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    Legendary purveyor of the NWOBHM, Robespierre has released its debut album. Issued through the Shadow Kingdom label on the 18th of January, this album has been a long time coming. It contains ten tracks of dark tunes, demonstrating a plethora of influences. There are straight-ahead, punk fueled rockers like "Punish Oppressors" and "Men Of Violence." There are also songs with a doomy tinge like the instant classics, "Dwelling In The Shadows," or "Dagon Rises." One of my favorites is the ultra-heavy, "The Black Mirror." While the tracks on the album are quite eclectic, the one constant, that exists throughout, is the earthy guitar tone of David Cooke. The solos are steeped in 70s classic rock and drip with feeling and emotion. Drummer Gordon Logan drives these songs forward with an impetus that is unrelenting. There have been those who have compared the band's punk-influenced approach to Motorhead or Venom, and the guitar solos to Pagan Altar. All I know is that this band is as cult as it gets. If you are in any way a fan of the band's legendary demos, then by all means check out the new album. You will not be disappointed! Above is the image that is supposed to be used for the vinyl issue of the album to be released in March/April. The cover was painted by Raul Gonzalez. It is incredibly intense and rich with color. It is the perfect companion to the music contained within.

    Apparently, the CD version is available as of January 18th through on-line stores only. It will be available other places for purchase in March and April. Here are a few places that the CD can now be bought:

    https://shadowkingdomrecords.bandcamp.c ... en-of-hell

    Check Out the band's Brofest Appearance here: A number of songs that later appeared on this album were played at this Brofest show.

    Please spread the word about this release, as it would be an absolute sin for it to go unnoticed.

    1. Punish Oppressors
    2. Mare of Steel
    3. Dwelling in the Shadows
    4. Feed the Fire
    5. The Black Mirror
    6. Men of Violence
    7. Dagon Rises
    8. Fear
    9. Welcome to the Cult
    10. I am a Flower (In the Garden of Hell)
    The King is Dead. Long Live Rock n' Roll!
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    Check out brand new interview with David Cooke
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