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    Artist:     Dave Feinstein´s Thunder
    Release: Compilation Tracks [bootleg/single] (1978-1979)
    Genre:    Rock n Roll/Hard Rock
    Country: USA (New York City, New York)
    Bitrate:   vbr
    Extras:    Cover scans of both compilations and lyrics (track 1) included.
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    The only two songs ever released under the moniker Dave Feinstein´s Thunder.
    Track 1 is from V/A - We remember Buddy Holly [single] (1978),
    released in 1978 as 7" single (33rpm) on Ron Wray Productions (CatNr=8093S12), 500 copies.
    Track 2 is from V/A - Sounds `79 [LP] (1979),
    released in 1979(?) on DMR [DMR Enterprises Talent Agency, Syracuse, NY] (CatNr=DMR LP-1). See also at The Corroseum.

    David "Rock" Feinstein (later: The Rods, …) = Vocals, Guitars
    Joey DeMaio (future Manowar) = Bass, Keyboards
    Carl Canedy (later: The Rods, Manowar) = Drums
    01.  Slippin´ and slidin´  (02:10)     … from V/A - We remember Buddy Holly [single] (1978) - YouTube rip only.
    02.  Road to California  (04:09)     … from V/A - Sounds `79 [LP] (1979) - proper vinyl rip.

    RunningWild wrote:Ronnie James Dio´s cousin David "Rock" Feinstein went under different monikers at his solo-projects:
    Jasonkont already posted the only "Dave Feinstein" release (the rare 1978 single),
    whereas Riptorn pointed out that there´s a compilation track of the very same line-up.
    Afaik there are actually two of them (with a proper release):
    Road to California is an enjoyable hard rock song in the vein of Deep Purple, (imo) as good as the two songs from the 1978 single.
    • But for me the very highlight is Slippin´ and slidin´, featured on a Buddy Holly tribute, as he published this song in February 1963.
    But in fact Buddy was doing a cover of a Little Richard´s song (as of March 1956).

    Hear yourself the progression of this great RnR tune with its hilarious lyrics:
    Slippin´ and slidin´ - performed by Little Richard (1956), covered by Buddy Holly (1963) and again covered by Dave Feinstein´s Thunder (1978).
    Pretty sure which version you´ll like best. - Allow me to make two more additions:
    Track 1: Is it me, or do you also hear the first incarnation of the Bubblebee (riff at 01:10-01:12)? :P
    Track 2: Pissing my pants if I imagine Joey´s hitting the organ like his axe (02:39-03:09).

    Hope you like my bootlegged compilation as these rare songs should be collectible to any Dave Feinstein, The Rods as well as Manowar fan, so enjoy this weekend´s special, your comments are welcome.
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    These are amazing tracks. I wold love to hear them play this style again. This would make a killer album for 2017!
    Rhett Forrester - WANT LIST
    BLACK SYMPHONY - 3 song demo 1992
    ROCKEIT PLANT SESSIONS - 4 song demo Jan. 1993
    CLEAR LAKE SESSIONS - 4 song demo April 1993
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    RUNNING WILD mega thanx for delivering these obscure , hidden pieces!! Of course i love these songs since i'm a RODS maniac and both are sounding like primitive era demos from this band!!They used to do soul and rock'n'roll covers in their crazy metallic delivery and song #1 is no exeption!! Brilliant!! Song #2 sound like RODS under the MOUNTAIN influence(DE MAIO goes PAPPALARDI on this one!)! A must have for oldies and newers too!! CHEERS YOU LOT!!MUCH APPRECIATED!! porosimetal
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