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A little background on what im looking for/why im looking for it:

Im a big fan of traditional RPGs and Tabletop games from the 70's/80s. Mainly Warhammer 40k and fantasy, but I also enjoy other regular pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and similar games. Pretty much anything from back in the day. I enjoy real metal from this time period because it not only fits these types of games perfectly, but it reminds me of the good old days. Not to mention its generally good music.

Im looking for metal with the following things:

Lyrical themes: Fantasy, sci-fi, violence, battles, wizards, etc
Years: Anything pre-1995. Strictly old metal, nothing new. 70s/80s.
Genres: Anything NWOBHM, Power, Speed, Traditional, Heavy, Melodic, Progressive.

I know its really specific, and I personally find this type of style/theme hard to find. I've found quite a bit of music that fits this genre over the years, and well, I feel like im running out of bands honestly lol. Im hoping theres more out there and that anyone here can help me out and add more to the list. I prefer melodic/progressive style rock and metal. I guess it doesnt have to strictly be metal, I'm also interested in progressive rock and the like, which I also find sort of hard to find.

In return, heres a list of bands that fit this style and theme and are some of my personal favorites. Ill list one or two albums with each so you can look them up or check them out:

Attacker - Battle At helms deep
Attack - Destinies of war
Avalon - The Final move (compilation of their older stuff)
Cirith Ungol - King of the dead
Leader - Out in the wasteland
Magnum - Kingdom of madness
Legend - From the Fjords
Lords of the Crimson Alliance
Malice - In the Beginning
Manilla Road - Crystal logic
Manowar (pretty much most of their stuff)
Medieval Steel - The dungeon tapes
Nightmare - Power of the universe
Overdrive - Swords and Axes
Trojan - chasing the storm
Riot - Thundersteel (this is the best example. One of my all time favorite albums, ever.)
Xcaliber - Warriors in the night
Saracen - Heroes, saints, and fools (this is a good example as well, very melodic, excellent example of what im looking for)
Abbattoir - vicious attack

I have more albums that would fit this style too, but these are the best of the best that I have and are the prime examples. I know theres got to be more out there, so if anyone has anything similar, please post and help make this list bigger. It would be a great service to RPG fans everywhere. A lot of this music hasnt been heard, and its a real diamond in the rough when you come across bands like these. Hopefully theres some other metal/ pen-n-paper RPG fans here like me lol.
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What about ASHBURY - ENDLESS SKIES? pretty goood hard/progressive rock with epic lyrics similar to LEGEND

You may want to check this thread out for recommendations
TOP 20 EPIC METAL ALBUMS: viewtopic.php?f=124&t=3618
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My apologies for not finding that thread before hand. Thats a pretty awesome list. Bookmarked for reference. Major thanks as always man.
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