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  • WARRIOR SOUL - Back On The Lash

    "You mighta had dope, guns, and riots in the streets, but your kids have smartphones and Netflix and they could not care less about your cyclops revolution. Which is a bit of a nightmare for the last true rock star, a wild-card from the streets of Detroit, Kory Clarke, who made his reputation and career on being the baddest motherf*cker in all of Badsville with an incendiary socio-political agenda and a roar-for-war that rattles mountains." Classic Rock
    Warrior Soul are back with profane sermons delivered at high velocity and maximum volume and this is what the new album is all about!
    'Back On The Lash' is a powerful statement of intent from Kory and Warrior Soul. Kory Clarke is one of the last true rock n' roll frontmen and since the classic 'Last Decade Dead Century' in 1990 he has continued to swim against the tide of mediocrity and safe rebellion. His last solo album 'Payback's A Bitch' received the full score in Rolling Stone magazine upon release. This firebrand of political invective and rock n' roll is back on the lash with a new album for 2017 and you won't hear a more powerful or authentic album this year.
    It is everything you would expect; aggressive, vile and wants to make you go to the bar and tell the planet to fuck off.
    "Kory Clarke should be considered and is one of the great Rock Stars of all time along with Bon Scott, Axl Rose and Michael Monroe." Lars Ulrich - Metallica

    Track listing:

    American Idol
    I Get Fuucked Up
    Back On The Lash
    Further Decay
    Thrill Seeker
    Goin' Broke Gettin' High
    Black Out
    I've Got The Rock
    That's How We Roll
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