Bootlegs [Heavy / Power] » Ostrogoth (Bel) - Live at KIT XV° Festival, Germany [Bootleg] (28/4-2012)
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    Band: Ostrogoth
    Country: Belgium (Ghent)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Release: Audience live bootleg
    Date: 2012-04-28(28 April 2012)
    City: Lauda-Konigshofen(Germany)
    Venue: Tauberfrankenhalle - Keep It True Festival XV°
    Bitrate: mp3 - 320 kbps
    Hidden Link

    Taped,ripped and uploaded by nonseinormale65,
    please note that i did not split the tracks,
    it's a single file,enjoy it!!!

    Artwork assembled by nonseinormale65


    OSTROGOTH is an old school heavy metal band, based in Ghent, Belgium.
    The band writes, records and plays their own music since the early ‘80s;
    after many concerts and the release of three albums and one mini LP the
    band split up in the summer of 1988.

    On May 10th,2002 the band reunited to play a single show to celebrate the 20th
    annyversary of their old label Mausoleum Records,later that summer Ostrogoth
    played some more Belgian shows and played in Greece for the first time,
    but late 2002 the story came to an end once again.

    But the blood flows as long as one lives... so eight years later, Grizzly, Bronco,
    WhiteShark and Red Star revived Ostrogoth again, after an offer to headline the
    Ages Of Metal festival, in October 2010 and with new guitarist Dario Frodo on board,
    Ostrogoth headlined the Up The Hammers festival in Athens, Greece, in March 2011.
    Further plans for 2011 had to be put on hold as "WhiteShark" suffered a terrible table
    saw accident in which he almost lost his left arm.

    Early 2012 the band was operational again and started rehearsals for their postponed
    gig at Germany’s Keep It True festival. But a mere two months before KIT, Red Star
    decided to leave the band and new singer Josey Hindrix joined Ostrogoth. When Ostrogoth
    was asked to play the Keep It True Festival in Germany, the band said in advance that
    it was either gonna be a one-off performance, or it would turn into a new chapter,
    depending on the crowd reaction to the show. The crowd was awesome, welcomed the new Ostrogoth
    incarnation with open arms and sang along to every single one of the classic tunes.
    KIT was new singer Josey Hindrix’ very first performance, after only four rehearsals.
    Once more Ostrogoth survived a stressful period with yet a new member and started
    to wrote a new album with "WhiteShark" diagnosed with a mortal cancer...he was able
    to finish the recording session in Semptember 2014(the album was officially released
    the 23rd January 2015)and played his final show the 6th of December 2014...

    Pragmatic and realistic as he was, WhiteShark had a scenario for the future from the
    day he was diagnosed with cancer. Ostrogoth never had to organize auditions to start
    looking for another guitarist. From day one WhiteShark told the rest of the band...
    “I want that guy to be my successor... when the time comes”. “That guy” was Geert Annys.
    In the ‘80s, Geert was part of Belgian bands Stainless Steel, Thunderfire and Universe
    and spent some time in Neo-Prophet several years ago, but he is best known for his work
    on the debut album by melodic hard rock band Mystery.

    So all scheduled live shows for 2015 will go ahead as planned, including Ostrogoth’s first
    ever visit to the US, on May 1st, at Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse in Chicago...

    In Memory of Rudy ‘WhiteShark’ Vercruysse - February 13th,1955 January 3rd 2015

    PLAY IT LOUD FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Line up:

    Rudy"WhiteShark" Vercruysse - guitar
    Josey Hindrix - vocals
    Mario Pauwels - drums
    Dario Frodo - guitar
    Marnix van de Kauter - bass


    Heroes' Museum
    Scream Out
    Lords of Thunder
    The New Generation
    Full Moon's Eyes
    Paris by Night
    Queen of Desire
    Ecstasy and Danger
    Rock Fever
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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