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0N0 (Slovakia) Reconstruction and Synthesis; The House of What You See (CD)
ABHORDIUM (Finland) When Depravity Incarnates; not on label (CD - digipak)
ABHORER (Singapore) Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt; Shivadarshana (CD - digipak)
ABYSSKVLT (Russia) Khaogenesis; Endless Winter (CD)
ADVERSOR (Italy) Rise to Survive; Punishment 18 (CD)
ADVERSOR (Italy) The End of Mankind; Punishment 18 (CD)
AGATHOCLES (Belgium) If This Is Cruel What’s Vivisection Then?; Selfmadegod (7" EP)
AGATHOCLES (Belgium) Superiority Overdose; Selfmadegod (CD)
ANAAL NATHRAKH (UK) Eschaton; Season of Mist (CD)
ANTHRAX (USA) Sound of White Noise; Elektra (CD)
ANTHRAX (USA) Stomp 442; Elektra (CD)
APPARATUS (Denmark) Apparatus; Lavadome (CD - digisleeve)
ARCANE VOIDSPLITTER (Belgium) Voice of the Stars; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
ARMORY (Sweden) The Search; High Roller (CD)
ARMORY (Sweden) World Peace... Cosmic War; High Roller (CD)
ASHURA (Italy) Mindhood; Earthquake Terror Noise (CD)
AT THE GATES (Sweden) The Flames of the End; Earache (3DVD)
AURORA BOREALIS (USA) Worldshapers; Xtreem (CD)
AVULSED (Spain) Carnivoracity; Xtreem (CD)
BANISHER (Poland) Scarcity; Unquiet (CD)
BATTERY (Denmark) Martial Law; Punishment 18 (CD)
BEAST (Spain) Thrash Metal Propaganda; not on label (MCD)
BEHEMOTH (Poland) ...from the Pagan Vastlands; Nazgul's Eyrie Productions (CD)
BEHERIT (Finland) At the Devil's Studio 1990; Kvlt (CD)
BEYOND (Hungary) Thrash; Nail (CD)
BEYOND (Hungary) Thrash in Black; Nail (CD)
BEYOND BLACK VOID (Belgium) Desolate; Marche Funebre (CD with slipcase)
BLACK TUSK (USA) Pillars of Ash; Relapse (CD)
BLACKENED (Brazil) Truth Behind Destruction; Witches Brew (CD)
BLASPHEMY (Canada) Gods of War; Razamataz (t-shirt)
BLOOD DUSTER (Australia) Cunt; Relapse (CD)
BLOOD DUSTER (Australia) Fisting the Dead; Relapse (CD)
BLOOD VOMIT (USA) Up from the Grave; Bloodsoaked (CD)
BLOODBATH (Sweden) Bloodbath over Bloodstock; Peaceville (DVD - digipak)
BLOODLUST (Australia) Leather, Steel & Hell; Vulkan (CD)
BLOODLUST (Poland) Hideous... / Holocaust; Thrashing Madness (CD)
BLUT AUS NORD (France) / ÆVANGELIST (USA) Codex Obscura Nomina; Debemur Morti (CD - digipak)
BLUT AUS NORD (France) / P.H.O.B.O.S. (France) Triunity; Debemur Morti (CD - digipak)
BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS (USA) Simian Hybrid Prototype; The Spew (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Nefandus Numine; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Opus 4; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Pantheon of Abominations; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Tenebrous Divinities; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOLT THROWER (UK) Mercenary; Metal Blade (CD)
BOLT THROWER (UK) Realm of Chaos; Earache (CD - digipak)
BOLT THROWER (UK) Warmaster; Earache (CD - digipak)
BONEYARD (Spain) / DEAD HAND CARESS (Spain) ...and the Tombs Broke Open / Night of the "Twisted Caresses"; Hecatombe (CD)
BOTTOM (Poland) Psychofilia; Deformeathing (CD)
BRAIN DEAD (Italy) Menace from the Sickness; Punishment 18 (CD)
BRAINDEAD (Czechia) Left & Right; Maximed (CD)
BROKEN DOWN (France) The Other Shore; Altsphere (CD - digipak)
BRUTAL SPHINCTER (Belgium) Dirty Jazz Bondage Club; Rotten Roll Rex (CD)
CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM (Italy) Grindpeace; Punishment 18 (CD)
CADAVERIC POSSESSION (Poland) / AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (Sweden) Influx of Hatred; Mythrone Promotion (CD)
CALM HATCHERY (Poland) Fading Reliefs; Selfmadegod (CD with slipcase)
CANDLEMASS (Sweden) The Door to Doom; Napalm (CD)
CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA) Butcher; JSR Merchandising (t-shirt)
CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA) The Bleeding; Metal Blade (CD - digipak)
CANNIBE (Italy) A Basket of Vaginal Maggots (Unreleased Collection of Purulent Stuff); Endwar (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) Beast from Zhytomyr; Goressimo (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) Hideous Human Vintage; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) The Mind is Collapsed; Goressimo (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) / BBARBAPAPPA BUTCHERY (France) Cannibe / Bbarbapappa Butchery; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
CARCARÁ (Brazil) / ETERNAL VIOLENCE (Brazil) Resistência do Metal Satânico; Vomito Sagnrento (CD)
CARCASS (UK) Necroticism; JSR Merchandising (t-shirt)
CARCASS (UK) Surgical Steel - Complete Edition; Nuclear Blast (CD with slipcase)
CARNAGE (Sweden) Carnage - Live Stockholm 4-11-89; Distorted Harmony (CD)
CARNATION (Belgium) Sermon of the Dead; Season of Mist (t-shirt)
CARNOPRAXIS (Argentina) Obsessive Human Depravity; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
CASKETGARDEN (Hungary) This Corroded Soul of Mine; Metal Age (CD)
CATACUMBA (Brazil) Kratos; Fallen-Angels (CD)
CEMETARY (Sweden) Sundown; Black Mark (CD)
CEMETERY RAPIST (USA) The Smut Circus; Rotten Roll Rex (CD)
CEREBRAL TORTURE (Spain) Activated Hybrid Project; Morbid Generation (CD)
CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Russia) Necrodomain; Eclectic (CD)
CHRIST AGONY (Poland) Elysium; Xul Production (CD)
CHRIST AGONY (Poland) Legacy; Xul Production (CD - digipak))
CHRIST DENIED (Spain) Drink... Drink the Blood; Sevared (CD)
CHRONOSPHERE (Greece) Embracing Oblivion; Punishment 18 (CD)
CHTON (Norway) The Devil Builds; Godeater (CD - digipak)
CIST (Russia) The Frozen Casket; Metal Race (MCD)
CLEARWATER DEATHBLOW (Canada) Parasite Cleansing; Prodisk (CD)
CLITEATER (Netherlands) / THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING (Australia) Untitled / Death for All; War Anthem (7" EP)
CLOVEN HOOF (UK) Who Mourns for the Morning Star; High Roller (CD)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Germany) Cocktales; Rotten Roll Rex (MCD)
CODE RED (Japan) Fang of the Sun; Thrashing Cult (CD)
COMA (Italy) Disorder; Punishment 18 (CD)
COMATOSE VIGIL A.K. (Russia) Evangelium Nihil; Non Serviam (CD - digipak)
CONCEIVED BY HATE (El Salvador) / AKHERON (Colombia) Coalition of Death; Morbid Skull (CD)
CONDENADOS (Chile) The Tree of Death; Shadow Kingdom (CD)
CONSECRATION (UK) Fragilium; Solitude Prod. (CD)
CONVULSE (Finland) Evil Prevails; Svart (CD)
CORPSEFUCKING ART (Italy) Quel cimitero accanto alla villa; Sevared (CD)
CORPULATE (USA) Boundless Expansion; Comatose Music (CD)
CORPUS MORTALE (Denmark) A New Species of Deviant; Neurotic (CD with slipcase)
CRIMINAL ELEMENT (USA) Criminal Crime Time; Metal Age (CD)
CRIMSON DAWN (Italy) In Strange Aeons...; My Graveyard (CD)
CRIMSON DAWN (Italy) Inverno; Punishment 18 (CD)
CRIPPLING MADNESS (Pol) Bestialski Rzeźnik; Witches Brew (CD)
CRITICAL DISASTER (Indonesia) Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura; Patholigcally Explicit Recordings (CD)
CRITICAL MADNESS (Czechia) Panoptikum; Lecter Music Agency (CD)
CRITICAL SOLUTION (Norway) Sleepwalker; Punishment 18 (CD)
CRONIAN (Norway) Terra; Century Media (CD)
CROPMENT (Switzerland) Spiral of Violence; Fastbeast (CD)
CROSSFIRE (Belgium) Second Attack; Mausoleum (CD - digipak)
CRUSADER (Belgium) SkinClad; Shiver (CD)
CRYPT OF SILENCE (Ukraine) Awareness Ephemera; Weird Truth (CD)
CRYPTOPSY (Canada) Blasphemy Made Flesh; Hammerheart (CD - digipak)
DANTESCO (Puerto Rico) Pagano; Cruz Del Sur (CD)
DARK OPERA (Poland) The Journey to the Both Paths of Life, Sins and Resurection; Old Temple (CD)
DAY OF DOOM (USA) The Gates of Hell; Lavadome (CD)
DEAD INFECTION (Poland) / PARRICIDE (Poland) Looking for Victims / The Idealist; Selfmadegod (7" EP)
DEADLY MOSH (Serbia) United by Pain; EBM (CD)
DEATH (USA) Leprosy; Relapse (2CD with slipcase)
DEATH RIDES A HORSE (Denmark) More God Than Man; Torgo (CD)
DEATHCRUSH (Italy) Hell; The Spew (CD)
DEATHSTORM (Austria) Blood Beneath the Crypts; High Roller (CD)
DEATHWHITE (USA) For a Black Tomorrow; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
DEFACED CREATION (Sweden) Serenity in Chaos; Punishment 18 (CD)
DEIVOS (Poland) Casus Belli; Selfmadegod (CD)
DEIVOS (Poland) Theodicy; Selfmadegod (CD)
DEKAPITED (Chile) Nacidos del Odio; Defense (CD)
DENIAL FIEND (USA) Horror Holocaust; Ibex Moon (CD)
DEPRESSOR (USA) Hell Storms Over Earth; Grindestroy (CD)
DERANGED (Sweden) Obscenities in B-flat; Listenable (CD - digipak)
DESTRUCTION (Germany) All Hell Breaks Loose; Metal Mind (CD - digipak)
DESTRUCTION (Germany) Day of Reckoning; Nuclear Blast (CD)
DESTRUCTION (Germany) Thrash Anthems; Voice Music (CD)
DESTRUCTION (Germany) Under Attack; Nuclear Blast (CD - digipak)
DEVIANT SURGEONS (France) Venomous - The Demondome Symphony; not on label (CD)
DEVILISH DISTANCE (Russia) Deathtruction; MDD (CD)
DIAMOND LIL (UK) Diamond Lil; High Roller (CD)
DICEPHALUS (Brazil) Pathological Atrocities in Clandestine Hospitals; Cemiterio (CD)
DIE (Denmark) Rise of the Rotten; Unique Leader (CD)
DIPYLIDIUM CANINUM (Hungary) Mutant Insect Assfuck; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
DISASTROUS (Philippines) Slavery of Disgusting Torture; Brute! Productions (CD)
DISASTROUS MURMUR (Austria) Skinning Beginning 1989-1991; Floga (CD)
DISCHARGE BY DEATH (USA) Discharge by Death; Brute! Productions (CD)
DISGUSTED GEIST (USA) Reign of Enthrallment; Patholigcally Explicit Recordings (CD)
DISMEMBER (Sweden) Where Ironcrosses Grow; Hammerheart (CD)
DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY (Czechia) Time Ruins Also Beauty; Pařat Magazine (CD)
DISTURBANCE PROJECT (Spain) Grita mientras puedas; Everydayhate (CD)
DIVIDE (Germany) From Seed to Dust; not on label (CD)
DIVIDE (Germany) Fornicate Within Fire; not on label (CD - cardboard sleeve)
DMC (Czechia) Murderous Power; Pařat Magazine (CD)
DOBYTČI MOR (Czechia) Plague; Pařat Magazine (CD)
DOMAIN (Poland) Gat Etemni; Old Temple (CD)
DOMAIN (Poland) Pandemonium; Old Temple (CD)
DOMINION (UK) Threshold - A Retrospective; Peaceville (CD - digipak)
DOOMSTER REICH (Poland) Drug Magick; Aesthetic Death (CD)
DOOMSTER REICH (Poland) How High Fly the Vultures; Old Temple (CD)
DOOMSTER REICH (Poland) The League for Mental Distillation; The End of Time (CD)
DYSTROPHY (USA) Wretched Host; Selfmadegod (CD)
ECTOPLASMA (Greece) Cryogenically Revived; Spawn of Flesh (CD)
EDGE OF SANITY (Sweden) Evolution; Black Mark (2CD)
EGZEKUTHOR (Poland) Czas Sumienia; Thrashing Madness (CD)
ELECTRO TOILET SYNDROM (Germany) / VAGINAL INCEST (Germany) Tribute to (P)Us: Whoreship the Goats; Heavy Horses (CD)
EMBALMING THEATRE (Switzerland) / INTUMESCENCE (Netherlands) Electric Torture in Her Cunt / Eyes Clotted with Dreams; Murder the World (7" EP)
EMBRIONAL (Poland) Annihilation 2007 + Live; Old Temple (CD)
EMBRIONAL (Poland) Cusp of Evil; Old Temple (CD)
EMBRIONAL (Poland) The Devil Inside; Old Temple (CD)
EMPHERIS (Poland) Regain Heaven; Necropulsar (CD)
EMPHERIS (Poland) The Return of Derelic Gods; Old Temple (CD)
EMPHERIS (Poland) / DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Impure Spirits of Destruction; Old Temple (CD)
ENCOFFINATION (USA) III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs); Selfmadegod (CD)
ENCOFFINATION (USA) O' Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres; Selfmadegod (CD)
ENDOVEIN (Italy) Supreme Insatiable Need; My Graveyard (CD)
ENEMY SOIL (USA) Smashes the State Live; Selfmadegod (DVD - slim jewel)
ENNUI (Georgia) Falsvs Anno Domini; Solitude Prod. (CD)
ENNUI (Georgia) The Last Way; MFL (CD)
ENSLAVED (Norway) Vertebrae; By Norse Music (CD - digipak)
ENTOMBED (Sweden) Wolverine Blues; Earache (CD)
EPITAPHE (France) I; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
EPITOME (Poland) e-ROT.icon; Defense (CD)
EPITOME (Poland) TheoROTical; Damned Pages (CD)
EPOCH (Belgium) Sacrosanct; Lavadome (CD)
EROTIC GORE CUNT (Germany) / ANUS TUMOR (Germany) / SPERMSWAMP (Canada) Backstage Bitches / When Men Lose Against Machines... / Alien Proton Burst Dildo Insertion; Alarma (CD)
EVER CIRCLING WOLVES (Finland) Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom; Cimmerian Shade (CD - digisleeve)
EVIL ARMY (USA) Command, Attack and Destroy; Vulkan (CD)
EVIL FORCE (Paraguay) Banging on the Pentagram; Witches Brew (CD)
EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Bastards Get Rotten; Hell Production (CD)
EWIG.ENDLICH (Germany) Auf Grund; Dedication (CD)
EXCIDIUM (Poland) Decimation; Vulkan (CD)
EXCIMER (Egypt) Thrash from Fire; Witches Brew (CD)
EXILED ON EARTH (Italy) Forces of Denial; Punishment 18 (CD)
EXTREMA (Italy) The Old School EP; Punishment 18 (MCD)
F.O.A.D (Sweden) Birth of Extinction; Defense (CD - digipak)
FECAL BODY INCORPORATED (Bulgaria) Pathogenesis / Origin of the Grinding Flesh; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
FECAL BODY INCORPORATED (Bulgaria) The Art of Carnal Decay; Mediaplan Group (CD)
FECUND BETRAYAL (USA) Depths That Buried the Sea; Metallic Media (CD)
FESTERDAY (Finland) ...the Four Stages of Decomposition...; Svart (2CD - digipak)
FETOR (Poland) No Poems Just Slam (Live at Grind'em All Fest); Mythrone Promotion (CD)
FINAL FRIGHT (Italy) Artificial Perfection; Nightbreaker (CD)
FLAMES (Greece) Last Prophecy; Floga (CD)
FLEGEHTON (Russia) Cry of the Ice Wolves II; Mercy Despise (CD)
FLESH MADE SIN (Netherlands) Dawn of the Stillborn; not on label (CD)
FLESH MADE SIN (Netherlands) The Aftermath of Amen; Neurotic (CD)
FOKEN ROTTEN NOISE (Chile) The Finest Shit; Thanatology (MCD)
FOKEN ROTTEN NOISE (Chile) Wastedlands; Thanatology (CD)
FORGED IN BLOOD (Italy) Forged in Blood; Punishment 18 (CD)
FORLIS (Denmark) Tissue of Life; Regimental (CD)
FORTRESS (Poland) Modern Days Society; Thrashing Madness (CD)
FRACTURA DE PENE (Spain) Cagalien vs Preñator; Base Record Production (CD)
FRAILTY (Latvia) Melpomene; Arx Productions (CD)
FUNERAL MOTH (Japan) Transcience; Weird Truth (CD - digipak)
FUNERAL TEARS (Russia) Beyond the Horizon; Cimmerian Shade (CD)
FURIA (Poland) Grudzień za grudniem; Pagan (CD)
FURIA (Poland) Guido; Pagan (MCD)
FURIA (Poland) Martwa polska jesień; Pagan (CD - digipak)
FURIA (Poland) Marzannie, królowej Polski; Pagan (CD)
FURIA (Poland) Nocel; Pagan (CD)
GAMA BOMB (UK) Atlantis; Earache (t-shirt)
GOREGAST (Germany) La Revancha; Hecatombe (CD)
GRAND MAGUS (Sweden) Wolf's Return; Rise Above (CD)
GRAND SERMON (Germany) Massive Domain; MDD (CD)
GRANULOCYTIC BLASTOMA (Thailand) Moments of Tarsotomy; Last House on the Right (CD)
GRAVE (Sweden) Out of Respect for the Dead; Century Media (CD)
GRAVE DIGGER (Germany) Liberty or Death; Locomotive (CD)
GRAVE SIESTA (Finland) Grave Siesta; Inverse (CD)
GRAVES OF VALOR (USA) Salarian Gate; Relapse (CD)
GREEDHALE (Czechia) No One in their Right Mind; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GRIMNESS 69 (Italy) / HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL (Portugal) Do the Right Thing / Libido Dispareunia; Grindmind (CD)
GRIVF (Denmark) Draugsrunor; Metal Serpent of Salvation (CD)
GROL (Lithuania) True Stench Never Dies!; Bloodbath (CD)
GRUESOME MALADY (India) Scumbustion; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) Horror Rises from the Tomb; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) Symphonies of Death; F.D.A (t-shirt)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) Teenage Giallo Grind; Meat 5000 (CD)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) / CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS (Czechia) The Dead Shall Rise; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GUILLOTINED (Philippines) Souls Eternally Devoured; Brute! Productions (CD)
GUT (Germany) The Cumback 2006; Necroharmonic (CD)
GUTALAX (Czechia) Shit Happens!; Rotten Roll Rex (CD)
GUTTER SLUT (Czechia) Just Murdered; Pařat Magazine (CD)
H-GEORGE (Italy) Slave of Society; Buil2Kill (CD)
HAEMORRHAGE (Spain) Grotesque Embryopathology; Selfmadegod (t-shirt)
HAMMERED (Italy) The Beginning; Punishment 18 (CD)
HANDS OF ORLAC (Italy) / THE WANDERING MIDGET (Finland) Hands of Orlac / The Wandering Midget; Cruz Del Sur (CD)
HARK (UK) Machinations; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
HARMONY FAULT (Brazil) Rotting Flesh Good Meal; Rotten Foetus (CD)
HATESPHERE (Denmark) Bloodred Hatred; Scarlet (CD)
HATRED (Italy) The Bleeding Architecture; Crash & Burn (CD)
HEADROT (USA) Human Buffet; Patholigcally Explicit Recordings (CD)
HEAVING EARTH (Czechia) Diabolic Prophecies; Eclectic (CD)
HEIMSKRINGLA (USA) Vikingløypa; Outer Line (CD)
HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN (Russia) ...Till Violence; Punishment 18 (CD)
HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN (Russia) Demo 2012; not on label (CD - cardboard sleeve)
HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN (Russia) / RATTLE (Brazil) Pain is Inevitable; Holocaust (CD)
HELLCRAWLER (Slovenia) Sandstorm Chronicles; On Parole (CD - digipak)
HELLIAS (Poland) A.D. Darkness; Thrashing Madness (CD)
HELLIAS (Poland) Eight Cardnal Sins; Thrashing Madness (CD)
HELLIAS (Poland) Revenge of Hellias; Luciforus Art Productions (CD)
HELLSPAWN (Poland) There Has Never Been a Son of Me; Old Temple (CD)
HELLSTORM (Italy) Into the Mouth of the Dead Reign; Punishment 18 (CD)
HELLWELL (USA) Beyond the Boundaries of Sin; High Roller (CD)
HELLYUM (Czechia) Fantaziare; Defense (CD - digipak)
HELRUNAR (Germany) Frostnacht; Lupus Lounge (CD - digipak)
HELSTAR (USA) / VIGILANTE (USA) The James Rivera Legacy; Iron Glory (CD)
HEREGE (Brazil) Terra Morta; Cemiterio (CD)
HEREM (Finland) II; Inverse (CD - digipak)
HEXX (USA) Wrath of the Reaper; High Roller (CD)
HIBRIA (Brazil) Silent Revenge; Voice Music (CD)
HIDDEN (USA) Spectral Magnitude; Red Stream (CD)
HIDDEN INTENT (Australia) Fear, Prey, Demise; Scarlet (CD)
HIGHGATE (USA) Black Frost Fallout; Totalrust Music (CD)
HIGHGATE (USA) Highgate; Totalrust Music (CD)
HIGHGATE (USA) Shrines to the Warhead; Totalrust Music (CD)
HIGHLOW (Poland) / WÖLFRIDER (Poland) Wölf Riding High and Low; Damned Pages (CD)
HIMURA (Spain) Exterminio; Hecatombe (CD)
HIPERMENORREA (Mexico) Medical Compendium; Cemiterio (CD)
HIRAX (USA) The New Age of Terror; Thrash Corner (CD+DVD)
HISTOS (Czechia) Příčina Smrti: Neznámá!; Defense (CD)
HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH (Australia) Heaven Bled; High Roller (CD)
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL (Portugal) Larvas; Bizarre Leprous (MCD)
HOLY MOSES (Germany) No Matter What's the Cause; SPV (CD)
HOLY MOSES (Germany) Queen of Siam; High Roller (CD)
HOLY TIDE (Brazil) Aquila; My Kingdom Music (CD)
HOME STYLE SURGERY (Italy) Trauma Gallery; Punishment 18 (CD)
HOODED MENACE (Finland) Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed; Season of Mist (CD)
HORROR DEPARTMENT (Italy) Horror Department; The Spew (MCD)
HUMAN CULL (UK) Stillborn Nation; Everydayhate (CD)
HUMAN CORDYCEPS (USA) Eternal Ascendancy; Morbid Generation (MCD)
HUMAN FILLETED (USA) Packaged Human Meat; Brute! Productions (CD)
HUMAN WASTE (Spain) Harvest Remnants; Xtreem (CD)
HYBREED CHAOS (Canada) Dying Dogma; PRC Music (CD)
HYPNOS (Czechia) The Revenge Ride; Mad Lion (CD)
HYPONIC (China) 前行者; Weird Truth (CD - digisleeve)
HYPONIC (China) The Noise of Time; Areadeath Productions (CD)
IMMACULATE (Sweden) Thrash, Kill 'n' Deströy; Witches Brew (CD)
IMMENSE DECAY (Poland) From Ashes Till Remains; Killing Force (CD)
IMMORTAL (Norway) Nebular Ravens of Winter; Razamataz (t-shirt)
IMMORTAL (Norway) Unholy Forces of Evil; Razamataz (t-shirt)
ИМПАКТ (Russia) Военный ритуал; Metal Race (CD)
IMPALED NAZARENE (Finland) Suomi Finland Perkele; Osmose (t-shirt)
IN THE WOODS... (Norway) Cease the Day; Debemur Morti (CD - digipak)
INCANTATION (USA) Blasphemous Cremation; Necroharmonic (MCD)
INFECTOR (Cuba) Let the Infection Begin; Defense (CD)
INFERNO (Spain) Basado en hechos reales; Necromance (CD)
INFERNO (Spain) Genética humana; Necromance (CD)
INFEST (Serbia) Anger Will Remain; Defense (CD)
INQUISITION (Colombia) Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult; Season of Mist (CD)
INQUISITION (Colombia) Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
INQUISITION (Colombia) Nefarious Dismal Orations; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
INQUISITION (Colombia) Obscure Verses for the Multiverse; Season of Mist (CD)
INQUISITION (Colombia) Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
INVERTED MIND (Poland) Three Faces of Madness (A Drama in Three Acts); Defense (CD)
IRON ANGEL (Germany) Winds of War; High Roller (CD)
IRON LAMB (Sweden) Fool's Gold; High Roller (CD)
ISCARIOTA (Poland) Cosmic Paradox; Defense (CD)
ISCARIOTA (Poland) Legenda; Defense (CD)
JUNGLE ROT (USA) Skin the Living; Victory (t-shirt)
KADAVERDISCIPLIN (Sweden) Death Supremacy; Hammerheart (CD)
KALOPSIA (USA) Amongst the Ruins; Godeater (CD - digipak)
KARMA RAGE (Ukraine) Гармония лжи; Metal Race (CD)
KEEPER OF DREAMS (Hungary) Taste Smashed to Pieces; Hungaryan (CD)
KILLIN' KIND (Italy) Metal Rage; Old Ones (CD)
KREATOR (Germany) Extreme Aggression; Noise (2CD - digipak)
KRIEGSMASCHINE (Poland) Deathdriven: Archive 2006-2010; No Solace (CD - digipak)
KRISIUN (Brazil) Scourge of the Enthroned; Century Media (CD)
KYLESA (USA) Ultraviolet; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
LEECH (Sweden) Cyanide Christ; Defense (CD)
MACABRE (USA) Grim Scary Tales; Hammerheart (CD - digipak)
MANILLA ROAD (USA) Atlantis Rising; Iron Glory (CD)
MANILLA ROAD (USA) The Circus Maximus; Iron Glory (CD)
MANILLA ROAD (USA) The Courts of Chaos; Iron Glory (CD)
MASTER (USA) An Epiphany of Hate; F.D.A (CD)
MASTIC SCUM (Austria) C T R L; Massacre (CD)
MESRINE (Canada) / GLAUCOMA (France) Le tueur de l’Est Parisien / Optical Grindcore Session; Murder (7" EP)
MGŁA (Poland) Age of Excuse; No Solace (CD)
MGŁA (Poland) Groza; No Solace (CD)
MGŁA (Poland) With Hearts Toward None; No Solace (CD)
MINDWARS (Italy) The Enemy Within; Punishment 18 (CD)
MISERY INDEX (USA) Rituals of Power; Season of Mist (CD)
MIXOMATOSIS (Spain) Neurofibroma Mixoide; Rotten Roll Rex (CD)
MIXOMATOSIS (Spain) Recuento de cadaveres; American Line (CD)
MONADS (Belgium) IVIIV; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
MONOLITH (Germany) Dystopia; Final Gate (CD)
MORBID CRUCIFIXION (Israel) Decaying Human Flesh; Morbid Generation (CD)
MORDBRAND (Sweden) Hymns of the Rotten; Defense (CD)
MORGUE (Argentina) Anatomia patologica; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
MORGUE MEAT (USA) Mutilation in the Chapel; Morbid Generation (CD)
MOURNING DAWN (France) Waste; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
MOZERGUSH (Ukraine) Fairytale Alcotrips; A5 Production (CD in a DVD box)
MUCUPURULENT (Germany) Horny Like Hell; Rotten Roll Rex (CD)
MUMAKIL (Switzerland) / OBTUSE (Netherlands) / THIRD DEGREE (Poland) The Sick, The Dead, The Rotten Part II; The Spew (CD)
MY DYING BRIDE (UK) Evinta; Peaceville (2CD - digipak)
MYRIAD LIGHTS (Italy) Kingdom of Sand; Punishment 18 (CD)
NECROPHOBIC (Poland) Fears / When You Die; Thrashing Madness (CD)
NIGHT MUST FALL (Finland) Dissonance of Thought; Descending Towards Damnation (MCD)
NILE (USA) At the Gate of Sethu; Nuclear Blast (CD)
NILE (USA) Black Seeds of Vengeance; JSR Merchandising (t-shirt)
NILE (USA) Thoth; Razamataz (t-shirt)
NOX (Poland) Hydra; not on label (CD - digipak)
NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST (Poland) The Book of Doom; Defense (CD)
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / GRAVEWÜRM (USA) Nunslaughter / Gravewürm; Hells Headbangers (7" EP)
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / PAGANFIRE (Philippines) Obscured Visions of Satanic Arson; Bestial Invasion (CD)
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) / SLOTH (USA) Nunslaughter / Sloth; Hells Headbangers (7" EP)
OF SPIRE & THRONE (UK) Penance; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
OVERKILL (USA) I Hear Black; Atlantic (CD)
OVERKILL (USA) The Years of Decay; Atlantic (CD)
OVERKILL (USA) W.F.O.; Atlantic (CD)
OVERRULED (Netherlands) Hybris; Punishment 18 (CD)
PANDEMONIUM (Poland) Bones Will Rise from the Ground Live; Old Temple (CD)
PANDEMONIUM (Poland) The Ancient Catatonia; Old Temple (CD)
PARRICIDE (Poland) / PATOLOGICUM (Poland) Double Blast on Rocket Fuel; Deformeathing (7" EP)
PARRICIDE (Poland) / PATOLOGICUM (Poland) / DEFORMED (Poland) Cut Your Head Before They Do; Crude Entertainment (CD)
PENTAGRAM (USA) Last Rites; Metal Blade (CD - digipak)
PIKODEATH (Czechia) Insane; Defense (CD)
POEMA ARCANVS (Chile) Transient Chronicles; Badmoodman Music (CD)
POLTERCHRIST (USA) Engulfed by the Swarm; Season of Mist (CD - digipak)
PRAESEPE (Poland) The 6th Extinction; Damned Pages (CD)
PROVENANCE (Sweden) Red Flags; Peaceville (CD with slipcase)
PSYCHONEUROSIS (Poland) Dead, but... Still Alive - 93-00 Discography; Defense (CD)
PSYCHOPATH (Poland) Hatred Outside; Thrashing Madness (CD)
PUKELIZATIION (Japan) Storm of Resurrection; Obliteration (CD)
PULMONARY FIBROSIS (France) Organ Maggots; Eclectic (CD)
PULMONARY FIBROSIS (France) / MAGISTRAL FLATULENCES (France) / L.A.R.D.O.N. (France) Pulmonary Fibrosis / Magistral Flatulences / L.A.R.D.O.N.; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
PURPLEHAZE ENSEMBLE (Poland) PurpleHaze Ensemble; Unquiet (CD - digipak)
PUTRID OFFAL (France) Anatomy; Xenokorp (MCD - digipak)
PUTRID OFFAL (France) Mature Necropsy; Kaotoxin (CD - digisleeve)
PUTRID OFFAL (France) Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues; Kaotoxin (CD - digisleeve)
R.O.D. (Poland) #SocietyKill; Defense (CD)
RAZGATE (Italy) Welcome Mass Hysteria; Punishment 18 (CD)
RAZORRAPE (Sweden) Slaughter Sluts Supremacy; Rotten Roll Rex (MCD)
REACTORY (Germany) Heavy; F.D.A (CD)
REBAELLIUN (Brazil) The Hell's Decrees; Hammerheart (CD)
RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER (Germany) Blast into Oblivion; Final Gate (CD)
REDEMPTOR (Poland) The Jugglernaut; not on label (CD with slipcase)
REIDO (Belarus) Anātman; Aesthetic Death (CD - digipak)
RELENTLESS (USA) Night Terrors; Do or Die (CD)
RELENTLESS (USA) Souls of Charon; Do or Die (CD)
REPROBATION (USA) The Colour of Gore; Forever Underground (MCD)
ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού; Season of Mist (CD)
ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) Non Serviam; Heavy Metal Rock (CD)
ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) Passage to Arcturo; Heavy Metal Rock (MCD)
ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) The Heretics; Season of Mist (t-shirt)
ROTTING CHRIST (Greece) Thy Mighty Contract; Peaceville (CD)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Blazon Stone; Noise (CD - digipak)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Crossing the Blades; SPV (MCD - digipak)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Death or Glory; Noise (2CD - digipak)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Port Royal; Noise (CD - digipak)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Rapid Foray; SPV (CD - digipak)
RUNNING WILD (Germany) Victory; GUN (CD)
SABBAT (Japan) / PAGANFIRE (Philippines) Sabbatical Vermin Born / The Witchhammer of the Power Elitist; Bestial Invasion (CD)
SADISTIC INTENT (USA) Impending Doom; Guttural (t-shirt)
SARCÓFAGO (Brazil) Rotting; Cogumelo (CD)
SCAR SYMMETRY (Sweden) Holographic Universe; Nuclear Blast (CD)
SORDID (Sweden) Armed to Their Grinning Teeth; Forensick (CD)
SOUL COLLECTOR (Poland) / REANIMATOR (Canada) In Union We Thrash; Defense (CD)
SPARAGMOS (Poland) Invitation from Host of Wrath / Mortal Organic Remains; Selfmadegod (CD)
STILLE VOLK (France) [Ex-uvies]; Holy (CD - digipak)
STORM BREEDER (Australia) The Knave; Paragon (CD)
STORMING STEELS (Malaysia) / HELLWITCH (USA) The Twin Bestial Forces; Metal Zone (CD)
STRANA OFFICINA (Italy) Rising to the Call; My Graveyard (CD - digipak)
STRATOVARIUS (Finland) Elysium; earMUSIC (CD)
STRATOVARIUS (Finland) Nemesis; earMUSIC (CD)
SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION (France) Inventory of Fixtures; Bizarre Leprous (CD - digipak)
SUFFER YOURSELF (Poland) Ectoplasm; Cimmerian Shade (CD - digipak)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (USA) Still Cyco After All These Years; Epic (CD)
SUPERDEATHFLAME (Finland) The Last Wave; Inverse (CD)
TENEBRIS (Poland) Leavings of Distortion Soul; BlackFieldMedia (CD - digipak)
TERROR CÓSMICO (Mexico) Muerte y transfiguración; Concreto (CD)
TETMAYER (Poland) Kapliczka; not on label (CD - digipak)
THE BERZERKER (Australia) Animosity; Earache (2CD)
THE BERZERKER (Australia) Dissimulate; Earache (CD)
THE CRUCIFIER (Greece) Voices in My Head; Punishment 18 (CD)
THE ETHEREAL (Belgium) From Funeral Skies; Marche Funebre (CD with slipcase)
THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA (Sweden) Feeding the Abyss / Apocalyptic Plague Ritual MMXX; Eclectic (2CD)
THE GREAT DECEIVER (Sweden) Terra Incognito; Peaceville (CD - digipak)
THE RIVER (UK) Different Dirges '03 - '05; Pariah Child (CD - digipak)
THRASHGRINDER (Finland) Seeds of Revolution; American Line (CD)
THUNDER AXE (Italy) Grinding the Steel; My Graveyard (CD)
TU CARNE (Spain) / BOWEL STEW (Italy) Carnes Muertas / Bowel Stew; Murder the World (7" EP)
UGANGA (Brazil) Opressor; Defense (CD)
ULVER (Norway) Sic Transit Gloria Mundi; House of Mythology (CD - slim jewel)
UNMERCENARIES (Russia) Fallen in Disbelief; Frozen Light (CD)
UNORTHODOX (Italy) Maze of Existence; Punishment 18 (CD)
V.A.R. (Czechia) Level 6; Pařat Magazine (CD)
VAGINAL PENETRATION OF AN AMELUS WITH A MUSTY CARROT (Austria) / BIZARRE EJACULATION (Mexico) / CANNIBE (Italy) / WOMBSTOMP (Germany) Vaginal Penetration of an Amelus with a Musty Carrot / Cannibe / Bizarre Ejaculation / Wombstomp; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
VEKTOR (USA) Black Future; Earache (t-shirt)
VEKTOR (USA) Outer Isolation 2012; Earache (t-shirt)
VENDETTA (Germany) Feed the Extermination; Massacre (CD)
VENDETTA (Germany) The 5th; Massacre (CD)
VERMINOUS MIND (Russia) Dusk of Humanity; Morbid Generation (CD)
VEXATUS (Poland) Atom Pompeii; Arachnophobia (CD)
VIBRION (Argentina) Closed Frontiers / Erradicated Life; Disembodied (CD)
VIBRION (Argentina) Diseased; Disembodied (CD)
VILLAINS (USA) Lifecode of Decadence; Nuclear War Now! (CD)
VIN DE MIA TRIX (Ukraine) Palimpsests; Cimmerian Shade (2CD - digipak)
VISCERA INFEST (Japan) Sarcoidosis; Obliteration (CD)
VOIVOD (Canada) Post Society; Century Media (CD - digipak)
VOLITION (UK) Volition; Totalrust Music (CD)
VOMITOUS MASS (Russia) Sufferings from Defleshment; Morbid Generation (CD)
WAR-SAW (Poland) Nuclear Nightmare; not on label (CD - digipak)
WARGAME (Italy) Sick of Italy; Earthquake Terror Noise (CD)
WHOREHOUSE (Poland) Corporation; Defense (CD)
WHOREHOUSE (Poland) Execution of Humanity; Defense (CD)
WICKED MACHINE (Italy) Wicked Machine; My Graveyard (CD)
WISHMASTER (Poland) Postmortem Tales (Temple of Void); Damned Pages (CD)
WITCHFUCK (Poland) Disgusting Rock'n'Roll; Old Temple (MCD)
WORMED (Spain) Quasineutrality v.2; Willowtip (CD - digipak)
WRATH FROM ABOVE (France) Beyond Ruthless Cold; Apathia (CD - digipak)
ZARIN (Belarus) When the Time Goeth Mad; Metal Age (CD)
ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ПОТОК (Russia) Mystic; Defense (CD)

All items new (apart of max 5, which are used), a lot of them shrink wrapped (sealed).

You can check the prices on my Discogs profile (all stuff apart of t-shirts):

or - if you want to pay less - directly on my site (no registration needed):

Preferred way of contact - direct message to my mailbox: or
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