Unofficial Videos » Mausen [NOT: Mauser] (Ita) - Live in Rome [Bootleg Video] (1985)
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    Artist:     Mausen
    Release: ITA-RM, Rome (live) (1985)
    Genre:    Hard Rock/Glam
    Country: Italy (Rome, Lazio)
    Bitrate:   vbr500 (640x480, MP4.avc)
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    Recorded live in 1985 at Teatro Mongiovino, Rome, ITA.
    2 unreleased songs posted by Marco Solito at YouTube (2017).

    Band requested at nonseinormale65´s wantlist.

    Punky (Marco Solito) = bass, vocals (backing)
    Rocky (Rocco Fortunato, RIP (1963-2017)) = guitars, vocals (lead)
    Fido (Massimo Fidani) = drums, vocals (backing)
    01.  New Day on the Road [live]  (05:04)
    02.  I got You [live]  (06:52)

    RunningWild wrote:Did some research on Mausen, so here´s some more background info:
    Mausen first appeared around 1983 in Rome, Italy. They were never called Mauser at any point, albeit some ignorants say so.
    In an interview they explain how they came up with that uncommon name:
    Marco Solito: "We were looking for an easy name to memorize (like for Kiss or Saxon) and eventually we found Mausen, which doesn't mean anything, but looks like Mauser. In the end we framed Mickey Mouse with Mauser."
    Rocco: "because we like it"
    Just to say: They kept the mouse idea even lateron, so any babbling about Mauser guns is pure imagination.

    In 1984 the 3-piece released a demo with 2 tracks. (I posted it here).
    Marco Solito left the band and continued with Trixx (AOR) lateron.
    Mausen broke up and Rocky and Fido formed Miss Daisy in 1986 with the addition of ex-Stiff bassist Corrado Cecere.
    They recorded a 6-track demo in 1987, which by accident caught attention by Fast Eddie Clarke, so their album Pizza Connection was released in 1989 at Motörhead´s then record label GWR.
    After touring England they returned to Italy, recorded one more demo in 1990 (4 bluesy songs plus an 1-hour-improvisation, still unreleased) and finally split up.
    Also see → Photogallery of Miss Daisy.

    Rocco Fortunato

    continued as architect, wrote two books (novels) and sadly passed away on 2017-Aug-31.
    In memory of Rocco (I assume) Marco posted the two live songs a few days later… - R.I.P.

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    Very great research (which was needed). This was the source/backstory I was looking for (thanks)

    Cheers and thanks for these clips as well
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    Wasn't this band on the older times submitted already to the Metal Archives ?
    I believe it was. And on the meantime another one sent into the oblivion.

    Anyways - where was this interview featured ?

    To have a stupid name for a band just to be similar to a mouse is a good reason as anyother.

    Good work of research - i prefered to trust before the guy with the compilation (and i bet the compilation cover says Mauser. But it looks now that was where the print mistake was)...

    To end this - Next time you make stupid remarks about ignorants and so on (that wasn't needed really) you will read here what you never read before.
    Just because you know more about this minor band than all the others around, all your arrogancy emerged just on that comment. Better stop here and restraint myself before i pay you in double.
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