, Hard Rock and Proto-Metal.
    Loud, unrepentant and reeking of attitude; these artefacts of cool were uncovered from 45's pressed in minute quantities between 1969 and 1977.
    These cuts forge a direct link between Pebbles/Nuggets Garage to the blow out of '76 Punk, circumventing Progressive Rock and Singer/Songwriter putridness.
    These slices of pure high energy will blow the top of your head off, ingrain themselves into the remnants of your brain by way of a high octane lobotomy leaving you a blubbering mess insanely smirking at today's musical endeavours."
    Hyperbole aside, this is a damned fine comp of sounds from the early years at the Heavy end of the musical spectrum.
    Whilst not all the acts are quite as obscure as the press release would have it, (HEAVY CRUISER, LEFT END & TIN HOUSE all released at least one LP each on major labels), the music is every bit as relentless as you'd hope.
    The choice of songs is spot on however, it's wall to wall big, dumb, fun, all as fuzzy & Heavy as those vintage tube amps could support.
    In fact the compilers have gazuped me on quite a few items i was going to post here, and cherry picked the best sides to boot.
    Still i'm not one to bear grudges, especially when the perpetrators have such awesome musical taste.
    So, jump in this rickety old sonic time machine called "Bonehead Crunchers", and enjoy the ride.
    Incidentally, Volume 2 dropped a couple of months ago, under the title "Bonehead Crushers".
    Same label, same limited quantity. Let it all hang out, maaaan.

    art & txt included
    01. SUPACHIEF - Red Brained Woman
    02. HEAVY CRUISER - Louie Louie
    03. BLACKSTONE - Goin' On The Prowl
    04. LARRY MANN : THE WILD MANN - The Meat Grinder
    05. RENEGADE - Don't Stop - Let's Rock
    06. CAPTAIN FOAM - No Reason
    07. VOLT RUSH BAND - Love To You
    08. CANYON - Top Of The World (Make My Reservation)
    09. BLACK DEATH - Rock'n'Roll With Ork
    10. LEFT END - Sunshine Girl
    11. NEIL NORMAN - Wild Boys
    12. TIN HOUSE - I Want Your Body
    13. GRASSHOPPER - My Honey
    14. STONE AXE - Snakebite
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    Many thanks for reuploading this one Shmygel.
    I've replace the dead link in my original post with your new one so people don't miss it.
    New link : 02/08/2016 courtesy of schmygel.

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