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    Band: Ruffians
    Country: U.S.A.(San Francisco,CA)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    City: San Francisco
    Venue: The Stone
    Date: 1987-06-02 (2 June 1987)
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
    Hidden Link

    Artwork assembled by nonseinormale65

    Notes by nonseinormale65:

    I got this recording years and years ago in my
    days of tape trading and ripped it from my copy,
    for all i know it never surfaced before on the web,
    please note that i did not split the tracks,
    all songs are in a single file,the pic of the flyer
    included in the archive is taken from the Ruffians double
    cd set "There & Back" released in 2005 by
    "Old School Metal Records".

    Band info:

    Ruffians hailed from San Francisco(CA - U.S.A)
    and was formed in 1982,this was Carl Albert(R.I.P.)
    first band(he joined Ruffians in 1984) with which he
    recorded a demo tape(1984) and an eponymous EP(1985)before
    leaving to sing with Villain and later with Vicious Rumors.

    Carl Albert was replaced by Rich Wilde,Ruffians
    released several demos and played many gigs but
    did not find a proper deal and disbanded in early 1989,
    they reunited in 2004 releasing two cd compilations
    of their early material(demos,live tracks and the
    official EP) and brand new album (Desert of Tears)
    in 2006.

    Ruffians here was the opening band for Malice and
    Armored Saint,short but nice and powerful setlist,
    enjoy it!!!

    Line up:

    Rich Wilde - vocals
    Chris Atchison - guitar
    Craig Behrhorst - guitar
    Dan Moura - bass
    Luke Bowman - drums


    1 - Intro/Fight For Your Life
    2 - Unchained
    3 - Running Blind
    4 - Do Or Die
    5 - Through Your Eyes
    6 - Eyes of Fire
    7 - Run For Cover
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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