Live Albums [Progressive Metal] » Nik Turner's Space Ritual (UK) - Live at Roadburn (2005)
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    Artist: Nik Turner's Space Ritual
    Release: Roadburn Festival 2005 (Live Album)
    Genre: Space rock, Prog Rock
    Country: U.K.
    Bitrate: 320 kbs CBR
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    I found this on my hard drive the other day. I don't recall where I've got it. This must be some kind of 'semi-official' live release. Discogs says it was released on double CD-R by the band themselves.
    Of course the Roadburn Festival is known to make top quality recordings of many of their gigs and this one is no exception. Space Ritual is a band consisting of Hawkwind Alumni performing classic Hawkwind (and related) tracks. You'll recognize quite a few titles of the original Space Ritual live album. I have the general idea that on this recording the songs are re-interpreted in a bit more mellow, groovier, psychedelic way. I hope you enjoy it. ... se/7998126

    Find some more live at Roadburn recordings here:
    1-1 Cosmic Chant 8:02
    1-2 Welcome To The Future 1:28
    1-3 The Right Stuff 8:13
    1-4 On The Edge 2:31
    1-5 Time Crime 4:51
    1-6 Born To Go 3:59
    1-7 Sonic Attack 8:53
    1-8 Paranoia - Orgone Accumulator 9:00
    1-9 The Black Corridor 2:30
    1-10 D-Rider 12:02
    1-11 Comunique 1:42
    1-12 Watching The Grass Grow 7:19
    1-13 Sonic Savages 6:50

    2-1 Ejection 10:17
    2-2 Band Introductions 11:19
    2-3 Brainstorm 11:06
    2-4 Master Of The Universe 9:39
    2-5 Silver Machine 6:59
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    Saw Nik Turner's Hawkwind live last December, it was absolutely astounding... It's usually just Nik Turner with whatever band he's touring with, in this case it was the band Hedersleben, and they did a set of their own... Hedersleben also toured with Nik Turner's Hawkwind again this year, but unfortunately I missed that gig...
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    There are quite a few outstanding live albums recorded at that place (next up: Cult of Luna, who will include two Roadburn shows in their upcoming live DVD/CD set). Roadburn and the 013 know what they are doing, both tech-wise and booking-wise.
    There are "Live at Roadburn" albums from their parent label which are not on Roadburn records too:

    And there are literally hundreds of live sets from the festival here: ... dburn.html
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