Bootlegs [Heavy / Power] » Dark Lord (Ita) - Live at Teatro Arcella, Padova, Italy [Bootleg] (6/11-1984)
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    Band: Dark Lord
    Country: Italy(Padova)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    Venue: Padova(Italy) @Teatro Arcella
    Date: 1984-06-11 (11 June 1984)
    Bitrate: mp3 320 kbps
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    Band info:

    Dark Lord hailed from Venice/Mestre(Italy),the band was formed during
    the summer of 1982 with Alex Masi (on guitar), Paolo Muffato (on bass),
    Sandro Bertoldini (on drums) and Gable Nalesso (on vocals), the foursome
    entered the "Collage Studio" one year later and recorded their first work
    called "Painless Tape". Three of the eight recorded songs were featured
    on their self-released debut EP simply called "Dark Lord" released some
    months later.

    A second demo("Master Tapes") followed in May 1984,then the line up changed...
    while in their early days DL were influenced by NWOBHM and traditional HM
    with a new singer and a bass player Dark Lord's music became more melodic
    and American-oriented, strongly influenced by the new Class Metal style played
    by US bands such as Dokken and Ratt.

    In 1985 DL opened for Saxon during their italian tour dates and also released
    a second EP called "State of Rock" but between 1985 and 1986,guitar-virtuoso Alex Masi
    decided to go out on his own,recording some new songs and shopping them around.
    Contacted by Metal Blade USA, Masi decided to leave Italy to reach Los Angeles,
    where he started a successful solo-career recording several albums and he's still l
    living in L.A today.

    Masi was replaced by the young and talented Alex De Rosso(later also with Dokken
    as live musician),the new line up released the full lenght album "It's Night Time"
    in 1988 but the singer Emmanuel Jenee suddenly died that same year and DL disbanded...
    needless to say that the original vinyls are quite expensive and hard to find today
    but luckily some years ago the complete discography was reissued on cd including
    many demos and live songs by the italian label Steelheart/Heart Of Steel.

    The opening act in this gig was Steel Crown,i already shared their recording in the past

    Additional notes by nonseinormale65:

    Please note that i did not split the recording into
    single tracks,the bootlegis divided into two big
    files due to the end of my original master tape.

    Artwork assembled by nonseinormale65

    Line up:

    Alex Masi - guitar
    Gable Nalesso - vocals
    Al Guariento - bass
    Sandro Bertoldini - drums


    Part 1:

    2)Fly away
    3)In the middle of the night
    4)Angel's Attack
    5)Lonely Ways
    6)Dead Lover
    7)Satan's Hammer
    8)Lady Skydrive

    Part 2:

    8)Alex Masi guitar solo/Sandro Bertoldini drum solo
    9)Red Fire
    10)Strive For Your Life
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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