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July 26th sees the release of the 3-CD set 'The Remedy: Lethal Potion / Sovereign Remedy / Live by Elixir. ... t-edition/

The late 1970s and early 1980s was a time when the burgeoning New Wave Of British Heavy Metal - or NWOBHM - was raging and rocking across the UK, and from this scene came the likes of Iron Maiden from East London, Saxon from Barnsley, Def Leppard from Sheffield and Diamond Head from Stourbridge. Flying the NWOBHM banner well into the 80s, Londoners Elixir formed in 1983 around the line-up of Steve Bentley, Kevin Dobbs, Nigel Dobbs and Phil Denton. Paul Taylor completed the line-up in 1984, but shortly after Taylor's arrival, Bentley left and was replaced by Stormin' Norman Gordon. Having released their first single 'Treachery (Ride Like The Wind)' in 1985, followed by debut LP "The Son of Odin" in 1986, by 1988 Elixir had recruited bassist Mark White and former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr to record their second LP, "Sovereign Remedy", produced by Roland Harris. Clive Burr had originally played with influential NWOBHM act Samson before joining Iron Maiden for their debut LP in 1980, "Killers" in 1981 and major breakthrough and UK No.1, "The Number Of The Beast", in 1982.

With an album in the can, but no release date, a frustrated Phil Denton decided to move on, whilst Clive Burr's tenure was brief enough to include just one gig before returning to the newly formed Desperado with Twisted Sister's Dee Snider and former Gillan/Ozzy guitar slinger Bernie Tormé. Elixir's second LP didn't get released until 1990, on the Sonic label, just as the band was winding up. The track order was reconfigured, and a different mix was used. It even sported a new title: "Lethal Potion". Now very much a collectors' item and rarity, the original 1990 "Lethal Potion" album is featured on CD 1 of this 3CD set.

By 2004, with the Taylor, Denton, Gordon, Dobbs and Dobbs line-up back together once more, not only did Elixir plan to play more gigs and record and release new music, but also to right what they saw as the wrongs of the past, which included giving the second Elixir album the proper release it deserved. It was finally issued under its original title "Sovereign Remedy" on the TPL label, with the original mix and track list and sporting more appropriate cover artwork, and is featured here on CD 2.

In 2005, Elixir released the self-explanatory "Elixir Live". Featuring many tracks from "Lethal Potion" / "Sovereign Remedy", it demonstrates the power and glory of an Elixir show captured on CD and completes this 3 CD set. Produced in conjunction with Elixir's Phil Denton, and with liner notes by NWOBHM expert John Tucker, Elixir's "The Remedy" triple set can sit proudly alongside Hear No Evil's growing catalogue of classic hard rock, metal and NWOBHM titles. Elixir also feature on HNE's 3CD set, "Winds Of Time: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 1979 - 1985" (HNEBOX105).


Disc 1 (Lethal Potion) (1988):

01. She'’s Got It
02. Sovereign Remedy
03. Llagaeran
04. Louise
05. Shadows Of The Night
06. All Together Again
07. Light In Your Heart
08. (Metal Trance Intro) Visions Of Darkness
09. Edge Of Eternity
10. Last Rays Of The Sun

Disc 2 (Sovereign Remedy) (2004):

01. Metal Trance
02. Visions Of Darkness
03. Light In Your Heart
04. She'’s Got It
05. Sovereign Remedy
06. Llagaeran
07. Last Rays Of The Sun
08. Shadows Of The Night
09. Louise
10. Legion Of The Eagle
11. Edge Of Eternity
12. Lost In A Dream
13. (When We'’re) All Together Again
14. Metal Trance (Reprise)

Disc 3 (Live) (2005):

01. The Return
02. Moonlight
03. Trial By Fire
04. Pandora'’s Box
05. Hold High The Flame
06. The Idol
07. Son Of Odin
08. Sovereign Remedy
09. Born Loser
10. Winds Of Time
11. Death Toll
12. Metal Trance
13. Visions Of Darkness
14. Shadows Of The Night
15. Deal With The Devil
16. Treachery
17. Llagaeran
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