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  • Probably this topic has been discussed already several time before, but I want to point the attention on the behaviour of official music labels from Russia and their policy of "1 cd, different prices".

    I get in contact with one label which has a nice serie of CD reissues limited to 100 copies and so I place a first order:

    The first time I order 6 cds at 7 euros each. Ok, the retail price is only 400 and 500 rubles (just need to go on their online shop) which means between 4,2 and 5,3 euros.... but, ok... we are foreigner, it's right to pay a little bit more, just a 50% more. Every music label in the world does the same, isn't it?

    Then I got the CDs, I am satisfied and I want to place a second order, more consistent and with the new releases. This time I almost double the quantity, with 11 CDs instead of 6. The retail price is always the same, between 400 and 500 rubles, so between 4,2 and 5,3 euros

    "Ok, 10 euros each + delivery"

    ??? I feel shocked. Are you kidding me? Are you drunk? Did you started driniking vodka too early in the morning today?

    I just copied and pasted the retail price from his online shop and I said: "400 rubles = 4,2 euros. 500 rubles = 5,3 euros")

    "Ok, 7 euros each then"

    I mean... are here to deal and bargain for a price? If you have prices clearly written why should we bargain prices? Because we are foreigners? Have I sent to your country saying "ok the price is 7 dollars but for russians is 12?" Is it morally ethic? Do you think you can get positive revies or comments if you do like that?

    Anyway, ok.... I sticked for 7, which is a robbery but I got sticked in the ass less than the original offered price of 10 euros each

    Then I write to another label which has a CD that I really want. Still limited to 100 copies (at this point I start to doubt about real pressed quantities) because I see that in their online shop, it costs only 500 rubles (5,2 euros).

    I just copy the reply as it's really funny:

    The price of XXX CD XXX (note: I don't know if I can mrite names and titles) for international buyers is 20 eur, so the price of 2 Cds will be 40 eur + shipping 8 eur. Total 48 eur
    Plus, the delivery to Italy may be long enough (up to 3 months!) due to coronavirus limitations.
    If it is Ok and you can wait until the Cds come, please answer to me - I'll send the information for payment.
    Or we can trade maybe, if I find anything interesting in your trade list. I'm interesting in non-english language heavy metal.

    Now.... just a couple of points

    1) I worked with some music labels and I had my own CD production. I NEVER (and I confirm, say, repeat and swear: NEVER) made a different price policy for different customers. If the selling price is 7-8-10 euros, it's 7-8-10 euros for erverybody, from Greenland to New Zealand, from Russia to Chile to the neighbor in front of me

    2) I always felt DISGUSTING far beyond every limt the policy of a label when they say: "it is one of the last copies, so I have to double the price as it's going to get sold out soon" typical of a couple of renamed greek labels that I won't mention here (but it happened to get such replies in the past). And, being not this the case, but being the price "flexible" according to the label's need (maybe they want to go to the restaurant and eat something good, on that day, who knows), so DO NOT display a price in your online shop. Because if I see a clear, fixed, sticked selling price, then I feel like I am an idiot (or he's an idiot) when I get offered a different selling price just because I am a foreigner

    3) If this kind of policy (same CD; different prices) get spreaded among labels from more serious countries, then it means it's the end of the already deadly music productions: nobody will ever buy a CD when I know that it originally costs 5 and not 20. But even 10 instead of 5.... the market is already limited and get smaller and smaller. But if these kind of sharks (and, but it's just a coincidence, these labels seem to support a dangerous nationalism/neofascism/ethnocentrism: but it's just pure coincidence) generate proselities to other labels, then I start to be seriously worried

    For the rest.... I think this kind of labels should be only boycotted. And we should avoid any contact with them
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    What labels are you talking about ?
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    Just had this problem with chinese labels.

    On Taobao you have to pay the chinese price (mostly 60 Yuan) and outside of China you have to pay the
    老外 price which is double.

    But you know this as you lived long enough in China. ;)
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    kritiker wrote:What labels are you talking about ?

    I will name them as soon as I'll find a way to get those CD at decent price as I am afraid if these people behind the labels will get my money and I will receive nothing.

    But... it's not Metal Race, the only reliable, serious, interesting and dedicated label. I met the guy a few years ago and he gave me a very positive impression.

    It's... a couple of other who release cds in very very limited quantity hoping that soon the hidden stock can be sold at 40-50 euros once the "official" pressing is sold out: that's exactly what happened last year when another russian label pressing CDs in 100 copies, offered me a CD (a famous russian old metal band) for 60 euros while it was still for sale on ther online shop for 6 euros...

    Or another one, still last year who asked "only 30 euros" for a CD that was at the same time advertised on russian metal forums at 800 rubles (8,5 euros)

    It's a pity... I've been so many times to Russia, I met so many interesting people, a fascinating and deep culture. I had (and still have) a very high opinion of the country and I badly want to go there again as soon as possible. but these mafia-style vultures are just the tip of the iceberg of an economy based only on unacceptable methods.

    Probably vultures are concentrated only in a few musical labels
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    This sort of thing makes you wonder if the artists/bands are getting ripped off too.

    I mostly only buy CDs from local bands now, and usually in person at live shows. I'm lucky that live shows are happening here again. I might get Stälker's new album on CD this week.
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