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Ok, so another year just passed us by, we're all older, we've all (well most of us) listened to a lot of stuff this year and from my personal experience i can tell you most of it has been shite. Maybe i wasn't lucky enough to stumble with better albums as in past years or maybe the gods played a cruel joke on my ears and they just hid them away from me, or it could be it was just a creativity dry year for metal bands and fan base, and beyond superstitions, with all the logic and science on my favor i'm inclined to think it is the later: Great bands like Fleshgod apocalypse, Entrails, Sinister Realm, Battle beast and many others disappointed dearly while old school titans such as Satan and Hell rocked out proper decent albums but still not good enough to make it into my list. Fortunately, a few, most humble (but not less brilliant) bands jumped out of the shadows and brought us the mighty steel that the many failed to deliver.

Also Black Sabbath ended their recording career with the bitter sweet 13: A good album no doubt, well produced, good music, good performance (believe it or not even from Ozzy) but with Bill Wards departure, the reunion got ruined awfully, and Ward's recent bashing on the album made it even worse, way to ruin what could have been a happy ending for us all.

So here it is, filtered and salvaged from the avalanche of crap and try hards the defunct year rained upon our expecting fists in the air and devil horns, my humble top ten Albums of 2013. Oh and please do share your own lists people, if you don't, then what's the point?

10 - White Wizzard - The Devils Cut: Pretty damn good old school album with masterful guitar work all over the place. Great Vocals and good old some times silly (Torpedo of Truth LoL) but fun lyrics.

9 - Avatarium - Avatarium: Candlemass with a good pair of ovaries, she should just fill in for Robert Lowe in Candlemass as well. The album also features one of the best lyrical efforts of doom god Leif Edling.

8 - Nightfall - Cassiopeia: Amazing album, lyrics are epic, well produced sound and performance, one of the few and outstanding masterpieces of extreme metal this year no doubt.

7 - Witherscape - The Inheritance: Dan fucking Swano's triumphal return. Sweedish prog death mastermind, has returned with a vengeance, "The inheritance" is one of his greatest vocal performances since legendary "The Spectral Sorrow" if you are the sweedish death metal nostalgic type, check this beast of an album out.

6 - Cnoc An Tursa - Giants of Auld: another great album, and one of the few good folk metal efforts of the year, right there with Falkenbach's "Asa" which i just can't find anywhere i go. Still "Giants of Auld" blew me away with it's simplicity and effectiveness at melting folk epicness with black metal's darkness, great album.

5 - Carcass - Surgical Steel: The utterly expected return from the grind/death gods, something so expected within the scene (specially one as overloaded and generic as death metal) no matter how good it is had a huge chance of disappointing, so Carcass had to be almost perfect, and they were indeed, stood up tall as the legends they are and delivered this glorious carnage to once again bate us on the blood of the tormented. Surgical steel's gory metaphors of life it self is a piece of poetic and evil genius, just listen to the lyrics in the example song below.

4 - Amon Amarth - Deciever of the Gods: Out of Kalmah and a couple of In Flames' early albums, i've never had a taste for melodeath, but mighty Amon Amarth won me as a fan with this confabulation of machine gun fast devastating riffs, brutal growling from hell and gory, viking, epic lyricism. Most remarkable of all, is the bonus album which contains an outstanding tribute (not cover) to Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and AC/DC, the way they emulate the style (except for Halfords vocal's) of every band without mocking them, shows off their titanic songwriting skills and their understanding and mastery at making heavy metal. Some true metalheads and musicians we all got in these mighty viking bastards.

here's their priest tribute, brilliant song:

3 - Argus - Beyond The Martyrs: Impressive old school album, pure Black Sabbath/ Judas Priest/ Candlemass, influenced mastery, the choruses on the songs are catchy, so are the riffs, the vocals are great, and the lyrics epic and inspiring. Humble but satisfactory dose of old fashioned steel, the best there is.

2 - Thrawsunblat - II Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings: Some of the most emotional, melodies and lyrics. The tittle track is one of the most moving songs i've ever listened to, pretty much everything in this masterpiece makes you want to live your life over above every fucking bad thing that can happen to you, even without the mighty David Gold these guys have managed to deliver a different and outstanding sound amidst the seas of generic black metal and folk try hards that is the Canadian metal scene in these days, if you're feeling this world just wiped its asshole with your soul, go listen to these guys.

1 - Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess: Pretty much one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums of all times, i shite thee not. Everything from the lyrics to the music, to the performance, till the Oden blessed vocal chords of Markus Becker, creates a spellbinding atmosphere that won't let you escape its embrace for centuries. Once you've listened to "Sol Invictus (With Faith and Fire)" your soul belongs to these Teutonic bad assess. I became an instant fan the moment i opened the booklet and "Sol Invictus" started blasting out of my eardrums, just imagine blending early Manowar, with Black Sabbath and "Hammerheart" era Bathory. I'm not exaggerating, one of the greatest, if not (and is hard to deny it such a spot in history) the greatest metal album in the last fifteen maybe twenty years.
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