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  • A short interview with Chris Mcrae of NWOBHM band Centurion

    I'm sure many of you remember the notorious "Two Wheels" single from NWOBHM band Centurion released back in 1982. I recently got in touch with Chris Mcrae, the frontman of the group, and he was more than happy to answer a few question about the topic. My questions are normal white and his responses are in RED. Enjoy!

    -When and how did Centurion form?
    I put Centurion together with Gaz Yorke, original line up and the one on the single is, Me on Drums, Gaz rythm and lead, Uncle Albwert on Rythm and lead, Jez O kane on Bss and a guy called Steve singing, he left actually before the single was pressed but as it was already being done we had to go with it.

    -Were there any other releases of any sort from the band? Demos, session, etc?
    Yeah we did an album call Cold Daze, back then it was a cassette , 10 0r 12 tracks I cant remember, I heard it recently it was awful hahaha

    -What were the pressing numbers on the original "Two Wheels" single and why are they so elusive today?
    we had 1000 pressed so thats why its so rare.

    -What lead to the breakup of Centurion?
    ah ? we had some line up changes through the years, I ended up singing , I did tour as drummer and singer for a while but I always was the looked at one on stage so I decided to front it, we toured a bit with me as singer and I did the album as singer, why we split ? not sure to be fair I think it just ran its course.

    -What did you do after the band dissolved and where are the members today?
    I joined a thrash band TARYN and then ERIC THE HEAVY METAL BAND then I quit music did some TV work and basically put it all aside till last year when I started writing and playing again, no band as yet , but second solo album is done, Gaz carried on but joined blues bands and did covers as did Uncle Albert, Jez I think did shows as a 2 piece but who with I dont know, I see Albert and Gaz occasionally after not seeing either for 24 years plus.

    -That's really about it, I'll be posting this to a forum if you don't mind afterwards, where many will see it who love it ha. Anyway, thanks again Chris!
    If you are posting this, and I do not mind BUT add this link please to hear what I am doing NOW !!

    Cheers man,

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