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  • Couldn't find a thread about the band using the search, so I thought it was a good idea to create one.

    And to begin it this great new:

    RUNNING WILD: 'Rapid Foray' Album Details Revealed

    Three years after the release of "Resilient", German power metallers RUNNING WILD have announced the title and release date of their latest album. "Rapid Foray" will be available from physical and digital retailers from August 26 as a box set, on digipak CD, double vinyl LP and as a digital download.

    The band's mastermind Rolf Kasparek explains the long delay: "Due to my broken shoulder, I was totally or at least partly incapacitated for more than twelve months from spring 2014, something that repeatedly delayed work on the new material. After that I had to prepare intensively for our show in Wacken, which was also very time-consuming. Now I'm all the more pleased to be able to present an exceptionally strong new recording to all RUNNING WILD fans."

    Kasparek promises his fans one of the most diverse albums yet in the career of RUNNING WILD, featuring eleven varied numbers and a great deal of attention to detail.

    "The new tracks are more complex than those on our previous two releases,” Kasparek reveals, "which I noticed in particular when we were recording the guitars. At the same time some of the numbers remind me of RUNNING WILD classics.

    "I feel that we've come up with a very interesting and impressive mix."

    "Rapid Foray" was produced by Rolf Kasparek with sound engineer Niki Nowy, who also mixed and mastered the material together. The cover artwork is based on a photo by Kasparek which Jens Reinhold (VIRGIN STEELE, FREEDOM CALL) subsequently gave the look of an oil painting.

    "Rapid Foray" track listing

    01. Black Skies, Red Flag (4:44)
    02. Warmongers (4:29)
    03. Stick To Your Guns (5:08)
    04. Rapid Foray (4:47)
    05. By The Blood In Your Heart (5:27)
    06. The Depth Of The Sea - Nautilus (instrumental) (3:53)
    07. Black Bart (5:06)
    08. Hellestrified (4:22)
    09. Blood Moon Rising (4:20)
    10. Into The West (4:34)
    11. Last Of The Mohicans (11:11)


    * Digipak incl. doublesided poster
    * Double gatefold LP with printed innersleevs, 180-gram golden vinyl and CD in cardboard sleeve
    * Boxset limited to 1.000 units: Digi, 2LP, poster, handsigned photocard, sticker, button, patch and a mousepad

    *Download version

    RUNNING WILD played as a headliner at last year's Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.

    Source: ... -revealed/

    Can't wait to hear it! (listenmu3)
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    I liked the first 2 albums "Gates to Purgatory" (1984) and "Branded and Exiled" (1985).
    Then they started losing the underground speed metal feel and went fully with the Iron Maiden approach on "Under Jolly Roger" (1987), which is a good album, but it is a record I almost never play.
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    I was also a huge fan of early Running Wild. I still bought most of their releases over time but when it comes to regular or semi regular players I tend to start at the beginning but only get up to Death Or Glory before going on to something else. Crossing The Blades wasn't bad for an EP although I'm a bit sick of bands doing KISS covers.

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    I absolutely loved Gates To Purgatory. Branded & Exiled had its moments too but I thought it was largely a rehash of the previous record. Then more extreme forms of metal came up which I thought was more interesting so I lost track of them but I don't think I missed much. Pirate metal doesn't sound like something that would interest me but maybe I'm wrong. If so, please enlighten me...

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    I'm not into trying to change peoples minds with any topic so I don't expect this to be enlightening.

    Running Wild obviously theme their music on piratical topics but to me they aren't pirate metal like more recent bands such as Alestorm and Rumahoy etc who seem to have taken the name. Those bands are a bit of fun, they don't take themselves seriously and they aren't really that heavy. Running Wild and Blazon Stone still play heavy music it's just that they took the idea of a concept album a really long way. Neither style is extreme though.
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    I do like this band, obviously the first 2 are the best including the single, but I like the band, yes

    What I did not like is that they change the track Walpurgis Night in the single for the re-recorded version. (roll)


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    I apologize for not paying attention to the forum, but my job requires a lot of time and effort, if any link dies maybe one of the guys on the forum can re-upload it.
    I'll try to come when my job really allows me.

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    I like the fact that because of Running Wild Ced Forsberg took his worship just a little bit too far and created Blazon Stone.
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    Running Wild was the first band really to take me deeper into metal genre, even though I pay respects to Kill'em All for being the first album I ever loved as a 9 year old. Running Wild was the big band for me some years later, though.

    I see few different eras of them, and I do really like a lot of them in their own ways up to The Rivalry, which is still solid album. Newer ones just sound over-produced, glued-together guitar riffs. I mean, they don't sound authentic and "live". They sound like projects worked on a modern computer rather than having a bit of that feel of "band going to the studio together to record the stuff". Maybe you catch what I'm after. The Rivalry already had a bit of that feel, but it had good songs on it.

    I like Purgatory and Branded for early raw speed influenced metal. Jolly Roger is somewhere being middle cross of old raw stuff and bit more melodic ones, and then Port Royal and Death Or Glory are the most melodic and in my opinion song and riff-wise the most versatile albums. From Blazon Stone to Masquerade I feel they went into more straight forward power metal style and each album was great. For me Rivalry is a crossing of the newer more calculated and sterile sound and straight-forward power metal sound of Blazon-Masquerade era and qualifies as a good album.

    If I had to pick just one favorite, it'd be Death Or Glory perhaps followed by Port Royal, as much as I love the old raw style and the fine 90s albums.
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