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I have recently opened a topic on the Metal Archives forum concerning the topic in the title ( ... 1&t=128581). There was also a related topic here (viewtopic.php?f=124&t=19411), but it is generally oriented more towards reccomendations and not discussion.

To sum it up, I'll repeat what I wrote there:

"However, once listening to some of those bands, most of them sound to be more influenced by the mid-1980s Speed/Heavy Metal (or faster tracks by older bands such as Accept or Judan Priest), a genre I usually wouldn't label "traditional", but, well, that is just my opinion and is not very relevant here.

Likewise, in mid-2000s (and later), there was sort of a revival of earlier (70s) metal and hard rock sound (some of bands are acceptable by the MA standards, while some other featured more of a hard rock sound). Same as for new wave of glam metal, which, like "NWOTHM", focused on mid-80s sound, although more on a hard rock side.

Between those two revivalist movements, period from, let's say, 1978 until 1982/3 seems to be sort of overlooked, apart from bands imitating (as mentioned before) faster tracks by the likes of Priest, or bands imitating Maiden (even those tend to sound more like post-Di'Anno-era Maiden).

Am I missing some obvious bands? Is there any aprticular reason why this period/style is not popular with revivalist bands?

Some of the examples of sound I have in mind:
- early 80s Saxon
- very early Accept
- 1978-1984 era Judas Priest (excluding their fastest tracks)
- late 70s/first half of 80s Scorpions
- early 80s NWOBHM like Fist, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Black Axe, etc.
- even earlier East European HR/HM bands like Vatreni Poljubac or Divlje Jagode

I am providing few actual songs about the style I was asking for:
(Saxon - Strong Arm of the Law)
(Accept - Balls to the Walls)
(Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather)
(Black Axe - Highway Rider)
(Divlje Jagode - Motori)
(Vatreni Poljubac - Recept za Rock 'N' Roll)
(Apartman 69 - Seti se moje pjesme)"
(Chevy - The Taker)

Another user wrote this, whcih perfectly reflects my point:
"Well there are not many bands that play rocky heavy metal like old saxon but there i do see more bands who take from early heavy/power."

Unsurprisingly, since the forum isn't really oriented torwards the older metal, there were only a handful of reccomendations and no real discussion on the topic, so I am trying my luck here.

The reccomendations were:
- Mirror - Pyramid of Terror
- Tanith
- Wytch Hazel
- Outlaw - Marauders
- Terminal (Sweden)

However, none of it actually has the sound I am looking for (although I enjoyed some of them).

I have found this song on the other HMR topic:
The Dagger - 1978

One other band that fits the sound at least partially is a new band from Croatia, LionMane (especially the first and the last songs on the EP):

On the softer side, we have Canada's Dusk:

Thanks to everyone in advance :)
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