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Immortal Chaos Ascends, the awaited split CD by Chilean Black and Death Metal acts PROFOUND GRAVE and OCCULT PANTHEON, is now out via Ex Nihilo Music. This new release has 10 tracks in almost 33 minutes of uncompromised and suffocating extreme metal made in the south of the world.

PROFOUND GRAVE was formed in Puerto Montt city, Chile, and the current line-up is Grave on guitars, O.E. Orravan on drums, Profanus on bass and Satran Xul on vocals.

OCCULT PANTHEON was formed in Maullín -about 70 kilometers away from Puerto Montt, Chile- and the current line-up is Owlhell on bass, O.E. Orravan on drums/vocals and Conqueror on guitars.


Profound Grave

01.- Intro.

02.- Black Bread For A Black Season.

03.- Derange Temple Manifestation.

04.- Universal Cadaver Of Yahweh.

05.- Outro.

Occult Pantheon

06.- Traveling Through The Arcane XIII.

07.- I’ve Arrived At Charon Port (Omega).

08.- Sailing Through The Sea Of Realities.

09.- (Alpha) To The End Of The Beginning.

10.- Across The Portal.

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When two blackened death metal bands meet on a split the end result is something that is entirely blasphemous and face ripping. Both Profound Grave and Occult Pantheon play a sadistic style of blackened death metal and the title of their new split is Immortal Chaos Ascends and it sports ten total song split right down the middle. The first five tracks belong to Profound Grave and the last half belongs to Occult Pantheon, but no matter which side of the split you start on, you are bound to be pummeled and shredded by a barrage of hate fueled blackened death.

Profound Grave begins the split with a brief intro that is a mixture of gun fire and choral singing, but once that is over, Profound Grave kicks it into high gear. For the next four songs you end up being subjected to raw and uncompromising blackened death metal. Profound Grave rolls song after song of twisted fury that gets your head nodding from the beginning to the end. Each of the tracks that Profound Grave provides for you are incredibly raw and unrelenting as they come at you at full speed bulldozing you without so much as a blink of an eye. Nothing on these tracks is over produced or over thought as each one of them is appropriately punishing with a natural raw and dissonant sound. Each song is filled with demonic screams, razor sharp riffs and tumultuous drumming through and through. There is no escaping the demonic assault of Profound Grave once you have begun your listen as your only option is to take the beating.

As mentioned, the second half of this release belongs to Occult Pantheon. Occult Pantheon begins their half of the split with and intro as well, but this time the intro clocks in over three minutes in length. The intro that leads you in is filled with the sounds of rain and thunder with a bell sounding off in the background only to be coupled with ominous orchestral music as well. This intro leads you straight into their first song I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega)”which at first is a slower burning track that morphs into a devastating assault of blackened fury. After the track I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega) an interlude titled Sailing Through the Seas of Realities appears providing you with more atmospheric and foreboding orchestral music which eventually leads straight into (Alpha) The End of the Beginning. Both I’ve Arrived at Charon Port (Omega) and (Alpha) The End of the Beginning are filled with solid riffs, rumbling bass lines, acrobatic drumming and unearthly bellows to provide you with a sinister and purely intense sound that shreds you nearly immediately.

Immortal Chaos Ascends ends with an outro from Occult Pantheon. This split is relatively short and has plenty of replay value. Overall, both bands play a twisted and sinister style of blackened death metal and both bands are solid and execute all of their songs very well. At the end of the day, if you are looking for something to sink your soul into bitter darkness as well as something that you can bang your head to, this split will be a good listen for you. Both bands are raw and uncompromising in their all out assaults and are solid all around, and if you are a fan of blackened death metal, you can’t really go too wrong with this release.

Link: ... s-ascends/


Perfect. The first warm day this year. The kids having fun in the park. Birds are singing. Dogs are barking. Men and women in love with life. My day starts with PROFOUND GRAVE and an intro which leaves no questions about the soon to arise Armageddon. No sun, no hanging in the park for me. Instead red alert alarm, sounds of war and a classical choir. Opening the record and fading into pure hatred. PROFOUND GRAVE carry me away into the evilest swamps of Black Metal. Simple riffing combined with the focus onto the key core. Attack and destroy. Don’t leave any casualties. In five compact songs they don’t waste any time to make friends or trying to impress with technical skills. More Punk and dirt then profound atmosphere and deep conversations. More hate then melodic beauty. Ten minutes of raw arrogance. Just perfect. Second part of this split EP is taken by OCCULT PANTHEON. Another short intro tries to make me believe there is a little break and I could start enjoying the sun too. But it's not. Just the way of violence changed. Dark and heavy Black / Death has taken over to fulfill this immortal chaos. Switching trough fast and doomy elements. But still as simple as the first part of this record. And still as perfect. OCCULT PANTHEON might sound more willing to offer a melodic taste of their hate. But still it's just evil and in no way a well intentioned offer. A perfect start in my day. Check:,

Link: ... 10941.html


Here we have two bands Profound Grave (Black Metal) and Occult Pantheon (Death Metal) and this actually being both bands demos being pressed on this split.

This opens up with a interesting Intro by Profound Grave and as soon as it’s over we get right to it as Black Bread for a Black Season comes out at full force and never hearing this band before they caught my ear early as they play this aggressive right to the point metal,I will say the production on here is rough but it’s good for what it is,vocals are sick just like they should be and some breaks are thrown in to make this a very interesting opener that kept me interested.Derange Temple Manifestation, is more toned down than the first but it has it’s own life to it as to me it has this eerie feeling to it in the beginning then there is a bass part that comes in and after that it storms into a rage that really put more depth into the whole track,Universal Cadaver Of Yahweh is actually the last track on here by the band before the Outro but this starts out with an air raid sound before it goes into total chaos and one thing that you will hear throughout this and the whole demo is that the drums are being bashed to hell and here for some reason they really stand out,so this is some killer black metal the Chilean way.

Alright onto the Occult Pantheon side and this opens up with Traveling Through The Arcane XIII,which is a very long intro that the band wants the listener to get ready for what’s about to come and the opener I´ve Arrived to the Charon Port (Omega) is a filthy sick track that starts out with a heavy dark riff and then proceeds to get heavier as then the band rips into it and has that old school death metal vibe to it,some very heavy damage being done here and it’s quite a long number so there is plenty of killer shit going on here,the vocals are your typical deep sick death metal vocals but for some reason they sound drowned out a bit but like I said before this is demo quality so it’s expected,a good opener though. Sailing Through the Sea of Realities,is a spoken number with a horror movie feel to it so you been told.(Alpha) To the End of the Beginning gets us back into the music and this is another strong number as it comes right at you before breaking down into a more heavy doom sounding vibe as most death metal bands do but one thing on here is the vocals as they are mixed so you get like two guys singing in different tones in some parts which adds to the flavor but I might be wrong and this is just one vocal you make up your mind but this track really smokes as it’s another long one so there is plenty to enjoy on here as well.Across The Portal closes this out and was kind of bummed out this is just an outro to the whole thing.

This is a good release that could’ve been better if the Occult Pantheon part was more music than filler,I know bands like to get that ritual feeling across but this was a little over the top for me but what they offer on those two tracks gives me hope they will come back even stronger as well as Profound Grave both are good bands that should fill anybody into the underground.

A cheer! goes out to Ex Nihilo Music for getting this out as their first release and hopefully more to come.

Link: ... 017-split/


Chiilean Profound Grave are one of those bands who capture the spirit and aggression that was present in all the 80’s and early 90’s black/death metal bands like Blasphemy, Abhorer, Sarcofago, Mystifier, Vulcano etc. perfectly. The genre has grown into something quite massive and my guess is that it will continue to do so, given the frequency of the amount of new bands who pop up every other day. I find this to be a good thing because personally, I cannot get enough of this sound.
Profound Grave open this split with militaristic intro after which follow three bestial tracks of raw black/death metal should be; thrashy, fast, gritty, and so thrashy fast and gritty it all kind of blurs together to sound like a tank rolling through and knocking down walls.The sound is very heavy and dirty. Too much black metal is played with a thin and flimsy guitar sound, or too crisp and clean.Profound Grave sounds like a group of satan-worshipping young fellas playing some hymns to the prince himself. Is this not how black metal should sound? The bass is not just detectable but pretty clear as an entity of its own, facilitating the crude, unpolished lead-fucking-heaviness;songs are all written pretty similarly to one another but have enough variety within; sufficient changes in tempo – slower rhythmic sections, black metal speedfest sections, some bestial riffing that sounds like a power tool instead of an instrument, with that bum-bum-bum purring along all the while. The faster parts would make some sweet thrash if not for the explicit, grotesque black metal atmosphere.Profound Grave is nothing stunning but a real nice and hearty slab of straight up black/death metal with no fancy schmancy bullshit, no filler and if I could describe this in one word it would be CRUDE.

Second part of this spit belong to also Chilean, Occult Pantheon and their side is 2015 demo, „The Omega of the Alpha”.This is perfectly executed death metal in its purest and truest form right here ladies and gentlemen. Not an ounce of “-core” crap to be found here. While there are still a handful of bands which might be able to offer you some kick-ass death metal, they usually lose marks when it comes to originality. Here you can find just about enough touches of inspiration to keep things real and therefore interesting. There are no randomly shat out blast beats, alterations are made between tempos wherever required. The songs are full of great riffs that go from jackhammer intensity to slowed down atmospheric guitar, overshadowing the slight though noticeable monotony. The production is polished enough to make all instruments audible, yet raw enough to get you to bang your head. All instruments are perfectly mixed and not once will you feel that the vocals or drums could have been lighter. The group seems to have enough potential and experience in the field. They are very much capable of writing good memorable and enjoyable music within the well defined framework of death metal and there really isn’t anything more one can ask for. A strong melodic lead gets things going in the right direction while the oh-so-tortured vocals comes howling at you. Every fiber of the song oozes old school, and in the best possible way. A slow, haunting section of instrumentalism, a quick and deadly thrash-inspired guitar solo and it’s right on to the putrid stench of old school once again.

This is the first release of Ex Nihilo Music and is a solid offering like this it’s absolutely killer; I can’t wait to see what else they have under their sleeve.

Link: ... grave.html
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