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    Artist: Anaconda
    Release: Live at Solid Rock Café, Glasgow, 20/4-1990
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: UK (Glasgow)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Live gig at Solid Rock Café, April 20th, 1990. The audio are taken from the videos posted at James Corrigan's Youtube Channel.

    Check out their Facebook Page for more info:

    Looking for
    - Live at Burns Howff, Glasgow, 02.07.1980
    - Arch(i)eS Studio, 4tr Demo, 1985
    - BBC Session, 12/4-1985

    - Coming Soon, 6tr Demo 1987

    The original line-up consisted of
    Ian Crockert: Vocals, Guitar
    Derek Hall: Guitar
    Billy Russell: Bass
    Lawrie Kennedy: Drums

    Formed in 1979 from the ashes of a band called BACKWATER. In late '79 early '80 Ian decided he wanted to concentrate on vocals only and they recruited Kenny McKay: Guitar

    The first gig as a 5 piece was in the Burns' Howff circa Feb 1980. From then til the Howff closed, we played the last night, we were pretty much "resident" sometimes playing 3 gigs a week in the place.This line up lasted for a couple of years when drummer Lawrie left to be replaced by Tony Gavigan. Round about this time Billy Russell left to move to Germany and was replaced temporarily by Davie(Dobbie) Shaw, after a fruitless search for a bassist Ian took up the mantle. Recollections are hazy but Tony Gavigan then left to be replaced by Billy Drennan, who had previously played with Ian and Derek in Backwater. This line up recorded a 4 track demo in Arch(i)eS studio in Yoker.

    This line up continued til about 1985 when Billy Drennan left and the band were without a drummer when they received an invitation to play a session on the "Tommy Vance Rock Show" on Radio 1. Frantic attempts at recruiting a drummer for the session resulted in Davy MacRoberts being chosen and he played on the session; the only time he played with Anaconda.
    Ironically only a few weeks later we found out that Greg 'Orbit' Orr was looking for a band, it was a no brainer as we all knew Greg from his stints with The Smokey Bears and Big George and The Business amongst others, and the 'Classic' line up was born.

    In 1987 Derek left the band and, once more the timing was less than favourable as we were invited to play the 10th Anniversary Kelvingrove Festival.Raymie Wilson replaced Derek and remained for about a year. Upon Raymie's departure we were joined by John Carr, a line up which spawned the 6 track 'Coming Soon' demo, recorded in Sing Sing studios in Whiteinch.This line up played in Shadows and Platini's mostly with occasional forays up north, notably the "Northern Invasion" tour which took us to Kemny, Inverness and Brora and south to Prestwick, Lockerbie and Larkhall!!

    In 1990 we were to play a gig in the Solid Rock Cafe, at which point Derek had reappeared on the scene causing a dilemma, given that he was the most talented guitarist...what to do... We decided to do the gig with 3 guitars, the result of which is featured on this page.

    In 1991 Kenny left to work in London and the band continued with Derek and John on guitar... this line up continued until the late 90's when Ian and Derek decided to call it quits. Anaconda, one of Glasgow's finest rock bands.... A Rock and Roll tragedy!!

    In 2000, or there abouts, Ian, Derek and Greg joined with Mark 'Polo' Barret to form Gratis Quo..... follow link on this page...
    1. Heaven Is Full
    2. Gad
    3. Like A Hurricane (Neil Young Cover)
    4. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)
    5. Across The Water
    6. Forty Five Hundred Times (Status Quo cover)
    7. Night Time
    8. Centurion
    9. Lady Fair
    10. Tomorrow Never Comes
    11. Running Time
    12. Spinning Wheel Blues (Soundcheck)
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    Weird, these guys were from my neck of the woods, but i somehow missed 'em.
    I recognize the names of every other band mentioned in the info, every venue and every studio too, but i never heard of Anaconda.
    Even that gig poster brings back the memories, I knew Trident a little and saw them many times, likewise the Rootsy Tootsys, but not Anaconda.
    I'm certainly intrigued to hear their stuff now, thanks for the opportunity to do so.
    (great) (clap4)
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    Hello Strappado, I will upload in mega, tomorrow later these:

    1 - Live at Burns Howff, Glasgow, 02.07.1980
    2 - Arch(i)eS Studio, 4tr Demo, 1983 (is from 83, not from 85)
    3 - BBC Session, 12/4-1985
    4 - Rehearsal Demo 1990, 4tr

    As for the "Coming Soon" 6 Tracks 1987 Demo. it has yet to be transferred from cassette. Hopefully I will upload in the coming weeks.
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