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    Artist: Trident
    Release: Demo, Album & Various Recordings, 1984 - 2003
    Country: UK, Scotland (Glasgow)
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Requested by kazuakiN.

    Contains their demo 'Cheap 'n' Nasty', their CD 'The Answer' + Live and unreleased recordings. Shall not be confused with TRIDENT from Liverpool who released the 7" single 'Destiny / Power of the Trident (1984)'.

    More info + Videos can be found at their Myspace Page and Youtube.

    Biography: Formed by school-mates Graham Hendry & Campbell Burns back in 1983, Trident were joined by Martin McGuire & Tommy Wilson where they became one of 'the best' live bands in Scotland throughout a big chunk of the 80's. At a time when the rock world had gone all 'spandex & silk-scarf silly' - Trident flew the flag for real-rock'n'roll music with there no-nonsense approach to their music & live shows. There just wasn't a better live gig in town when these lads were much so that they opened the Radio Clyde Kelvingrove Festival in 1987 with such a bang..they were invited back the following year to top the bill ! Trident were on fire at this time, but as record company interest grew...the band began to feel they were losing their edge after 5 solid years of rocking all over Scotland...and disbanded at the end of the 80's. But you couldn't keep a good headbangin' band down for long...and they were soon back playing live on and off through the 90's...which saw a two year period where Jim Jamieson (XEx Centurion front man) take over on lead vocal for the recording of 'The Answer' album...which included some of the best solid rock songs the boys had ever recorded. In the early part of 2000 the old band reformed for some gigs around Glasgow until 2006 when it really was time to pull the curtain down on the classic line-up. This is dedicated to all of those good people who were there..and made it such a hell of a time to be a rockin' band in Glasgow in the 80's!!! It was fun wasn't it?!?!?

    Cheap 'n' Nasty, Demo 1986
    1. See Me Tonite
    2. Mistreated
    3. Mystic Lady
    4. Say Goodnight
    5. Gimme Some Rock

    The Answer, CD 1999
    Jim Jamieson - Vocals (Centurion)
    Campbell Burns - Guitar
    Tommy Wilson - Bass
    Graham Hendry - Drums

    1. Bring This House Down
    2. Easing My Mind Away
    3. Black Dress
    4. The Answer
    5. She
    6. Soul on Fire
    7. The Otherside
    8. Fool I Am
    9. Nowhere To Run

    Various Recordings, 1984 - 2003
    1. When Your Mama Comes (Live 1988)
    2. Gimme Some Rock (Live 1988)
    3. The Twist (Live 1987)
    4. Mystic Lady (Recorded 1984)
    5. Gimme Some Rock (Recorded 1985)
    6. Say Goodnight (Recorded 1985)
    7. Mystic Lady (Live at Kirkintilloch Town Hall 1986)
    8. Easing My Mind Away (Live 1999)
    9. Riff Raff (Live 1994)
    10. Hot Legs (Live 1994)
    11. Battleship Chains (Live at The Kirkie Blowling Alley 1994)
    12. Glasgow (Live 1999)
    13. Black Dress (Live at Strawberryfields 1999)
    14. Roadhouse Blues (Live 2003)
    15. Are You Ready (Live 2003)
    16. The Jack (Live 2003)
    17. Fight For Your Right (Live 2003)
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    I used to see these guys play live a lot back in the day.
    Musically they were regarded as a bit of a joke, but were always entertaining in a live situation.
    Thanks for the opportunity to re-evaluate them.
    Any chance of a mirror upload of this one?
    4-Shared doesn't work very well in my part of the world.

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