Bootlegs [Speed / Thrash] » Destructor (US) - Live on WRUW College Radio, Cleveland OH (9-9-1985)
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    Artist: Destructor
    Release: WRUW College Radio
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320
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    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ... RUW/474305
    This recording is claimed to be a Destructor live radio show from 09-09-1985 recorded somewhere in Cleveland in Studio A with the original lineup including Dave Holocaust on bass (RIP). Sound is really very good.
    I have no idea where I got this from, thanks to the original uploader on the net for this gem!.
    (edit: thanks to BloodOfChrist for the additional info i.e. that this recording was issued by the band as a regular demo, the pics and the correction of the recording date - see the details in his comment below)

    On metal archives there is a 12" vinyl limited to tiny 161 copies recorded from that same show listed - but with a different track order. I have no idea if this is the same recording. Enjoy!!!

    Very special is some funny stage banter between a chic (radio moderator?) and the band like:
    'Everybody take your clothes off right now' and later after some band introduction and thanks for roadies, Bill Peters etc.:
    'How many of you are virgins - Dave Overkill: zero'
    'How many of you are circumcised - Dave Overkill: we never had anything to circumcise'
    and finally: 'how many of you can make love all night' - no answer ;-)
    then they start with: Take Command - in your living room with us
    just hilarious!!! - listen to yourself...

    Matt Flammable - Drums
    Dave Overkill - Guitars, Vocals
    Pat Rabid - Guitars
    Dave Holocaust (R.I.P. 1988) - Bass
    1. Overdose
    2. Maximum Destruction
    3. Take Command
    4. Bring Down The Hammers
    5. Destructor
    6. G-force
    7. Black Knight
    8. Pounding Evil
    9. Hot Wet Leather Bondage
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    This was an official live cassette released in 1985.
    The correct date on this is 9-9-85 BTW.

    SOURCE TAPE (not mine, but a friends)
    Just added this... ... RUW/474305

    More demo porn:

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    new link added, enjoy

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