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Like many others, I believe, I ended up being collector by starting as music buyer.

Although I have a decent CD collection, I do not care for CDs much, but prefer vinyl normally.

From beginning by buying what I liked, and mostly still do, my fucos also changed.
During the 80s I mostly bought music from the US and the UK,
for the last decade or so, I have been looking more for french and spanish stuff,
now I am also buying other european countries, but I would not say that I am actually collecting any particular field.

I also very much love 70s (hard) rock and I believe most albums with Robert Plant or Ian Gillan on them are great.
Extreme metal did not interest me back then, nor does it now. I do not care for Black Metal or medieval themes.

It is hard to get a general idea into this...

Probably I am still no real collector, because I do not buy at (overly) high prices.
Most rarities I possess I bought when they were cheap.

I never was really deep into the underground stuff, but many things I like went from mainstream to underground,
and I love to dig out lesser known gems, regardless of if they are rare or not.

Not very systematic, but this should give you an idea ...
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Around 5- 10 years ago, started ordering online, and went bananas sometimes if they offered a "sale" (eg. 10% off, 20%, etc.)
I just noticed from one of my sprees a few years ago, I was SUPPOSED to get a CD inside the dbl-Lp of Unholy Cadaver, https://shadowkingdomrecords.bandcamp.c ... ly-cadaver but looks like Hell's Headbangers ripped me off, if it isn't with one of the other records I ordered...

Now dreading going through a bunch of other stuff, if I check metal archives and discogs of other vinyls I bought that were to include bonus discs.
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Just bought from two different sellers more than 100 italian metal demos from the 80s and 90s...i will rip and share some of them sooner or later!!!

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I collect most CDs and sometimes tapes and mp3 when there is no others options (very few LP because there is always problems with shipping and for most news i'm not sure the sound is better), mostly in 90-00's stuff (because i'm nearly 30 and not very enthusiastic with most of the actual scene) and french stuff/nice covers have priority
I'm no more in a collection race, i would like to keep just what i really like (and have time to listen to, but it's another challenge...)

canadaspaceman wrote:In the early-mid 1990s to early 2000s, it was mainly CD's and sometimes cassettes.
Then after 2003, stopped buying anything. A few years later, started off with cd's again.

AFTER I learned how and started downloading in 2007, within a year, I learned about webstores,
as I wanted to get this magazine called SNAKEPIT that was supposed to be like Metal Forces
(and it is, but more in depth with the band interviews, and less on the demo/Lp reviews).

NOW, for the past 2 years at least, I FIRST look at demo tapes, 7" , and 10" records.
When I was a pre-teen, I could only afford the singles of songs I knew off the radio.
In the record store, sometimes I seen old 1960s records by bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones,
and they looked really cool, but I could not afford them back then.

When I was a teenager, it was mainly used thrash metal cassette tapes I could afford,
after spending most of my money on vinyl LP's, going to gigs, cigarettes, etc
and then I got into tape trading demos, after I starting buying some tapes from The Record Peddler in Toronto.

I know that too, i had internet late and most of my teenages years are with cd samplers, some ripped cds/tapes and obvious fake bands shirts (i remember a Machine Head who had a dripping logo and a Iron Maiden black in 2 washing, mum loved that) i got in sleazy local shop, when i've been at Adipocère's first shop at Mézériat in 2006/2007 it was like Christmas, all theses shelfs full of cd/merch (shock)
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I mainly collect CDs, Cassettes and vinyl, although I have some strange formats like 8-track or mini disc (but I don't have the equipment to play them (doh) ). Personally I am not interested in buying old records, I prefer that my money go to support the underground.
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