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    Artist: Savage Choir (pre/ex-DeathMask)
    Release: Winter of Probator, Unreleased Album 1989
    Genre: Progressive / Speed Metal
    Country: USA (New York)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Unreleased album demos with pre/ex DEATHMASK act SAVAGE CHOIR.
    Special thanks goes out to Steve and VardisRules.
    More SAVAGE CHOIR material can be found: HERE and HERE.

    Some rare live recordings can be found at: ... vage+choir
    DEATHMASK at Facebook: ... ts&fref=ts

    Steven Michaels - Vocals (DeathMask)
    Guy Cappuzzo - Guitars
    Chris Eichorn - Bass (DeathMask)
    Jorge Guerra - Bass
    Lee Nelson - Drums (DeathMask)

    Notes from Steve about the album:
    Wow..."Winter of Probator"!! The rarest of the rare! Here is the story....

    When Benny left DeathMask in '87, I replaced him with guitarist Guy Cappuzzo, who was maybe 17 at the time,
    but was an advanced player who later went on to get a doctorate in music, and has actually writen some books
    on music theory (very talented kid)

    I re-christened the band "Savage Choir", and we pretty much disappeared for a year....I didn't think it was right
    at the time to continue playing the DeathMask songs without Benny, so we basically started over, and wrote the
    material that would become Winter of Probator. As I guess you can tell by listening to it, we went in a somewhat
    more "progressive" direction, and in fact we were developing it as a concept album.....

    We never officially "released" it, although we did get out there quite a bit in the late 80's / early 90's....we got a lot
    of good reviews and got a fair amount of local and college radio airplay, but these tunes were strictly demos.....we
    did it in two separate studio sessions: For the first session, me, Bassist Chris Eichhorn, Drummer Lee Nelson, and
    the new guitarist recorded "Coron, The Bringer of Plague", "My Dying World" and "Season of Hatred" (yes, the same
    song that we did on Sitting in the Dark....this was the only song that Benny and I wrote that I used for this project)

    As we were preparing to record the rest of the songs, Chris Eichhorn left the band, and I replaced him on bass with
    Jorge Guerra for the studio session (which we actually recorded in the same place and with the same engineer we
    used for Sitting in the Dark, 23 years later!) ....Jorge is a long time friend of Benny and me, and in fact is a fucking
    awesome metal guitarist in his own right, and he was good enough to lay down the bass tracks for us....for this
    session, we recorded "Death's Winter Rain", "Obey the Voice", "War Gods of Atyrix", "Trois Pieces Breves" and
    "The Messiah".......and so those two studio sessions are what you are now listening to! (and I'm glad you like it!)

    ...The reason I never really pushed this stuff is that it wasn't completed. We had two more songs in the works that
    would have completed the thing both musically and lyrically: "Shelter from the Cold" (a heavy, slow burning song
    that would have been track 3, after "Death's Winter Rain: and before "My Dying World") and "The Trial" (which
    would have followed "The Messiah" to close the album, and the fact that it never got recorded is still one of my
    biggest regrets....this song would have been the most epic, powerful thing I ever did, with any band)

    So...that is pretty much the story of "Winter of Probator". After these recordings I added a full time bassist (a great
    player named Curt Erdek) and added a 2nd guitarist (another great player named Ronnie Nash) and we started
    playing live around New York and New Jersey. We actually got pretty popular after a little while, but the end of
    Savage Choir came on the same day that I had gotten fantastic news....I had just learned that a booking agent had
    scheduled a whole summer of great gigs for us, playing with bands like OVERKILL, FATES WARNING, etc....when I share
    this news with drummer Lee Nelson, he blows me away with news that he got another band offer (some well paying
    gig) and that he was leaving the band.

    There was no way to replace Lee in time to play these shows, so I regrettably had to cancel all these good shows,
    and me and the other guys were so dissapointed by this that we just decided not to continue on as a band....
    1. Coron, The Bringer of Plague
    2. Death's Winter Rain
    3. My Dying World
    4. Obey The Voice
    5. War Gods of Atyrix
    6. Trois Pieces Breves
    7. Season of Hatred
    8. The Messiah
    9. The Trial
    10. War Gods of Atyrix (Bonus / Alt Mix)
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    Thanks for this ultra-rare Metal-Gem! DEATHMASK goes VOIVOD on their second Album under the Banner SAVAGE CHOIR again. Check it out!!!
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