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Waves were one of the very first hard rock/heavy metal band formed in Bangladesh. They also recorded 3 songs for a local TV program in 1981 but they are still unreleased so far.

From their facebook page:

Waves, the "Importer of Pure Heavy Metal Rock in Bangladesh, was founded by Iftekhar, Mahmud & Mithu in Frankfurt, Germany in the early 80s. Iftekhar and Mahmud were studying music in a school in Germany and became friends. They often jammed with local bands where they planned to have their own band. They convinced their drummer friend Mithu to join them, So the band was formed and Iftekhar's older brother Ekram named it "The Waves".

The line up was - Iftekhar:vocal & guitar, Mahmud: guitar. Mithu: drums. There was still a position open for a good bass player. There were candidates but no one would go back to Bangladesh and live there for the sake of music. So, Iftekhar switched to bass and the band started playing songs from Rush, ZZ Top, Cream, Sabbath etc... they prefferred to play those bands for their love of heavy metal music and those were the 3 or 4 piece guitar oriented bands . Waves returned to Dhaka in 1983 with their gear, complete recording studio and the skill to perform Hard / Heavy Metal. Minu, a music student from Sweden and Kamal, another musician from Germany joined the band. Waves became the Heavy Metal Powerhouse in Dhaka, covering classic bands like AC/DC, Motorhead, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Qeen, Scorpions and many more for the first time in Bangladesh. It was like a high voltage shock to many at that time where most people still listening Abba & Boney/M. Waves was the "Rock, Rock 'N' Roll cover story of weekly Robbar which prompted many to come, see what's going on in their practice room.

Instead of performing contemporary pop music like many others in the 80s, Waves revolutionized the band music in Bangladesh by
performing Bangla metal in a manner that no one dared try before, using its own 32 channel Public Address system, Marshall amps, Gibson guitars and dozens of mics on stage. Waves became overnight sensation after performing its first concert in 1984 @ Shilpokola Academy and followed by more at Sishu Academy, Engineers Institute, Guide house and BTV. The same year, Maksud joined as a vocal / percussionist and Minu left the band for Sweden. Founding drummer Mithu's exit opened the door for Milton as a drummer and Nutu joined on vocal and guitar.

In 1984, Waves recorded 3 songs for BTV for its upcoming Eid show featuring its vocalist / Bassist ftekhar who already gained popularity for his loud - distorted voice, waist long hair and its female vocalist / keyboardist Minu, ahead of time in Bangladesh for her western outfits and style on stage. Then BTVs GM called the entire show an "Opo-Shankscrity" and decided not to air Waves.

Following that incident, Waves was banned from performing at the venues in bangladseh including BTV. Back in 1980s, BTV was the sole air entrtainment means in Bangladesh. There was no other options open beside following BTVs own guideline or bribing its executives for a shot. Waves refused that idiotic processt and called that GM a cultural "ANTHRAX". BTV authorities, government and public venue executives and some so called intellectual groups in Bangladesh branded "Waves" as the importer of foreign culture in to Bangladesh which they called the "Opo-Shankscrity", a word they've invented to misguide people in many means.

Unaware of the culture of dirty politics in Bangladeshi music industry, Waves soon became the target of some of the so called leading musical god fathers and corrupted government officials who had very little or no knowledge of the modern music and changes in outside world.

Victimized and frustrated band members gave up their efforts and left Bangladesh. Iftekhar, who had studied music in Germany and in the US, with his extra-ordinary musical talents and ability to play many instruments, refused to give up and re-formed Waves with 3 of his own brothers.

Mushfiq joined Waves in 1995. Iftekhar came from the US to join the session and the band recorded its first studio live album just in 4 hours session at Audio Art studio. Waves released "Purono Shrity" with the following lineup: Mushfiq: Vocal, Iftekhar: Guitar, keyboards & Vocal, Imtiaz: Guitar, Ehtesham: Bass and Intekhab on Drums.

Once again, Waves was the first band in Bangladesh to release any live album. "Purono Shrity" became a popular bangla rock album with its hits like Bhore, Monisha and Shrity. Vocalist Mushfiq left the band following release of "Purono Shrity" & the band re-recorded part of the album for a video session.
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